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Not good at all..., 18 April 2004

Well, I knew the day would one day come that my immediate attraction to foreign men would get me in trouble. However, I didn't know that my punishment would be this bad.

Honestly, it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. It was perhaps rivaled by Mr. Nanny, which is the only movie I ever walked out of in my entire life. The film's flaws were many and there were very few (actually I can't remember any at present) little clever things. When someone asked me to recollect the best part of the film, I was at a complete loss for words. In fact, the only pleasant thing I did during those hellish two hours was scarf down an entire bag of Sour Jacks.

I found that the "inspirational" part of the movie fell flat on its face, while I was left bored to tears. I was also surprised that a PG rated movie had several scenes which were probably not appropriate for young audiences. There's lots of near-sex moments which I felt were unnecessary. Also, during an odd, kissing--pool table scene, I began to fear that it was going to take a turn toward porn.

There are cheesy lines, unbelievable personality changes, and moments that left me in emotional pain. There's a moment that I think is supposed to be cute where the "Prince of Denmark" starts talking in ghetto language, along with a scene that makes "Eddie" fall in love with "Paige" while she's going silly dances that make her look like she's just done acid or smoked pot or something. There is also an absurd lawnmower race, two psychological 180's (the queen hates the girl, then she changes her mind, LET'S PICK OUT JEWELRY).

I'm sorry, folks, but there is not a single redeeming quality that I can find. It's just plain bad.

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Utterly Canadian Look at Science, 8 June 2003

I have just discovered this show, and although I feel that I'm too old for it, looking at it from a child's point of view, it is probably very entertaining. Perhaps the show's greatest gimmick now that it is in reruns (2003) is that one of the show's young stars is Elisha Cuthbert, who has become a household name through her fame on the Fox's 24. Over all, even though it can be a little over the top at times, if I were still twelve years old ( those days have come and gone) I definitely would watch this program. It's a mix of the gross-out experiments that your stuffy science teacher never taught you combined with a (slightly) educational element. I still believe that for older viewers (particularly aficionados of 24) the real fun of watching the show is seeing a young Cuthbert talking about everything from zoo animals and explosives to stage make-up and animatronic creatures.

"24" (2001)
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Kiefer Sutherland Leads a Great Ensemble Cast, 8 June 2003

None of you know me, but if you did, you would know that I would flinch just thinking about a trailer for next week's thrilling episode of 24. I can't even sit through any sort of violent movie, even the thought of a horse giving birth gives me the willies, for God's sake. However, for some unbelievable reason, I can watch 24. I don't know if it is because it is done with great grace and dignity or that it is well-casted and acted with great depth and precision. Maybe it's because Kiefer Sutherland is the sexiest man in the world, who saves the day in day's time. Truly, I think that Kiefer is one of the best things on the show. His rugged wisdom and ability to rapid fire with a gun in each hand allow the viewer to realize that it's a dog eat dog world out there, and we need a hero. I think every person needs a Jack Bauer, for hope of a better tomorrow.

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Very enjoyable..., 29 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My brother always said that the Wonder Years depressed him. He said that it (meaning the last episode-I guess this is a spoiler) didn't end happily. Kevin's father dies (two years later) and he doesn't get the girl. But in my opinion, he's reading too much into it. We see that his father is dead, but we also see that (CHEESY ALERT) his legacy lives on, through Kevin, and Karen, Karen's son, and even Wayne. The show spans five years, and through that time span, I believe that such large cultural milestones as Neil Armstrong on the moon and the Vietnam war are represented just as well as the emotional landmarks of a young boy turning into a man are (i.e. first love, first kiss, junior high school, high school) are. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Wonder Years is not depressing, it's life. People die and come in and out of your life. I didn't live through the late sixties and early seventies, but from watching the Wonder Years I feel like I did. The Wonder Years will make you laugh, cry and think. Oh yeah, and when you aren't watching the Wonder Years, make sure you never watch Jason and the Argonauts, only because: KING PELIAS HAD NO SONS!!

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I want to marry Mark L Walberg, oh yeah, the show's good, too, 28 December 2002

THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. What genius came up with the idea of people falling through holes in the floor. My father doesn't watch much television, but when he does, he often talks about how the "boob tube" has gone completely, well, down the tubes. When he watches Russian Roulette, he gets so excited! Anytime someone falls he just goes into fits of giggles. The questions are really challenging and seeing people fall down holes (and they're genuinely scared) is just good quality television.

Mark L. Walberg is absolutely adorable, and I am so glad to see that he has moved on from Temptation Island. He is really funny and obviously is pleased to see people drop through the floor. Two thumbs up for Russian Roulette and its charming host!

