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Sherlock Holmes (NOT), 7 April 2010

Entertaining perhaps, but I seriously disagree with those who contend that it represents Doyle's creation. I see comments saying: Holmes practiced boxing, he was adept at drawing large conclusions from small details, he was a serious dabbler in forensic science, etc. Yes, but he was not ADHD. In times of boring inactivity he resorted to cocaine for relief. Some say he had a dog, but I don't believe he had one, and certainly didn't experiment on one with anesthetics. Certain dogs figured in the stories, but they weren't his. He was not abusive to Mrs. Hudson. He sometimes expressed deep appreciation for Watson. But most of all his personality was not at all as represented by the film. His personality was most perfectly represented by Basil Rathbone, but maybe that's just too dull for people addicted to action. If Dr. Joseph Bell was the model for Holmes, then we might look to what is known of him for personality traits.