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The Heat (2013/I)
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Funniest movie this year so far!, 1 July 2013

An excellent movie for laughs! Enjoy the humor. Even story is much better than many others. I had doubts that the movie could not be so funny, but I had to go and see Sandra Bullock as a cop, especially after I enjoyed watching her in the "The Proposal." If you are a woman, you will for sure feel great and powerful from this movie. The critics either lack sense of humor or appreciation for sheer fun! I have not seen such a funny movie in recent times. I am definitely going to see it one more time.

If you enjoy only and video game effects then you may not like this one, otherwise if you like fun, and that too more realistic more than simply computer generated video game effects, you would definitely fell in love with this! The Heat is simply one of the best comedy movies I've seen this year. GO SEE IT!!

Overall score: 8.5/10

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100% Disaster !!, 31 August 2008

Why i went to the midnight showing of this movie i don't know but i guess its better then buying a ticket to this movie. Honestly i cant say i have ever seen a movie as bad as this in my entire life. This movie makes gigli look like an OK movie. There isn't one funny moment in the entire movie it is basically all crappy acting mixed with crappy comedy. The only way you could possibly find this funny is if you are high or have an IQ lower then 30. Kim Kardashian and Carmen ELectra's acting is so atrocious i actually kind of felt sick while watching it. I mean you would be way better off watching KIm's sex tape cause at least its more entertaining then this movie. I highly advise everyone to not see this movie ever and try to get these to directors to never make another god awful movie again. Its kind of sad 2 grown men find this funny. PATHETIC

WALL·E (2008)
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Wow !!!, 10 August 2008

Pixar and Disney have done it again! This is an historic piece of film-making and an example of what can happen when a studio like Pixar continually refuses to compromise making the best film possible....every time...and we're talking nine times now in a row!!! This movie works as kid's movie, a science fiction film, a romantic comedy, and for much of it...a silent film. It had a great message but was not preachy. It had stunning visuals throughout. My expectations were so high for this film...and yet they were far exceeded by the geniuses at Pixar...I don't know how they do it. This movie makes up for the disappointment I felt after seeing the latest Indiana Jones installment. Spielberg and Lucas, I have a "directive" for you. Take your kids to see WALL-E immediately, and definitely take notepad!!!

Overall Score: 9.2/10

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Simply, A Well Made Action/Comedy !!, 10 August 2008

Well, If I never get my Freaks And Geeks reunion, this satisfied me pretty well. I imagined this is what would have happened had Daniel Desario and Ken Miller never been classmates, and met later in life. These two have always had a good chemistry, and James Franco again played the perfect stoner, even if it was just implied in F&G.

If Bill Haverchuck would have showed up like he did in Knocked Up and Superbad, I would have been in Heaven.

Please Judd Apatow, bring the whole gang back together! Oh, and the movie was awesome;) Apatow created a whole new genre- the Bromance Action Comedy. I hope there's a sequel, and Red can be a running gag.

Overall: 8.45/10

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Absolutely Awesome !, 2 August 2008

This is the greatest true story I've ever seen. I love the emotion in this movie. I really think that the delivery of the performances are what makes it great along with the direction. It's beautiful. I recommend it to any and everyone. The struggle that Ruben Carter endured just puts light on the way things used to be, and makes really grateful that things have improved. Denzel's great!

I completely felt in love with this movie, in which you can find extreme endurance, strong courage, ultimate love and a very realistic character starred by Washington. The character not only shows how powerful spirit a human being can be to survive in harsh situations, how persistent should a man in desperate circumstances, but also bring strong feeling to watchers, who wanna do something better, something higher than what he is currently doing.

The Hurricane is simply one of my best top10 movies of all time.

for Entertainment: 10/10

Overall Score: 10/10

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Outstanding !, 2 August 2008

First of all, a fair warning to EVERYONE... this movie is NOT for all audiences. The "R" rating was very well earned in this one; you'll be thinking about how seriously twisted the movie dares to go LONG after you leave.

If you are mature enough to get past the fact that this movie introduces themes that most movies nowadays are too hesitant to venture into, this movie is a beautiful and moving piece of art.

I, like maybe most everyone that went to see it, went off of the trailer that it was just another "going back in time to change the future" movie, which has been done before.

This one is COMPLETELY different.

The Butterfly Effect starts actually in the early stages of each character's life, which I think is effective. You don't really see Ashton Kutcher or Amy Smart until about 30 minutes into the movie, and just when you think the movie won't get any more sick and twisted... you figure out what's ACTUALLY going on during Evan's childhood blackouts.

