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Underrated Treehouse of Horror, 26 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Season 8 is an exceptional season, one of the best of the series, and it is also one of the last good ones. So it is obvious it would have a great T.O.H. Well it does. and its very underrated and probably one of the better Halloween Specials. Here is a summary of each story:

The Thing and I- This is the segment that really gives me the creeps. It begins with Bart and Lisa noticing strange noises coming from the attic and Homer going up with fish heads to feed something. The kids go up to investigate and find a cage and that something has escaped out the front door. Dr. Hibbert arrives and then reveals that Bart has an evil Siamese twin brother who has been locked up in the attic. While the family and Hibbert look for Hugo, Bart discovers Hugo is still in the house and he ties Bart up and attempts to sew him and Bart back together. But Bart is saved just in time by Hibbert who knocks Hugo out but then makes a discovery: That Hugo's scar is on the wrong side and that Bart is really the evil twin. The segment ends with Bart and Hugo switching places with Bart tied up in the attic eating fish heads.

The Genesis Tub-For me, this definitely stands out as the weakest link but it still has a good plot. When Lisa accidentally electrocutes her science experiment which creates a civilization with quick evolution. Bart thinks it is just a model and destroys a portion of their city. In order to gain protection from Bart, the people shrink Lisa who believe that she is God and Bart is the devil. Lisa says she can protect them if she is returned to her normal size which they say is impossible. Meanwhile, Bart enters the tub in the science fair and wins first prize.

Citizen Kang- This is my favorite of the lot because it has tons of funny one liners. While Homer is fishing, he is abducted by Kang and Kodos and they ask him who their leader is. Homer replies that it is Bill Clinton but points out that there is an election and Bob Dole could be the next president. Kang and Kodos then kidnap Clinton and Dole, place them in suspended animation, and disguises themselves as the two candidates. Homer then eventually reveals the two but Kang points out that they have to vote for one of them. Kang is then elected and the people are forced to build a ray gun to destroy an unknown planet.

So overall a very satisfying Treehouse of Horror, one of the many gems of Season 8, and one of the best Simpsons episodes overall.