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Oh what tangled webs!, 28 October 2012

From the cobwebs of your cherished childhood fairytale memories, Kitsis and Horowitz weave an ever tangling and untangling web of intrigue as they masterfully knit together all of those tales in a way which leaves us "remembering" and "forgetting" just like the characters of their plot. As you follow the daily drama of the sleepy, small community town of Storybrooke, Maine, you are drawn into the timeless conflicts of good versus evil; innocence versus guilt; bravery versus cowardice; remembering versus forgetting; belief versus unbelief; etc. as the "real" world and "fairytale" worlds are deftly but inextricably interwoven in this story's plot. At times it even becomes "unclear" which world you are you are really in…one of the real joys of fairy tales (they allow the 'child' in all of us, at times, to escape the unpleasantness of the real world). Let Emma Swan and her son, Henry, guide you through this web of intrigue so that even at times when you begin to lose all hope you also can begin to believe in the ultimate conquest of good over evil! – Skypilot578