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Laughed so hard I cried -- 3 times!!, 18 October 2004

Let me start this with I LOVED the South Park movie - I think it's one of the best comedies ever. I was really looking forward to Team America, and it surpassed my expectations. It's totally on par with the South Park movie. It made me laugh so hard in places tears were flowing from my eyes. It doesn't matter what your politics are, as everyone gets parodied, and the moral is typical South Park-style, where they take points from both sides.

Forget about not seeing it because it's puppets. They know it's cheesy. Many jokes come from the stupid-ness of using puppets. So go and enjoy!! (And bring tissues...and maybe Depends if that's how you react when you laugh really hard...)

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Fantastic look at women's struggle for balance in life, 1 January 2004

I just finished watching this movie, and I loved it. I found it completely refreshing to have a topic for a movie to be about working women and the choices they make. There are certainly parts to it that are specific to being an artist, and even more specifically an actor, but you can definitely generalize this to working women at all. I'm probably limiting it to my perspective -- it would apply even to choices women make at all. It is a great irony that the type of movie the women in this picture discuss that isn't being made is exactly the type of movie this is. One that delves into real people, real "characters" as Martha Plimpton yearned for, that are dealing with issues that really affect life -- motherhood, relationships, feeling like you've done something with your life. I would LOVE to see more movies tackling those topics. Brava, Rosanna! As Sharon Stone said, "You go, girl!"

Normal (2003) (TV)
A smile, and what a soundtrack!, 25 March 2003

I laughed, I cried (in all the right places too). I have to say I watched this solely because I'm a die-hard Jessica Lange fan. The subject matter sounded a LITTLE too out there to be done seriously. I was expecting a melodramatic movie-of-the-week type. Instead, I got "It's not TV, it's HBO." Ah, me of little faith. Of course, Tom Wilkonson (last seen in "In the Bedroom"), Jessica Lange, and HBO wouldn't steer me wrong. I was pleasantly surprised and chagrined at my doubt.

Plus, what a soundtrack!! I'd love it if HBO released it.

Sarah Jessica Parker's breakout role, 15 March 2002

I couldn't believe it when I watched Sarah Jessica Parker "Inside the Actor's Studio" recently. James "Mr. Blue Cards" Lipton didn't mention this TV series AT ALL. I remember this so well, and couldn't believe it when I looked it up and it only lasted one season. It started it all for Sarah Jessica Parker. I'll always remember her as "the girl from 'Square Pegs'".

The Pledge (2001/I)
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A real downer, 25 February 2002

I was really enjoying this movie until it got even more sick, depressing, and outlandish. Jack Nicholson does a nice job, as does Robin Wright Penn (as usual). Likewise, Sean Penn's directing was very good. He only occasionally dropped into a film cliche - like where the cop tells someone their loved one is dead and Penn chooses to pull back and show the scene from afar (seen it!). Overall, though, it keeps you engrossed, trying to figure out if Nicholson's character is crazy or sane, right or wrong, good or evil. Some of my criticisms: he was a cop - why doesn't he inquire more at the places the girl and Toby were knew to hang out? Also, my biggest shock was when cops put a young girl into jeopardy without her mother knowing -- yeah, right! The one redeemer was the ending song, "Why" which I think explained what Sean Penn had in mind with this movie. Basically, it says people do good every day, and then one person does complete evil. It ends, "Don't ask me why. I don't know." A good premise, but he would have been better off just doing the music video :-)