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Great show at times like ep. Easy Rider and use of Fantasy, 28 March 2016

This was a great series and the particular episode Easy Rider was very good as well. As in most episodes Bernie's ego gets in his way as he rides his motorcycle trying to get approval of other bikers all the while missing commitments to his kids. Funny enough as he wrecks and what follows.

The best part of this episode and the entire series was the use of Earth Wind and Fire's song Fantasy when Bernie thought he was dead. As I watch it now its kinda sad as Bernie passed on way too early and as in life and the show things changed. Here he finds all his (adopted) kids have turned for the worse. A good portion of the song is played as he walks through the house. Its cool. We miss Bernie.

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A French spin off of Driving Miss Daisy, 10 January 2013

I NEVER post a professional review BUT now - - ROGER EBERT reviewed this and said exactly what I felt and wanted to say about this film. Rather than trying to paraphrase his review I am simply posting his original review found on his web page: (since links are not allowed i have put spaces in the link. you need to remove the space to follow the link) apps/pbcs.dll/ article?AID=/20120530 /REVIEWS /120539995/ 1023

It might help to think of "The Intouchables" as a French spin off of "Driving Miss Daisy," retitled "Pushing Monsieur Philippe." A stuffy rich employer finds his life enriched by a wise black man from the Paris ghettos and takes lessons in funky music and the joys of marijuana. This is a story that has been told time and again in the movies, and sometimes the performances overcome the condescension of the formula.

The film was an enormous box-office hit in France, and indeed, it is easy to enjoy. Philippe (Francois Cluzet) is a millionaire who was paralyzed from the neck down in a para-gliding accident. Driss (Omar Sy) is a man out on parole for robbery, who applies for the job of Philippe's caregiver only so he can be rejected and get a signature on his application for unemployment benefits. As Philippe interviews one boring job applicant after another, we begin to understand that he needs not only physical help but someone to cheer him up. Driss' cheeky irreverence is refreshing, and Philippe astonishes him and his own household staff by offering him the job.

The movie tells the story of a growing relationship between these two likable men, based on Driss' confidence that Philippe will improve if he escapes his stuck-up lifestyle and samples the greater freedoms of an immigrant from Africa. There may be a certain truth in this, but the education of Philippe proceeds in a series of essentially insulting clichés. Driss, you see, has rhythm and soul, and if only Philippe can absorb some of that, he'll be a happier man. He'll still be a French millionaire surrounded by a protective staff, he'll still be paralyzed, but he'll be happier. How many times have we seen the scene where an uptight square inhales pot for the first time and a smile slowly spreads across his face? "The Intouchables" has an element of truth that it never quite recognizes. The role of a good caregiver is hardly limited to lifting, bathing, grooming, dressing, pushing and supplying medicines. The patient is faced with a reality he finds it difficult to accept: he has been deprived of all he once took for granted, such as the simple ability to walk across a room. A caregiver can't provide that, but he can provide something more valuable, companionship. Philippe's wife is dead, his teenage daughter is a snotty brat, and his staff is preoccupied by their salaries and status. Driss comes from a different world.

The success of the film, despite its problems, grows directly from its casting. Francois Cluzet, who acts only with his face and voice, communicates great feeling. Omar Sy is enormously friendly and upbeat. He reminded me of the African immigrant played by Souleymane Sy Savane in Ramin Bahrani's "Goodbye Solo" — a film that avoided the traps that "The Intouchables" falls into.

The appeal of a film like this, and it is perfectly legitimate, is that when we begin to feel affection for the characters, what makes them happy make us happy. Caught up in the flow of events, we allow many assumptions to pass unchallenged. The writer-directors, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, are cheerfully willing to go for broad gags, and their style is ingratiating. But at the end, by looking through the foreground details, what we're being given is a simplistic reduction of racial stereotypes.

That was also true of "Driving Miss Daisy," but it was a period picture set in the South in the late 1940s, with older characters who had been shaped by their times. There was a plausibility there. "The Intouchables" is more of a soothing fantasy.

by Roger Ebert - May 30, 2012

Reboot (2012)
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An interesting short film with very good acting, 8 January 2013

I watched this with an open mind not worrying about the low rating so far on IMDb and I was pleasantly surprised. The acting and quality camera work were very well done and were not diminish by a story that had a good premise but was missing some elements of information. And unfortunately the final song to start the end of the movie was horrible. But the beauty of a well done short movie is it leaves a lot more to the imagination of the audience. The short is one of the hardest movies to make now and this movie was fast paced with intelligent thought and decent dialog.

