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Poor Catherine...what have they done to you???
13 March 2002
Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hank Azaria, Christopher Walken, all great actors a movie that combines the talent of all these actors and actresses should equal a great movie, right? NO! This movie was sooooooo draaaaaaaaaged out and looooooooong. If you are planning on watching this movie just watch the first ten minutes.then fast forward or come back for the last'll avoid the dull dialogue and predictable plot. There are only a few things worthwhile in this movie for the storyline is lifeless. Christopher Walken is amazing no matter what. Hank Azaria is a funny guy with a horrible accent. And Catherine Zeta-Jones is always gorgeous. So I guess just fast forward the movie to close ups of her.that's what I did.
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Eh...just okay
13 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Warning potential spoiler - nothing huge

The previews for the `Glass House' made it look like an interesting thriller and so I rented it with hopes that it wasn't it a waste of my 4 bucks. It was. Who the heck wrote the dialogue for this movie?? Don't you hate it when movie makers try to appeal to the younger crowd by using dialogue that they believe is `hip?' If that little kid says `Sweeeeet!' one more time I swear I'll smack him. Aside from the poor dialogue the movie does have it's moments. The actor who plays Terry is so scary looking and sounding that I get shivers just thinking about his glare (shivers). There was so much potential for Terry to do something really mean but the movie never takes advantage of it. It brings up the suspense to almost a max and lets you down. It's true that it's predictable because Ruby never loses. Way too easy. So I give it a 4 out of 10 for misusing the great actors that played Ruby and Terry.
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Eye opening
11 February 2002
Japanese Americans may have received reparations from damages incurred during WWII but the events of the camp are long lasting, as shown in this movie. What an eye opener this movie is. I had thought that the JACL (Japanese American Citizen's League) was an organization that stood for the rights for Japanese Americans but from the movie it seems the group was hardly representative of the people. The clips from old news reels produced by the government showed the incredible effort that was put into making the general public believe that the camps consisted of "model homes" and that the prisoners were "evacuees" and that the Japanese people believed Uncle Sam to be a kind "master." The movie should be watched by all who wish to understand the power the government and the media has over history. It teaches people that history is owned and what we believe is true is oftentimes what we are allowed to believe is true. The only criticism that I have is that I wish there was a chance for members of the JACL to justify or refute what was said about them in the movie.
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The longest ad I've ever seen
22 January 2002
I think I watched this movie for the same reason many others watched the movie: we wanted to see them fast cars. And there were lots of them. The drag racing scenes were definitely the best but after several of them it kinda gets annoying when you're sitting there wondering where the hell did these kids get the money for the cars. Finding out who's been behind the robberies is pretty easy to figure out as well.

Ok cars were ok but the relationships between the characters was not believable. I don't think that Dom and Brian connected so closely as to warrant what happened in the end. And the romance between Brian and Mia seemed to have come from no where. I believed Mia and Leon's love/hate relationship more.

If you have time and money to spend or maybe you got a free coupon from blockbuster, go ahead and watch this film. It won't really change your life or make you think but it may make you want to save up for a 80,000 car to drag and destroy. What fun.
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