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The versatile Mr. Dureya, 31 May 2008

What absolute nonsense that a previous reviewer states that Mr. Dureya cannot carry off nice in this film. The guy was acting for over 30 years and was a brilliant, versatile actor. Sure , he could play villains to perfection and because of this was well known and cast in these parts. But during his 30 years of film acting he frequently was cast as a good guy and he played these roles well.The Bounty Killer does ask too much in his age, sure, the part was written for a younger guy but as Dureya is so exceptionally good as the naive easterner it still works well.It's a wonderful film, it's low budget but it's a fine well acted and well written western.

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atmospheric show, 15 August 2007

A good cop show from the 60's with Robert Taylor leading his band of cops against the evildoers of the USA. I found the shows pretty predictable but always enjoyable. Taylor was wooden but it was great to see Adam (Batman ) West, Mark ( Lost in Space ) Goddard and Tige ( Mod Squad ) Andrews as the other detectives.The 30 minute shows never seem to air which is a pity as the ones I did see were great, but the 60 minute shows are a little padded but better on characters. Always worth a watch and better than the stuff TV churns out today.For my money I agree with the first comment that Tige Andrews was the best character in the series. His stories were generally the most believable.