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Sadistically overlong, boring, pretentious rubbish, 24 October 2010

I started watching this film and after about 5 minutes, boredom set in. The boredom continued for another excruciating two hours. This should have been a short film of about 15 minutes instead, it's stretched needlessly with nonsense shots that seem to last forever - an old guy eating, the main character undressing and going to bed followed by darkness for what seems like three minutes, a butcher unconvincingly chopping a piece of meat, two guys dancing like imbeciles and on and on...

While there are much worse films out there, this has to be the most tedious film ever made. This is the kind of film pretentious people brag about loving because they think it makes them seem smart and intellectual and deep. I'm sure understand it!", but let's face it, there's nothing to get here. I'd rather watch a marathon of Uwe Boll films than see another film like this. I think you should get a free t-shirt after sitting through this - one that says "I survived The Man From London"

Stay far far away from this bs.

Ice Spiders (2007) (TV)
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A serious threat to humanity, 16 May 2010

No, not the spiders, the characters' gene pools are the biggest threat here. This movie was crammed full of idiot characters I cared nothing about whatsoever. Had me rooting for the spiders all the way, hoping they would make sure these people never procreated. The film was boring, riddled with plot holes, inane dialogue, crap effects and just soooo many goofs I lost count half way through. Had to watch this in two parts as I just couldn't take it after an hour. I seldom if ever don't finish a film though, so cringed my way through the dismal last 20 and a bit minutes. I wish I hadn't bothered.

Yes, I know this was made for cable, it's meant to be a bit of fun and mindless, but did they really have to make it THAT bad? I love a good b-movie, but this was grade z garbage.

See Arachnophobia, Kingdom of the spiders or pretty much any other spider movie out there. And if you want to see good skiing, just watch anything else but this. Even Ski School and Ski Patrol had better actors and skiing.

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Don't even think about seeing this, 26 April 2010

This is one of the worst attempts at horror I've ever seen, and there are LOADS of bad horror movies out there. Abysmal acting from EVERYONE, just about every character is a complete moron, directed terribly, extremely amateurish filming and the worst music score this side of porn to boot. The writing is atrocious too. If you don't know who the bad guys are you've probably never seen a movie at all. One of the writers is the guy who plays the staple idiot inbred hick. Something that tells me he actually didn't ACT much for his role considering his writing skills. And to top it all of - the ending is the dumbest I've ever seen I think. If I had paid to see this film I would have demanded my money back or even considered suing them - it's THAT bad. Thank *beep* for torrents. :) Avoid at all cost!

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Bullet holes And Plot holes, 27 January 2010

This is an all-out mindless action-fest full of bullet holes as well as plot holes, but it's really good entertainment if you don't think about it for longer than three seconds and can handle all the violence. "The Frenchman" steals the show in my opinion, with his acrobatic style, played by Parkour founder Foucan who you'll probably remember from the opening sequence of Casino Royale. I'm pretty impressed that they actually managed to flesh out the characters and have an actual story in this too. Not often one sees that in this type of film... Anyway, if you like your action in-your-face and ultra violent, this is the film for you. Check your brain at the door and enjoy.

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Embarrassingly bad, 29 March 2009

Just finished watching the pilot of this new so-called comedy, and was almost cringing at how really bad and unfunny this was. Terrible acting from everyone in it, nothing original story wise (not that I expect originality from a sitcom, but still), an obvious and annoyingly loud laugh-track lifted from someone seeing something actually funny and just one funny line in the whole episode (the Barney line). The characters weren't likable at all either, and the girls weren't attractive enough for me to keep watching. The show might get better, but for me this was the first and last episode I'll bother with. Don't they usually make the pilot good, so it gets picked up? Maybe ABC works the other way round...

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Great show, great episode, 24 August 2008

Just started watching this series after being recommended it, and thought it's great. After seeing the first episode I wasn't quite sure what I thought. It was good, but it just takes some getting used to at first I think. In this one we already feel we know these characters and can relate to them.

FOTC is not like a lot of regular sitcoms out there with a laugh-track and obvious jokes. It's a lot smarter than that. Sort of like Spaced in that regard...

The songs are surprisingly good, and very very funny. Great lyrics, good vocals and they seem to be able to play any genre.

Loved their pi**-take on the Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls".

All in all hilarious stuff. Hope we'll be seeing a lot more from these guys.