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This is Aaron Sorkin, so at worse it's better than anything else on at the moment., 13 August 2006

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I wonder if it was lost on anyone that the moment of Drama that drives this new Aaron Sorkin Vision takes place on a Television Set mock-up of the Oval Office? A TV producer decries the decline of intelligent writing and quality Programming. He draws attention to this FAUX Oval Office and reminds us that no one will mistake George Bush for George Plimpton. I thought of the decline of The West Wing after Mr. Sorkins' departure and thinking no one would mistake George Bush for Josiah Bartlett.

The real question is where is this show going. Characters are fleshed out, the mythology gets opened up and revealed. With such an amazing cast and a proved talent like Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, I would be shocked if the Drama doesn't reach for the stars, it's tongue firmly in it's cheek for the wryest of humor.

So, the scene is set and all the players on the field. The only character that concerns me is portrayed by Amanda Peet. Peet portrays her with a little too much youthful exuberance and cavalier humor. One may assume that to have reached her position in the network a little bit of Jaundice should have set in. Hopefully she develops and doesn't catch the first train to Mandy-ville.

What also was not yet present was Mr. Sorkin's ability to weave both subtext and subplot so seamlessly. I suppose that requires more plot development as well as character development. I know when both Timothy Busfield and Bradley Whitfield are on screen it will take me a while to get used to Bradley answering to the name Danny.

Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford have good chemistry. They have the kind of friendship that is reminiscent of Bartlett and Leo. A deep bonding that hopefully gets explored.

I have the highest of hopes!

Old Tricks (2004)
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A far too long One liner, but a good one liner., 8 August 2004

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Saw this on Trigger Street, where it is in competition. Maybe it's just me, but I saw the storyline coming. Men cruising the streets at night looking to pick up Older Women to cook for them like their mothers did.

A funny Idea and is fairly well executed. The Set-up is slow and a bit contrived, and it isn't quick to the punchline. A professional looking work with some good acting and a nice soundtrack. This is the kind of film that is seen on IFC as filler. That is not a knock, but the short film is hard to see anywhere else. This film should be half as long as it plays. More concise editing. Also, the wife doesn't belong here. Humor like this should be played straight. Like 'Java Junky', it should stay within the Genre' it is spoofing in order to get the maximum impact.