Every character is built from the ground up, and they maintain true to the plot, even if their roles get switched up a bit.

Some might say that special effects weren't really needed for this movie, but its the special effects that make this all believable.

Every actor in this movie pulls off their parts just right (I feel sorry for the kid that plays Tommy.. I won't throw a spoiler - see it!), and they all come together to make a masterpiece. I was surprised this movie got so many bad reviews.

If you throw the fact that time-travel isn't possible, and that there will always be obvious plot holes in a movie such as this one, and are ready for an emotional roller coaster (you'll either cry or grimace about twice the amount of times you crack a smile), go see this beautiful movie.

Entertainment: 9.0/10

Overall score: 9.5/10

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One of best Romantic comedy films of all time !, 2 August 2008

how to lose a guy is an original story, which is well-acted, very smart and very very funny. i found myself laughing out loud many many times. I think its one of the best romantic comedies of all time. I would encourage buying the movie: great for parties or anytime you want to good laugh. I quite enjoyed this movie actually. I didn't intend to see it but i'm not sorry i did. I like romantic comedies but the past couple of years they've been pretty disappointing & plain stupid + i'm not big on Matthew McConaughey. The main reason why i liked the movie is definitely Kate Hudson! She's so adorable & hilariously funny in the movie. Definitely the star. Matthew did a good job i guess, but i still don't particularly like him a lot. The story is original, the jokes are really funny & there's real chemistry between the main characters! Unfortunately it's just a chick-flick that will be forgotten pretty soon. But at least it's a romantic comedy with a real heart!

Entertainment Score: 9.9/10

Overall: 9.85/10

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What the hell was that !, 1 August 2008

I really enjoyed Rachel in the previous 2 Mummy movies, and dearly missed her in this one. I know these are not rocket science flicks but replacing her with someone else was just silly and did not fool anyone! Should have shown your audience more respect than that.

The story was too forced. Its as if they had no idea what they wanted to do and improvised the story as the filming went (however, they were bad at it).

I am a huge Mummy and Brendan Fraser fan. Yet, this sequel is a totally disaster. It is just horrifying to watch. The story plot and cast are just awful. I cannot understand what's in their minds when they produced this film. In my opinion, it is not worthy to attend this film at all.

Title says it all. Don't waste your time or money, if you have to, just wait and rent it. I liked the first one, the second one was okay, but this one is just absolutely horrible.

P.S. Jet Lee was great even though he didn't say much.

Overall score: 1.3/10

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Funny as expected, 26 July 2008

I have to admit that Will Ferrell is one of the best comedian actors in our time, he is not as Great as Steve Carell and Jim Carrey, but he is one damn hell funny guy, I just couldn't resist today while watching "Step Brothers".

This movie was extremely funny. There were instances of both physical and verbal comedy that were absolutely hilarious. That being said, there was almost no plot, and even the little there was, was incredibly stupid. If you don't like outlandish and juvenile stories, or if you need something to be believable to be funny, don't see this movie. However, if you want to enjoy some cheap laughs, this movie will deliver for you (I laughed so hard as some parts it hurt). So basically, good movie, not really, but it was funny.

Overall score: 7.75/10

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As a loyal X-Files fan for 9 years, it was really Great !, 25 July 2008

The story left so much more to be desired. It felt like a TV-plot and the movie was stylized as such. We're given a very sub-standard crime that is something you'd expect from a "Lifetime" murder mystery. There's a little science fiction twist here and there but nothing to write home about.

Also, I kept feeling like the characters hadn't progressed much from their t.v. and first movie persona's. Our FBI duo is still wrestling with the same problems, and never develop much past them. However, who can resist the on-screen chemistry of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Seeing them going at it again was enough to justify my money. But then again, I am a huge fan of the X-Files t.v-series so I'm a little bias.

The movie weather or not you're and X-Files fan or not is a great movie. It had me and the edge of my seat the entire time! Plus I liked all the moments between Mulder and Scully. and of course in true X-Files fashion there was plenty of angst between them as Mulder dives head first into this case. Plus his smart as humor was a welcoming site after so long! it was great. As a loyal X-Files fan for 9 years, it was Great!

I think, in the end, that is where this movie will leave you. Expecting so much more from such a big title will make you not like this movie a lot. However, they did a relatively decent job given the enormity and success the X-Files has enjoyed. Very good for sci-fi geeks and fan boys, but not so good if you are expecting so much more than this.

7.5/10 for Entertainment

Overall: 7.5/10

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