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Why would Lee want Lucy?, 30 June 2012

As a Norwegian, I can really appreciate much of the humor coming form the UK. The best of it is unmatchable, with smarts, characters you believe in and very very funny, I would say. Not Going Out is not that kind of series, with its dumb approach and rather flat two leading roles.

I started out watching this be accident earlier this year and kind of enjoyed myself watching the first season, as Lee Mack and the American had some connection there, even though it's always weird hearing one American accent among just English. Lee Mack is not a great actor, but it did his thing all right, and you kind of felt there was something going on between them.

Then the American quit and they brought in the cleaning lady (why would she be there all the time cleaning, are all English that rich? Don't think so). And Lucy. Lucy is younger, and some would say prettier, but she is one boring person, I have to say. Or rather, she may have some naughty comments, but she is always in a bad mood, always with a frown upon her face. That's OK, maybe, but why would Lee be nuts about someone like this - even with his "northern" ways of thinking of himself? I find the character just unbearable and I think I watched through the 4th season just for the hell of it. It would be nice to see a broader register there.

By the way: Lee's best friend Tim and the stupid girlfriend is the best characters and the best actors, no doubt about it.

All in all, Not Going Out is pretty flat and dumb and with stereotypes I find quite surprising (even from my nationality), but it does have its moments and I guess that's why it's watchable, and not horrible.

I give my own review 4 out of 10. I will try harder next time.

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Somebody put a bullet in this, 21 February 2012

I'm not a hater in general - quite the opposite, really. But:

I'm just as disgusted from this vomit-episode (really? Vomitting? That's not funny, thats...yeah, disgusting) as I am from this whole season. I was open minded to Ashton Kutcher coming in, as I don't hate him as an actor. I think he has some good comedic qualities and I was open to what the writers would do. But this is just a total train wreck and I'm forcing myself to watch it, even though I don't want to.

The jokes are so cheap now that I have to wonder if Charlie Sheen did write the jokes before and some six year old are writing them now. I get embarrassed every time I watch this. I mean, the show was never the best sitcom on air (though the first seasons had some "sass"), but this is just awful. And again, I'm not a hater, but the Zoey character is so uncharismatic that I have to wonder if the casting director also is a six year old. Yes, she is a lovely looking woman, but she both sounds and acts like a posh English grandmother. I mean, the VOICE!?! Close your eyes and listen to Sophie Winkleman, and you can easily imagine her being 70 years old.

With all the great series that are canceled every year, it's a shame this gets to continue delivering cheap jokes and over acting.

Upperdog (2009)
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Excellent subtle movie about real people, 3 September 2009

I would say that this is one of the best movies ever made in Norway, if not THE best movie. I will lay that on the wonderful acting and casting, the details and subtle direction that makes a real movie with real people. You don't ever feel like you're being told what's happening, because you can feel it. The emotions and the causes of them are played out before your eyes and you know why all the time.

This is not a sad movie, although the people are pretty sad, and it's not a happy movie. It's a movie that speaks to your heart. I was sitting in a small movie theatre and the seventeen year old girls sitting in front of me couldn't be more bored. And I understand why. They couldn't relate to the people on the screen, who had experienced life, although they were pretty young themselves. But a seventeen year old girl doesn't know what it's like to experience real love and loss, or real betrayal. The rest of us couldn't have been more into the movie. This is what real love looks like. How real people act and react.

I don't want to front any of the actors, because they were all perfect. The director, Sara Johnsen, is a shining star and she really knows how to work with the actors, that really shows. But the most impressing thing is her careful eye for the story and how to tell it without over telling.

I am truly amazed and I truly loved this movie. See this with someone and you will have much to talk about afterwards.

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Give it time!, 29 March 2009

The first five episodes did not do Dollhouse the justice it deserved. It's only in the sixth episode it really starts to get interesting. This is when the story starts to develop and unfold into something more than Dushku being different persons. Really, I'm impressed that the series got to develop this slow. We really don't learn anything of the main characters past until the seventh episode (btw: Some really hilarious scenes in that episode)! That is a bold move and I don't know if it's very smart to do it like that. But the characters are good and while Dushku's character unfolds slowly, the rest of them are pretty clear early on and that is what keeps us interested.

This could turn out to be a very very good show, but you have to be patient and trust that the show delivers as time goes by.

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I love it!, 17 September 2007

One of the funniest movies of all time. Although it's so silly ("How silly can you get") it's beyond silly, that is what makes this movie so enjoyable. It doesn't take long to get that this movie is all about the gags. Either you accept it and laugh your head off, or you turn it off.

