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I do not like horror movies, but if I have to choose these would be my favorites.
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Most of these movies are not set on the battlefield, some do not even take place during World War II, but in all these movies the war is one of the main themes or is paramount to the story.
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My favorite movies about real Kings, Queens and other members of Royal Families. I have excluded any fictional Royals (King Arthur is still under debate so he is given the benefit of the doubt.) from this list.

Although most of these characters are based in history, these movies, off course, are not necessarily historically accurate. Hollywood is well known for changing stories to make 'better' movies and the movies on this list are definitely not exceptions.
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Movies I plan to watch in the near future and not so near future.

Feel free to give recommendations!
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Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock.
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What better than a little song and dance to cheer you up?

I excluded animated movies, because otherwise this would be a list with only Disney movies.
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of course with a healthy dose of studio Ghibli movies.
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These movies were directed by Mr. Spielberg, I did not include movies which were only produced by Mr. Spielberg. Off course, he did produce some of the movies he directed, these movies are included.

Steven Spielberg is probably one of the most recognizable names in the movie industry today and I enjoy most of the movies he writes/directs/produces.
Mr. Spielberg has a knack for making me whoop from joy, making me cry because it feels like someone ripped out my heart (I check to make sure there is no Indian priest in the room) and making me absolutely terrified of the sea, furry creatures, and large reptiles which have been extinct for millions of years, but he has never made me scared of aliens.

The movies are listed in order of my preference.
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I listen to these scores on a regular basis
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Edward Norton is by far one of my favorite actors and I'm always happy to see any of his work. He can play any role convincingly, be it a drama, a love story or a comedy. Here are my favorite five movies in order.