I see about 70 to 80 new movies (new to me) every year but only write a few reviews as I believe a decent review should be well written and the reviewer should have a good sense of films, which takes some time I do not have. But I saw that the review on here was so poorly written without much thought or understanding of this film I felt it necessary to try an give a more realistic and open minded review. First, this film has nothing to do with nor any of its references directly taken from "Fight Club" as one reviewer suggested. If talking about how the cost of materialism has effected the world makes it a "Fight Club" reference then that's like saying any movie that talks about the south is is "Gone With The Wind" reference. In Fight Club one major theme was around materialism and how it controlled our life's, a theme at its pinnacle in 1999-2000 when Fight Club came out. This is 13 years later where we see the cost of having everything available everywhere, like Coffee which is very labor intensive as Jesse spoke of in the movie, is causing a huge divide between the classes of rich and poor and an incredible strain on the world's resources. That is a very real theme today that many people are aware of that goes beyond just the self indulgent life style of the past 20 years.

The movie tries to make radical 'change' Jesse's theme at a level that implies that hackers and coders do have much control over what goes on not just in the cyber world but in everyday affairs. The group Anonymous comes to mind, and not that I agree with their methods, but they are real and are having some effect, whether one sees it as good or bad.

Emily Somers (Stat) and Travis Aaron Wade (Jesse) both did an excellent job acting. One can notice for a short film how the expressions and feelings have to develop much quicker and they do in Reboot. I recommend you see this with an open mind and not be disappointed with an ending that leaves you thinking about whats next.

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Not even an attempt to be a movie.. just watching a video game, 4 January 2013

I know these Resident Evil movies are originally based on a video game, but at least the last one, Resident Evil Afterlife[2010] was a decent movie that plotted out with a good screenplay and moved more like a movie than a video game. But this one is just ridiculous.

You know when you get a new game now, usually they have a nice intro or short movie to get the game going, then you play. Well this movie is like that game movie and play the entire time. Its like watching someone else play a fairly boring loud bang bang shoot shoot gory monster video game for 90 minutes (seemed like 2 hours). Seriously they just walk through this video game going from one set to the next trying to beat the next level.

Its difficult to believe even the die-hard Resident Evil fans would like watching this formulaic movie. I would have to assume this is just one big ad for the next Resident Evil video game installment. Wont be on any of my game consoles or PC. Resident Evil out.

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Lagging and tedious yet a few very good scenes, 5 September 2012

End of times and the last day on earth with Cisco and Skye. A promising notion for a good movie, yet it was drawn to slow death with a tedious and slow screenplay enough to ruin the movie and bore the audience.

I found myself annoyed and frustrated with Dafoe's character Cisco as he went through the movie in his selfish and morass way. There were some scenes setup for promising dialog and emotion, like when he was saying goodbye to his daughter, yet turned out plastic and annoying. There was, however, two scenes I thought were well acted and the best part of the movie; when Cisco sat with his brother and his brother shared some wise words (which Cisco did not heed) while the other friends partied with booze and drugs. The other decent scene was when the delivery boy said goodbye to his family via Skype. (I think Skype paid for the movie)

Overall the movie left an empty feeling as the end approached with what seemed like a junior high school first film attempt with various and ridiculous cuts from films and news clips, none of which really tied anything together. I found the movie boring and besides a couple of decent scenes that were well acted or at least approached what one would expect toward the end, overall it was poorly written and haphazardly put together.

ATM (2012/I)
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Not Plausible and a Bit Ridiculous though very tense at times., 2 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having just watched this movie I have to say this is one of the worst ones I've seen this year and in a while. While the acting was not horrible the plot and all the holes just make you cringe with disbelieve that the writers even tried to write such rubbish. One wonders how these movies get the a-OK to go with funding.

And again it is not bad acting that makes this movie so horrible. I don't think any other actors could of made this garbage any better. So many times during the movie from the start to end one sits there and thinks "why the hell?"

