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If your're a kid it's brilliant, if you're past puberty........
30 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't expect much, given the target audience, but they really should have told George Lucas "give us a synopsis, we'll get script writer to do the job" To say the dialogue is wooden is an insult to trees! The problem is the special effects. Yes they are good but you still require a story for heaven's sake! That's why the originals are better - the limited effects available means they have to have a good story and half decent dialogue. All we've had with Episodes I,II and III is an exercise in how many CGI effects can we get in around a clichéd script! There's also a major continuity/script glitch - when Yoda and Obi-Wan are looking at the security footage of Annakin they refer to the Emperor having commanded him - but they go to the Jedi temple when the senate is meeting - they (Yoda and Obi-Wan) can't know Palpatine has made himself emperor! This is underlined when Obi-Wan then goes to see Padmee and refers to Palpatine as the Chancellor! Even my 8 year old spotted that! But I didn't fall asleep and my kids - aged 7,8 and 12 were glued to the screen so as a film for that age group 10/10 otherwise 3/10
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Reds (1981)
This is a film treat it as such....
7 February 2004
This is an interesting film, all the more so because it is meant to tell a true story (insofar as any film of real events is true!)

I suppose you'll either like it or loathe it. If you like it, good; it isn't a bad film, but a bit of an idea of European history will help you.

If you you fall into the latter category loathe it because you think it's a bad film not because of the stupid bigotry shown in some of the other reviews here which seem to be so hung up on the USA and Mom and apple pie that they see "Commies" in even thinking about the event of the early 20th century!

After seeing it it made me interested enough to find out about John Reed. You might not like what he thought, you might not like Warren Beatty and what he thinks but for heaven's sake don't rubbish this film simply because it's about a political system you may not like, or have been indoctrinated not to like!

It's not brilliant but neither is it a "love poem to communism".
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Go and watch something else
22 July 2003
I don't care whether you are a legal expert or not (Carl Abrams you mixed up the two principal characters Winter is the commandant and Irwin the prisoner!) but this film sucks - the whole premise not to mention the plot and storyline. If you must sit through this see, if like me, you can guess each plot twist as it occurs - it's not that hard to do with this film!

The characters (all of them) are your stereotypical Hollywood prison drama types, and not very good ones at that. Gandolfini, Reford and Delroy Lindo are fine actors what on earth posessed them (other than their agents) to be associated with this rubbish?

I guess this film came out post September 11 that's the only explanation for the cloying sentimentality of the final scenes.

Save yourself go and watch something else.
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Lonesome Dove (1989)
Excellent, if only all TV was this good
21 April 2003
As has been said this is one of the finest series made.

Much of that is due to the story and script, but equally important is that a good deal of the background is based on fact. Find out about Col. Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving - how they set up their cattle drives from Texas to Colorado and Wyoming and what happened to them (expecially Loving and Wilson's fight with some Comanches) and you can see that the beauty of Lonesome Dove is knowing that the story is not just fiction but has a basis in historical fact, this just adds to the quality of this series.
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Go and do something more interesting instead!
31 August 2002
This is garbage. If you have 100 minutes to spare you must have something more interesting to do than to watch this rubbish!

I can't really comment on the dialogue since most of it is obscured by the overbearing soundtrack - you sit there having to tweak the volume to try and hear anything and get blasted by the music.
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Bodyline (1984)
Good, but not quite what happened! (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
24 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Yes I'm a Pom. This is a good period drama about the 1932-33 Ashes series where England did their homework to deal with Saint Don Bradman. I'm sure if England had a player of Bradman's stature Audtralia would have come up with similar tactics to deal with him!

Where this series does fail is in the hype over so-called bodyline bowling. The political scandal is depicted accurately, but as I understand it the only times when Australian batsmen were hit by the ball England were not at that moment using "bodyline" tactics. But other than that gripe this is worth seeing - if you like cricket that is!
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Holocaust (1978– )
Watch it, and think how could this have happened?
20 July 2002
Hindsight's wonderful, and it easy now to criticise this series. I saw it first in Germany and the effect it had there was quite profound. It caused a national debate and, it could be argued, helped Germany face up to what occurred between 1933 and 1945, not so much from the extermination camps, but that they, a civilised people, could be led along that path.
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Coyote Ugly (2000)
Garbage, watch something else, anything....
14 May 2002
I was persuaded to watch this.

Afterwards I thought why on earth do people rave about this film. A load of formulaic one dimensional drivel.

Don't bother wasting your time! Watch something else, anything, just save your time and leave this rubbish on the shelf!
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I think it's excellent, but you make up your own mind!
5 May 2002
The message behind a lot of Potter's work is as the summary says; about people thinking for temselves and not blindly following the crowd.

I have a problem with Potter's works. Some of it is excellent. However critics, and the BBC in particular, acted as if he was some form of dramatic messiah. His best work "The Singing Detective", "Pennies From Heaven" etc. was excellent, however he also wrote a great deal of complete rubbish which found it's way on the screen simply because it had Dennis Potter's name on it. Look at some of the plots, try and forget Dennis Potter, and you have to ask why did they make this rubbish!
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Kessler (1981)
5 May 2002
I remember watching this when it was first shown on the BBC. It takes the story on, post-war, of what becomes of Gestapo chief Kessler. Hopefully UK Drama will show this - as they are now showing Secret Army.

All the superlatives about Secret Army apply equally to this. It may be a cliche, but drama like this makes the BBC license fee worthwhile!
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