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Over the top propaganda, 26 July 2004

As a conservative I had to see this to get an understanding of what many of my liberal friends were bashing. It turns out that the whole movie, while pretty boring, was just over the top propaganda.

Moore never defends his views, all of his assertions are speculations and never considers the other side. One of the points made in the movie was that a woman's son is sent off to war because he had no choice for college due to lack of financial aid and parents couldn't afford it. That is fine, but what about student loans? When someone signs a document that enlists them, they need to be fully aware of the responsibility that comes with that.

Like most liberals I know, she blames the Republicans for him being killed, and not the fact he thought the army was a better choice then work programs and student loans.

I also found it humorous at the lack of civility LIBERALS showed the President when he was inaugurated(sp) by throwing eggs at the car. Bush won the election, he won Florida. It was recounted an infinite amount of times and Gore never had it.

It's really sad to see that people actually gave this guy funding to produce such a film. I would have liked to see Moore actually articulate a counter-point against his views.

Not the final movie I was expecting to see, 7 November 2003

This movie has had a lot of hype for years, and the result, disappointing.

The action and thrills that were in the first and the second, just aren't there for the third movie. In addition to that the majority of the movie is not even focused on Neo, which is primarily why I went to see it.

I think the producers took Gundam Wing, and made it into a fight scene, and then for the end they took a Dragonball Z fight scene, and that was the plot for Neo and Smith at the end. I'm not going to ruin it for those who have not seen the movie yet, but I can almost guarantee you will leaving the theatre wondering where those last two hours went.

The best part of the whole movie is the ending when Neo if fighting Agent Smith. They do some fantastic special effects there that I've seen only in Anime` and yet managed to make it look incredible for the real thing. Congrats to the boys on that, otherwise, I give it 7 overall.

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Indifferent to different, 6 May 2003

I have never viewed a movie such as this until my fiance` talked me into watching it. The idea behind it alone was intriguing enough to watch, but the movie itself didn't really cut it. It's about an experiment of prisoners and guards for 10 days. It's evident what is going to take place through the duration of the movie; guards become more violent the longer they have power and the prisoners don't take them too seriously, until.... read up on psychology it'll explain a lot of it before you even watch it. I was confused with the girl, because it was unnecessary and simply put, poor filming. The movie showed her a lot without any relevance to the central theme which is irritating. I was bored after about an hour of it, and had to finish it later. Good idea, poor directing/acting/mise-en-scene. Take this idea and give it to America where effort can be put into it, and you have quite possibly a film of the year type of movie. It beats random Action movies and Chick flicks so at least it has that going for it. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Predictably Heartfelt, 18 December 2002

I could honestly say that this movie defines "chick flick" Not to say I didn't enjoy it, but its very comperable to Pretty Woman and exceedingly predictable. I enjoyed it, but would recommend waiting til it comes out for Rental. If you're looking to see a movie in a similar genre to this, I'd recommend My Big Fat Greek Wedding instead.

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Not a Bad Film, 25 January 2002

After reading this book, I was excited to see this movie on the big screen and have been anxious since hearing about way back when. The movie, for those who've read the book, will see it follows the plot line pretty close. I was a little dissapointed in the fact that the movie was unable to develope emotional attachments between myself and the hero or any other character in the movie. There are some memorable quotes in the film, and some chuckle scenes, but other than that it's a good movie to take a date to see, but I wouldn't recommend this as a must-see, rather than a good matinee movie if you have nothing better to do. The scenery in the movie is pretty good too, although Lord of the Rings probably had the best scenery I've ever seen, but not a bad movie overall.

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Rip-off, 7 January 2002

A decent movie like "Point Break" was taken, and the great scenes of skydiving action was removed for poor quality, tacky looking Hondas. Anybody who vividly enjoyed this movie is a conformist to society, and probably has half their wardrobe filled with Abercrombie clothes, visors, and gel for their dyed blonde hair.