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Wretched., 13 August 2003

I hated this adaption of Lois Duncan's book. The book wasn't her greatest work, but it was a hundred times better. The acting was dull, no character development, all they did if there was any acting was whine and be bratty. Because of all this this movie was horrible and I wouldn't recommend it at all to anyone. Don't waste your time.

Hamlet (2000)
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Couldn't even sit through it without being bored., 20 July 2003

I love Shakespeare and watching old as well as new versions. Although I tend to like older versions. I keep an open mind to both types. I rented this movie after much debate because it was recommended on a whim by a friend. I took my chances on it and watch maybe the first half hour and was utterly bored with it. I didn't feel that the casting was right and everything thing seemed to be spoken in a monotone. None of the actors were enjoyable and none stuck out in my mind. It was boring and I'm disappointed I spent the money to rent this film.

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Good fun., 18 May 2003

Putting It Together has a wonderful cast of singer/actors. It is a funny piece of work that is fun to watch and very enjoyable. Now I can't just give applause to Carol Burnett for her performance, but to the rest of the actors:John Barrowman(The Fix, Sunset Boulevard, Miss Saigon), George Hearn, Ruthie Henshall(TAC Les Miserables, Hey, Mr. Producer!, She Loves Me, Chicago), and Bronson Pinchot(The Langoliers). All these actors make a wonderful performance. They hold their act together until...(well I won't give it away to those who've not seen it). All of these actors have great voices. This performance is undescribable. It is absolutely wonderful to watch. I recommend this to those who enjoy theatre or Stephen Sondheim. EponineFantine.

Wonderful., 5 April 2003

In the words of Cameron Mackintosh they put together the greatest oray of talent possible. Some of my favourites would include David Campbell(Martin Guerre and Miss Saigon). I thought he did a wonderful job and is a really great singer. I also enjoyed Jonathan Pryce no words can describe him. Micheal Ball, Lea Salonga, Philip Quast, Ruthie Henshall, and many more. All these people made it a wonderful show. With all their singing talents put together made it enjoyable to watch. It also made it interesting to watch from a semi short stage perspective. It was overall a wonderful piece to watch and I continue to watch it to enjoy the music of the musicals and voices of the participating actors. Oh yeah one of the best was Adam Searles. EponineFantine

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Okay., 20 January 2003

This film is okay, not my favourite Judy Garland or Mikey Rooney film. I mean it had it's moments, but I think they should've stuck to Roger's and Hart's original musical instead of changing it and only keeping in one or two songs. But can't always keep everything I guess. But not too bad a movie and not to great of a movie, just so so. This movie continues on with the common theme of Garland and Rooney films which is "I know let's put on a show!" Can't have everything. Oh well. This is just one opinion.

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Well done, 2 October 2002

I feel that since I am not a particular person who follows the stories of the bible that I can look at this and enjoy it for the artistry and that it is an incredible story told in animation. At first I wasn't sure if I'd actually like the film because it was a bible from the story. At first I watched it just to hear the music, but as I watched the film it became more and more about the film itself not the music. Overall I thought it was a story well told. Ben Affleck did a good job as Joseph. It wasn't a role he had taken on before so that made it more interesting. I liked all the actors in it. It was different. But I also appriciate the actor/singers who gave thier singing talent to make the piece. For example David Campbell(who sang for Joseph) has an incredible array of talent and did a wonderful job with the singing. I feel with Ben Afflect performing by just plain voice and David Campbell performing as the singing voice made it interesting to watch. They as well as the other actors and singers make the movie complete and wonderful to watch. Overall a wonderful story well told.

Signs (2002)
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Good., 13 August 2002

I just saw this movie. I thought it was very good. The story line can be a little cliched because of the idea of aliens coming to earth but otherwise original. The whole idea of crop circles and everything entailed was incredible. I think this is one of the best movies made by the director and hope there will be many good ones to come.

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I am mind boggled, 20 February 2002

Well I had seen this movie in the past but never all the way through. Today I saw it all the way through and I was taken aback by the way this film was put together. There wasn't a single detail of the movie I hated. It was a basic story line and had a good ending. It ended happy and sad. I am in fact a fan of most of the actors in this film. I think that it shows some real acting skills. I liked the way the film flowed and how it was put together. The way that the flash backs were done was excellent. They made it so that when you got to the present you wouldn't be lost. I think the casting directors and other people involved in the selection of the cast was well done. The main cast members such as Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Matt Damon were wonderful. Also the supporting cast such as Scott Glenn, Sean Astin, and Micheal Moriarty were also wonderful. This movie is really a wonderful piece. I think that it was pretty well done and I haven't seen anything like it before. One of the best I have seen. Sad but good.

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Mixed Ideas, 18 February 2002

Well as a person whom is very interested in the legend itself thought that this is a good and bad adaption. I havent quite read the book but I will read it. So I can't compare it to the book. From what I have read mostly is that some enjoyed it but some don't. I am on the fence though. There were things I liked and there were things I didn't. I liked the cast that acted in the film I think they did a wonderful job. The costumes were also very great and the set where they filmed it were beautiful. Some of the things that weren't so great was screenplay. I laughed a few times hearing some of the lines that are said. Other than those small things I think this is a beautiful piece of work. I also liked the fact that it was told from the female perspective. It changed the ideas of what I have read or seen in other works and thought that it was well put together. It isn't like the other ones and there is no other way to describe it. Bye everyone.