Val Kilmer is perfect for the role that is not a role or a character at all - he's just hanging on for the ride of the Zuckers and is oblivious to it all. And that's what makes the movie (beyond the fantastic gags), because all the characters find the things that happens very real. Forget about Scary Movie or whatever stupid movie there is out there. This is THE silly movie of all time. It's better than Airplane!, the Hot Shots movies and the Naked Gund-movies. This is the movie that frees itself from every rule and setting and just play all the jokes it can master.

Yes, it's a parody of both Elvis-movies, war movies and spy movies, but at its core there's just true comedy with only one rule: There is no rules. "Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks!"

I love it, I love it, I love it.

Beerfest (2006)
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Just plain dumb, 14 July 2007

Just a stupid, stupid movie, that tries to be more intelligent than it really is. And doing it by playing all the (from an American perspective) stereotypes of every possible nation.

I cannot believe that this movie has an average above 6... Don't get me wrong: I like GOOD stupid movies (like Dumb & Dumber or There's Something About Mary, or even good old college movies from the eighties). But there have to be some smartness behind it.

Beerfest is just dumb. There's nothing here that even goes near being smart. And it kind of irritates me that these American stereotypes of Europeans keep being pushed on the public. I don't believe that the American public is that stupid. But hey...this movie's got a pretty good score on IMDb.

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A shame to cut this, 28 May 2007

I cannot believe it. They are closing this show down. It's a terrible shame!!! Studio 60 is one of the best shows I have ever seen; great characters, excellent stories and this fabulous feeling of being backstage at a real show with all that happens there.

And then they close it down because not enough millions are watching. The curse of capitalism, I tell you. You'd think you'll keep a show that's getting rave reviews and giving it at least a couple of years to grow on the public.

I'm freaking out here. It just bothers me so much. It's like getting a friend and then loosing him a couple of months later.

Bring it back!

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Totally awesome!, 5 March 2007

This is one of the very few sitcoms I seem to laugh out loud to - every time. I can't remember any series that has done the same thing for me since the first seasons of Seinfeld. Well, and Scrubs.

Why? It's easy (well, not easy to do, but to describe): Great cast, compelling stories, good and original scripts and story lines. AND lots of warmth.

Seeing (and hearing) Neil Patrick Harris as Barney is just wonderful. He shines beautifully with his cynical and cool "awesomeness". Josh Radnor as Ted is a guy a totally can identify myself with, and I guess that is something that really brings home the money for this show. He has it all. The goofy couple of Jason Segel (Marshall) and Alyson Hannigan (Lily) is a perfect match, both as a couple and in the cast, and Cobie Smulders as Robin is just as beautiful and tough as you wish your dream girl to be.

I just saw all the episodes of the first season during the weekend, and it was so totally awesome and heartwarmingly funny that I'm still kind of stunned.

I wish it will continue for a very, very long time. The best ensemble sitcom since Friends - no doubt in my mind!! Well, OK, Scrubs - maybe...;)

Serenity (2005)
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Totally in love, 20 January 2007

Oh my god how I love this movie and the series "Firefly"! It's ridiculous! As any person who have seen the series will tell you, it's hard to believe it was cancelled so early on. So, Joss Whedon made this movie to sum it all up, and it's the perfect good bye. Possibly one of the best sci-fi movies ever made, it mixes all of the humour, story lines and terrific cast from the series and tops it off with great effects and depth.

It's sad, that's what it is. How something as good as this can get cancelled. This movie should have been a bonus from the series, and then it should have gone on for years and years and years. If Stargate SG-1 can make it (also a series I love), then Firefly should have made it.

Still, this movie can be seen without knowing anything about the series (I didn't when I first saw it), and it will drag you in like a puppy grabbed by a tiger.

If I ever would recommend a sci-fi movie, it would be Serenity. 10/10

Date Movie (2006)
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Avoid. Avoid. Avoid!, 10 January 2007

Yes, I didn't think it was gonna be a good movie. No, I didn't think it was gonna be THIS bad. It's not hilariously bad, it's just...awful.

I don't know what more to say about this movie. Random scenes, so unfunny "jokes" it hurts, toilet-noises (ok, it may be funny for a 4-year old), hair-jokes, sudden nudity and "parodies" of other date movies. That's the premise, I guess. The "Scary Movie"-series had some funny stuff in them, but overall those movies were bad too. But this is like a Scary Movie doing parodies of the Scary Movies. It's beyond anything.

Even a bad movie can be entertaining at some level. "Date Movie" isn't entertaining on any level.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Please.

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