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A Powerful Retelling of a Forgotten Tale, 28 October 2003

Shattered City is a highly enjoyable retelling of an almost forgotten event in Canadian history. I am from Halifax, and for me, the sight of the ships exploding in the harbour was a visceral experience. The blast, which occurred in December, 1917, was the largest man-made explosion before Hiroshima, killed 2000 people instantly and vaporized two square miles of the city of Halifax.

I could have done without some of the more soap opera-like elements of it, but in all, I was engaged by the characters and moved by their horrendous plight. Although plagued by a low budget($10 million), the show did an excellent job of recreating wartime Halifax and the harbour, and the people felt authentic as they went about their daily lives.

This film is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a good story of human courage and drama, and is a must-see for any fan of Canadian history.

Postscript: I now live in northern Canada, and watched the show with a group of westerners and northerners. None of them had heard of the Halifax Explosion. What a sad commentary on our woefully provincial education systems and on our ability to tell our own stories.

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A very promising show with a great premise, 31 January 2002

A conniving Canadian Prime Minister, keen to sever the final remaining ties to the British Monarchy, plots to undo the office of Governor General by putting in place a G.G. so embarrassing and unsuitable that the Canadian people will demand that the vice regal position be eliminated. He decides upon Nova Scotian Regina Gallant, a former one-hit wonder disco queen from the 1970s. Brash, loud but not without a charming common touch, Regina proceeds to to shock the stuffy Rideau Hall staff and indeed all Canadians with her own unique take on her vice regal duties.