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Awful!, 15 January 2015

This show just stinks.

I can't say much beyond that but I have to get to ten lines apparently? OK then.

The set stinks, it is just a curtain and looks like it is in somebody's gram-ma's basement.

The audience looks bored and I don't blame them I bet they were all paid to sit there.

The guests are boring and the host asks them really stupid questions and they are always just awkward with each other, case in point he made Theo Fleury sing with him.

The writing is the worst, they clearly have a joke book from 1915 and he tells awful jokes.

The band is OK that is the only thin okay about this show but the host sings with that band so I take it back, any band he sings with can't be OK they must stink.

This show is the worst, what a pathetic effort I hope CHCH gets it off the airwaves soon enough.

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Flush this Schitt, 15 January 2015

This show is so awful I can't figure out why it was ever put on television in the first place. Every aspect of this show is unbelievably horrible. It seems like there is not one single thing they did right.

The writing is terrible, it's as if it was written by a pothead in half an hour in exchange for a bag full of Twinkies. The jokes are terrible and the stories and characters don't even make sense. There are also plot holes galore, such big holes in logic you could drive a nonsense truck through them. Whoever writes this show should be banned from television.

The acting is terrible. I hate to say it because I love the older actors in this who I recognize as being legends and have loved before, but this show is awful. I mostly blame the writing for not giving them anything to work with and even though they don't come off as bad actors in this not even they can save it.

On the other hand the young actors and especially the son who obviously is Levy's real life son are terrible. Any time the son opens his mouth or does another pained facial expression I wanted to throw my remote at the television. He is so over the top and annoying I can't stand it.

The idea is stupid to put it basically. So the guy's accountant screws him and the government takes everything away but they let them keep an entire town for some reason? They own a town? And they lose everything else but are allowed to keep it when obviously it would have a lot of cash value. Then they move there and three quarters of the family starts shrieking.

None of the show is realistic and none of the characters act even remotely like a real person would act.

It's a shame this show is so bad but it is.

"Spun Out" (2014)
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Unimpressed, 8 March 2014

This show is not very funny and that is really all that you need to know about it.

The acting is not very good either and other than Dave Foley from News Radio and The Kids In The Hall there are no recognizable big name actors in this.

The production is of good quality for a Canadian show but it just looks and feels like they are doing a production style that is from the United States in the 1980's.

The directing, writing, producing is also bad with very nonsensical characters and plots and very bad slash predictable jokes. It could party be that the actors are not good at performing the plots and jokes but what they have to work with is also part of the problem for sure in making this show bad.

Do yourself a solid and avoid.

Rango (2011)
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Really Good, 9 March 2011

I did not even want to go see this movie my friend Kristina practically dragged me kicking and screaming into the theatre to watch it (she is the biggest Johnny Depp crush (errrrr I mean, fan??) ever and at least this meant I did not any longer "owe her one after I dragged her into seeing" well I won't say what I don't want to bash them or show myself to be so stupid, let's just say a comic book based movie with Megan Fox and a western genre that was incredibly useless. But I was shocked by this movie, very very good and I hated the commercials and trailers but this movie is so much better than it looked in those ads. It is hard to describe and I don't want to give much away but it's a comedy and existentialist drama and it's for adults and children. Go see it.

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The Best Thin Black Comedian in a Fat Old Black Woman Suit movie ever!, 24 February 2011

Big Momma's House Three - Like Father Like Son is the Best Thin Black Comedian in a Fat Old Black Woman Suit movie ever! That says a lot that out of the thousands and thousands of Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and who knows who else thin black male comedian movies where they put on a fat old person suit to get (or really just try to get without succeeding) cheap laughs, this one is the very very best. But it also says even more that this movie is still a one out of ten on the IMDb rating scale, because even though it's better than those movies it is still one of the worst movies I have ever had the bad luck to see in my entire life.

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Little Mosque has Little Going For It, 17 February 2011

The acting is among the worst I have ever seen on any show and even for bad Canadian TV shows Little Mosque stands out as pathetic in every way you can think of. The writing is amateur style at best with predictable jokes you would expect to see at a bad dinner theatre show. I am not surprised at all to hate this show since this is about the only comedy CBC can do, nothing remotely offensive and nothing remotely good, just baby pablum filtered through a hundred censors to make sure nothing at all entertaining actually hits the TV screen, I hate this show but even more than that I hate how Canada's TV system keeps churning out boring useless shows like this one year after year, make something good already please CBC!

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Adam Sandler has lost it., 17 February 2011

I used to be pretty much the #1 first person to line up to go see the new Adam Sandler movies, it started great with hilarious and off the wall comedies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler was my favourite on Saturday Night Live and I loved his funny movies too, but they got less funny over time and his dramatic roles were good (Punch Drunk Love, Spanglish, the one where he plays the dying comedian with Seth Rogen...) but I am just getting tired of his shtick, the latest movies like the buddy film with King of Queens guy and David Spade etc are just awful and these romantic comedies should not be his thing, they are just pathetic to watch. Adam please go back to doing the good movies you do best!

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Funny, 19 November 2008

This is a good funny comedy movie. The actresses are both very good in their roles.

It is just a simple comedy adventure type movie, the jokes are pretty funny. I haven't found it on DVD except for the edited for TV version which is too bad because I just know it won't be as funny with parts edited out.

I'm not sure how the edited for TV version of the movie is different but it is about 10+ minutes shorter so obviously they just cut out some stuff either for length or because of adult situations which I don't remember from the movie but maybe there were some.