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This movie is about determination, loyalty and team spirit that won't die in a small town., 12 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was at Tribeca the weekend of 4-28 & 4-29-07 and saw The Final Season the first night. A large number of the audience were from Norway, Iowa, some appearing in the movie as extras so during the opening scenes, they were cheering not only the movie but themselves and their town as well. It was quite touching to see.

The Final Season is the true story of the 1991 Norway High School baseball team's attempt to win a 20th consecutive state title before their school merged with a larger district nearby. Sean Astin in the lead role plays Kent Stock, the head coach for this final season of play after the previous head coach had been removed. *Mild Spoiler* The early part of the movie sets up the excellence of the previous team so after the new coach takes over, things are different, the kids become discouraged and challenge him, forcing Sean (Stock) to quite literally step up to the plate. (Sean speaks about this scene at the Q & A after-wards) This is an upbeat, feel-good sort of movie and at times I found myself on the edge of my seat and at the ending I applauded enthusiastically with the rest of the audience.

I liked all the performances of the actors; Tom Arnold and Powers Boothe were both good. I think Michael Angarano who played the part of Mitch Akers a young troubled player stole every scene he was in; he was outstanding! Sean's role is under-stated but believable as the coach and I can envision him in this role in real life (with his daughters). He has a couple of too brief love scenes with Rachel Leigh Cook.

Day Zero (2007)
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This movie is a study of human nature and relationships, 5 May 2007

I was fortunate enough to be a the 4-29-07 NYC premiere screening of Day Zero, starring Elijah Wood, Jon Bernthal and Chris Klein. The story is about the turmoil created in the lives of these men after they receive a draft notice.

Wood is Aaron Feller, a sensitive, troubled, young writer, frightened by life's challenges, who decides he needs to explore more of what life has to offer but ends up, instead, releasing some inner demons. Klein is George Rifkin, a married, successful attorney with a politically connected father, who might get his notice quashed. Unfortunately, Rifkin misdirects his rage and lashes out at the wrong persons. Bernthal is Dixon, a take charge kind of guy whether he's being a Prince Charming to a pubescent neighbor or Savior to his friends. You get the sense he's always been totally in control of his life but surprisingly finds himself falling in love and for the first time must struggle with his choices.

I didn't know what to expect going in but I enjoyed the movie quite a lot and felt all three actors had good chemistry as well as some great scenes together. There were some light moments but this is a serious and compelling drama.