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Midnight Man (2008– )
not that bad
24 May 2008
Not that bad. Another poster put that it was clichéd. but they had not finished watching the mini-series. OK it wasn't the best thing i've ever seen, but not a total waste of my time. OK the plot begins with a reporter (called max)who got fired from a newspaper following some kind of scandal. whilst working freelance he comes across some info on the murder or an Iranian man, suggesting there was more to the story than had been previously thought. He attempts to investigate this but has initial problems such as his phobia of day-light (bit silly) and later problems as he is constantly being set up. he begins to think there may be an anti-Asian group behind the killing. but as he is thought to be a bit crazy and untrustworthy can he find proof that he is innocent and uncover the truth behind the government conspiracy? not fantastic but worth a watch. you can find it on ITV website or other movie websites.
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