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A Wonderful show for all nerds/geeks/dorks out there., 10 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So it ain't the greatest American show ever, but it damn close to what reflects society today. OK, this may contain potential spoilers for those who haven't watched the show at all.

I originally started TBBT right after it's pilot and fell in love with it. I love the inventive interpl between Leonard and Sheldon, Leonard and Penny, Penny and Sheldon and from there the play between every other cast member. Johnathan Galecki and Jim Parsons are great as the nerds, John as the one that is smart but socially awkward (which is almost thrown away in the 3rd season) and Jim as the focused Sheldon who will stop at nothing as the Einstein-like Sheldon. Their counterplay alone is amazing and hilarious.

Galecki is great as the nerd who pines for the beautiful blonde. Parsons is equally entertaining as the scientist that will stop at nothing for the Nobel Prize. Helberg and Nayyar are not only great as the sidekicks but are amazing as their own personalities. They have some great scenes together, like when they find the "Next Top Model House" at the end of one of season 2's episodes.

I am hoping for great interplay between all the character for at least the next couple of seasons. This is one show that I can't wait for the next episode to see where things go. No matter where it starts, usually the ending is a hilarious, yet fitting conclusion.

All the power to the Big Bang Theory and here is to many more great seasons.

Damien Jaymz out!

"Castle" (2009)
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A writer's show., 19 March 2009

I wish IMDb had a decimal system because this show isn't an 8. From what I saw in the Pilot it is a solid 8.5 at the very least. Tho the pilot was fairly predictable when it comes to crime shows that aren't CSI or Law and Order (i.e. one character is a fan of the other. Half way through everything is wrapped up a little too neatly etcetera), it was still an enjoyable romp.

Kate Beckett is a beautiful, hard nosed cop that should be working for a private law firm and Nick Castle is an arrogant, but devoted author and father.

Stana Katic (awesome name) is beautiful, but not so much that you wonder why she is a cop and not some goddess on an Italian beach like so many actresses tend to be. She plays her part very well, and the scene she has with Fillon when he, as Castle is peeling away her layers is amazing. She barely gives anything away until the very last moment, but with her facial expressions you know it's coming making her character all the more wonderful.

Nathan Fillion is wonderful as the successful, charismatic, and egocentric Pop mystery writer who seems to be not a drunk (unlike Hank Moody, played wonderfully by David Duchovney in Californication) and is a loving, attentive father apparently who also has an intriguing backstory with his publisher/ex-wife which I hope is a back story they continue to develop throughout the series.

This really was a fun series. I know new shows have a very short lifespan, but this is one I hope has a decent shelf life. Watching just the pilot I see the potential for great stories, for great ad-libs and i do want to see the happy ending where the jaded, divorced writer and the hard nosed cop with a history work to deconstruct each episodes mystery, and each other. And as would be when the characters have bared all they can, they either finally get into bed together, or they get married:)

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One of the better season 7 episodes., 6 June 2007

Though it could clearly be seen as a propaganda episode for anti-smoking, this was clearly one of the best episodes of season 7. Ifelt as if it really got back more to the moody atmosphere that made the earlier seasons so much better. You also have Tobin Bell, who has been made famous by his character of Jigsaw from the Saw movies. Bell gives one of the best performances that i have seen in any of the episodes. In this episode the agents investigate the global Morley tobacco company. The same company that CSM smokes. The end of the episode closes out similar to the tense unresolved endings of earlier episodes.