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Athisayan (2007)
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HULK meets KING KONG=total waste of money, 10 September 2007

I am a person who watches lots of Hollywood flicks.I watched this movie just for a change.Andit was a total nightmare.Vinayan is a total loser of a director,who likes to make'strange' movies...but for WHOM? The only good thing about this movie is Kavya. after this movie,Vinayan is described as the SCI-Fi director of Malayalam cinema.After my making movies about handicaps,ghosts,dwarfs i think Vinayan is going to make a flick on Aliens. I guarantee you will have a good laugh by watching this movie's climax.and don't miss the so called special effects! if u haven't watched this movie don't take chances(but if u have liked Vinayans earlier flicks ,its a real treat for you!) My rating 3/10

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not a masterpiece but an entertaining flick!, 10 September 2007

Me being a LAL fan saw this movie in the opening week itself.. its after a long that Mohanlal returns to do an exclusive comic role.he gives his best as usual.. The storyline is average but the best thing about this movie is its star cast which is really huge. great performances by Saikumar,Kalabhavan Mani and Siddique .These three have once again proved that they can do any role with perfection. And not to mention Jagathysreekumar and Biju Kuttan Cameos are well managed too...there is Kochin Haneefa and guess who...SHAKEELA but I'm disappointed in Indrajiths was under written as he had very short time.. Bhavana was once again good....but I am afraid she is getting type-casted.

its an overall a good popcorn movie.Not a master piece but still entertaining my rating 7.5/10