First letting Corey (Josh Peck from Drake & Josh) ride along would of been a hard no for most guys.. but we can let that slip. Then stopping for this douche-bag so he can get money for pizza when he was the one earlier that encourage his buddy David (Brian Geraghty) to go after the girl makes little sense. And why park half a football field away from the ATM??? If those were the only stupid turns to this assine movie we might be OK.. but they are not and for that it becomes worse and worse as it goes on.

Needless to say I got so frustrated with this movie I barely could stand watching by the halfway point and just finished it because I wanted to see if my prediction of what might happen (and it did which was easy to see like a parade coming down the street unless your new to these types of movies)

I would suggest unless your a big fan of the 3 main actors I would skip this one and get some money from your ATM and go see another movie.

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Getting close to the end, 20 February 2012

I don't normally write reviews for TV shows, but it is no big secret House is one of my all time favorite TV shows. That said I've never written a review for a House episode. I am sad. I know this is nearing the end of a great series. I am pleased to say that season 8 is now becoming right up there with the best of them though I was very critical early in season 8. And this episode, Chase, is by far the best episode of the season, a continuation of S8 Episode 11 Nobody's Fault.

Now that there may be only 6 to 8 episodes left for the show, for first time in the history of the series the complete focus was on a character other than House. Yes there have been episodes that the theme was geared towards a particular individual, like Taub or Forman or 13 (or Chase when he killed the dictator) but always the main gist was around House. This episode was so beautiful, shown from Chase's view and the conflicts within Chase. I am so happy they finally tribute his character so well.

I really hope they at least do something like this with Forman, the only other character left that like Chase has been there since the get go. I did not put in spoiler alerts so I won't go into detail on the story line, needless to say this was one of the best acted and well written episodes of the entire series. Bravo.

Zodiac (2007)
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A very entertaining story even if not based on real facts., 15 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie Zodiac was quite entertaining and the actors used in this movie did an outstanding job, especially Mark Ruffalo playing inspector Tochi. I never got bored during the movie as it moved along nicely and left me thinking about who was the real killer Zodiac.

The problem I have with this movie is that it says it is based on fact and many of the reviewers say they enjoyed the movie because it stuck to the facts. Unfortunately this is not true. I have no problem when a movie, as most do, takes commercial license to glamorize or make interesting a true or actual event. The problem here is that this film actually puts in known and glaring falsities that are the foundation for Graysmith's conclusion that Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac.

Most people who have not read into the facts or do so after the movie will come away with the glaring conclusion that Leigh was the killer based on damning evidence presented during the movie. However most of that evidence is not true. The most glaring falsity of the movie is that the call that was traced to Attorney Melvin Belli house came during January 1970 and that one call that the housekeeper got was traced to a mental hospital and the caller was ruled out. So Graysmith's obsession with the "Dec 18" call "it's my birthday I have to kill" call did not happen on Dec 18 and the call was traced. This glaring fact is completely overlooked in the movie. Now there are many other REAL facts that basically prove Leigh Allen was not the Zodiac killer and there are plenty of websites that offer facts and research from the actual police if one is interested in learning further.

Again I think this movie was very entertaining and one of the better crime movies I have seen, yet for the misguided omission of the true facts. I would recommend this movie but keep an open mind and look a little deeper if you want the true facts and evidence accumulated over the years.

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Worse piece of trash on TV, 8 May 2011

This is the epitome of horrible TV and an example of how far down we have come to meet our lust for mundane inane babble on "Reality TV". The fact that enough people even watch this awful dribble to keep it on TV is proof of how bad not only American TV has become but how the viewers of reality TV have absolutely no standards for intellect or decency. I have to admit I have only watched this show for about 1 half hour and that was completely enough to know how mind numbing bad it truly is. Even though I do not like this type of show much there are some that are watchable but Khloe & Lamar does not fit in that category. I hope my review is not met with to much criticism and that we, the people, will wake up and say ENOUGH!. Time for some decent TV again.

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Great Use of Fantasy, 29 July 2010

This was a great series and this particular episode was very good as well. As in most episodes Bernie's ego gets in his way as he rides his motorcycle trying to get approval of other bikers all the while missing commitments to his kids. Funny enough as he wrecks and what follows.

The best part of this episode was the use of Earth Wind and Fire's song Fantasy when Bernie thought he was dead. As I watch it now its kinda sad as Bernie passed on way too early and as in the show things changed. Here he finds all his (adopted) kids have turned for the worse. A good portion of the song is played as he walks through the house. Its cool. We miss Bernie.

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