"Lingo" (2002)
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Fast word game that is both challenging and fun!, 28 December 2002

Lingo is a pretty cool show. It's like that children's game, Mastermind, but instead of patterns of colors, you use five letter words. It's less of a trivia and more vocabulary. Lots of fun to watch and play at home! I would recommend it to anyone.

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Esteemed Winner of the Guilty Pleasure Award, 30 November 2002

Most people have a "Love-Hate" relationship with the Nanny. Some love it, some hate it, some love to hate it and some hate to love it. I am one of the latter. Sure, there are some things that I really don't like about this show. First, does she have to be THAT nasal? Is being THAT nasal even physically possible? Another con for me is that most of the jokes are of the "Get it? 'Cause she's Jewish? Get it?" variety. Being Catholic, I really don't get those. Another problem I have with the aforementioned humor is that it is typically so hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-giant-metal-tipped-stone-mallet that even though I don't get it, there is conveniently someone always there to feed the "Get it? 'Cause she's Jewish? Get it?" line. I just find it more of a nuisance than it is humorous. But don't get me wrong, I really do LOVE the Nanny. The jokes that don't revolve around Fran's religious denomination are often very funny and there is a lot of Lucille Ball physical comedy which I really do care for very much. Overall, the cast work together very well. Unfortunately, characterization of the children (Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, and Madeline Zima) leaves much to be desired. You'd think that since she is "The Nanny" to these children that their characters would be more developed. On the other hand, the characters of Niles (Daniel Davis), C.C. (Lauren Lane), Fran (Fran Drescher), and the delightfully British (not to mention adorable) Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) are very well put together. I don't even want to touch the characters of Sylvia and Yetta, Fran's family, just because they really make me want to vomit. Another thing that draws me to this program is the fact that everyone knows that Maxwell and Fran will ultimately end up together, but WHEN? And when it does happen, I must see it, thus I must watch this show WHENEVER it is on. (Unfortunately, it comes on Lifetime at midnight...I'm not a machine--I need sleep.) Okay, I am cringing as a write this, but I have to say, I would recommend the Nanny to anyone. Well, actually, I recommend that anyone AT LEAST give it a chance.

"Zoom" (1999)
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It's hard to explain its appeal..., 30 November 2002

ZOOM is a curious thing. One minute you're just a kid watching ZOOM, and the next, you a horribly ashamed almost-teen who is quickly turning it to Lizzie McGuire or Boy Meets World, praying that no one finds out that you actually still watch ZOOM. I eventually got over myself and just faced the fact that I watched ZOOM, but it was still a very difficult realization to make. I hate ZOOM, I really do. And yet, one minute, I'm watching the stocks on CNN or the 6 o'clock News and then magically the next minute, the TV is mystically turning itself to PBS and ZOOM just happens to be on. TV's don't normally turn themselves, do they? It MUST be a sign, so I HAVE to watch it. In all seriousness (?) I despise ZOOM, but it was really great first season. It was hate (and secretly watch, of course.) Overall, fun to watch, but it really did stink.

"Gidget" (1965)
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Gidget is curiously addictive, 27 November 2002

I have to say, in the summertime, it is easy to get latched onto a television show, think about it, American Idol would've never caught on otherwise. I religiously watched Gidget everyday on TV Land at 11:00 pm during the summer. I was spellbound. First of all, Sally Field is so freakishly young, she looks like some wacky apparition or something, like the ghost of careers past. Not to mention its so wonderfully cast (with the exception of Gidget's sister Anne, who just makes me REALLY tired.) And so begins my love affair with Pete Duel (R.I.P.). Overall, Gidget is really a delightful television program. ONE SEASON? ONE SEASON? What was that network thinking?!

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For Australian guys who love kids, what's NOT to love?, 8 October 2002

As a salute to both Barry Manilow and the Wiggles, I will start my review with "Oh Wiggles, you came and you gave without taking, I'll never send you away, oh Wiggles!" Okay, with that necessary intro, I'll say that the Wiggles really do rock. I'm 14, and I love a children's band from Australia, I am in no way ashamed, and why should I be? They create good wholesome entertainment for children and adults alike. This movie is absolutely delightful. When this movie originally opened in Australia, in 1997, it was opening against Titanic, that's right, TITANIC. The Wiggles Movie had one-tenth of James Cameron's budget, but it was not swallowed up by the hype of some ship sinking (a tad ironic, eh?), it was the second highest grossing film in Oz (Australia, for those of you who aren't in the know) in 1997. The Wiggles have a way of relating to children and are in NO WAY irritating. They have quite a fan base and should not be judged by ANY skeptical parents, ban Ren and Stimpy from your house, people, leave the Wiggles, after all, all they want to do is please.

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