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Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008 Video)
Is Corey Haims In LB2? The Answer....
17 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Let me be the first to say that I just watched a leaked copy of Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. The big question everybody has been asking about, is Corey Haims in the movie? The answer... Yes. BUT! It's not what you would expect. Just when you think the movie is over and your greatly upset to see no Corey Haims in the entire movie, you see Corey Haims name in the credits. When I saw the name I was confused. Then they cut back into a final scene showing Edgar challenging somebody. Right away you know it's Sam. And yes, Sam has turned into a vampire. My overall rating of the movie was a low 7. It was exactly what I expected it to be except for Corey Haims appearance. If he didn't make that appearance I would of had to of given it a 5.5-6/10. Check it out though.
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3 May 2007
After you watch Sleepaway Camp, you will either love it or hate it. I loved this movie after I watched it... The weird thing about this movie though it has everything I hate in Horror movies. Sometimes the acting was cheese. Especially that horny kid that keeps trying to hookup with Angela. He dropped some one-liners that made me laugh cause it was so lame. It reminded me of the 50's for some reason.... But somehow it suited the movie, which didn't make me hate it. The story is pretty predictable. You have an idea what is really happening in the movie but the ending throws it all out the window cause you never expected that to happen... I think it was the ending that made it all worth watching and made me appreciate it. The ending made me zone out and gave me the chills. The reality of the story is twisted which is why I watched again after I first saw it. Overall, I highly recommend this cult-classic. It's truly one of a kind.
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The Hitcher (2007)
Garbage... Complete Garbage
30 April 2007
This movie eats the cheese when it comes to a bad movie. I dunno what these people are thinking when they make these kinda cheesy 2000 century movies. There all the same. Lame acting, cheesy story and predictability. It's amazing how I can tell after the first 10 minutes if it will be good or not. I could tell after the first minute I would be disappointed. The boyfriend was a dork who thought he was the man driving a nice car. After he picked up that penny I knew I would hate him from here on. If you love movies where your constantly yelling at the TV saying: "Shoot him", "Call the Policee", "Run" watch this masterpiece of crap. You will love it... Otherwise, don't bother watching it.
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Wassup Haters
30 April 2007
Well... I would of probably liked this movie a lot more if I wasn't so hyped up to see it before it came out. Don't you hate anticipating a movie that looks sweet but after you watch it your disappointed? That's how I felt about Wassup Rockers... This movie was completely different then Kids, Bully and Ken Park. This one was a little bit more PG. The acting was very very bad. These kids can't act. I couldn't stand hearing them say, "Were from the ghetto" and "Damn Johnson, You's a Hater"... I guess you have to see it to be the judge. If your into the Larry Clark movies then you gotta watch it to altleast say you saw it... Just don't expect it to be controversial like Kids Or Ken Park.
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