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Entertaining, 15 December 2002

I will briefly sum up my thoughts on '28 Days Later'. This is a movie which I suspect might not be a favourite with the Americans. For a start there are no American characters.What? Yes, so it must be rubbish, right? It's not a new idea there was a similar movie starring Charlton Heston 'The Omega Man' from 1971 which concerned a virus. A truly British sci-fi/horror, it is unusual to see places I've been to and recognize on the big screen. London was deserted, fascinating to see. The lead character was Irish and the fact that Manchester was burnt to a crisp, an example of what happens when nobody is around to take action, especially in light of the recent fire fighter strikes sent a shiver down my spine. While the plot may well have been predictable enough, the action and characters sustained more than enough interest to keep me glued. This is certainly worth watching.

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Crazy but fun, 28 January 2002

As a kid in the eighties I used to love reading the SUPERGRAN books. Accompanied by the TV series with the memorable theme tune (Stand back Superman, spiderman etc...) sung by Billy Connolly, this Scottish family fun was extremely entertaining. Simple format, Scunner Campbell was the baddy and his podgy stooge 'tub' who always had a cream bun in his face. They were always stopped by SUPERGRAN and her hapless chums. Questionable acting, pointless script and special effects to make any Doctor Who look like Star Wars, but still entertaining enough to keep this seven year old kid glued to his screen. With her hunching over and her quivering she would extend her index and her little finger on each hand with her thumb holding the others in place, this indicated her 'Super hearing' was working. Well I suppose it beats the Bionic Woman's ear. Classic stuff, worth checking the bargain basket in the video store to find an episode.

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Cartoon Network Version (1990s - present), 10 January 2002

When an animated vegetation was asked if they were a plant, they replied something to the tune of "That depends on which level of reality you mean". This is the sort of classic stuff the Magic Roundabout is famous for. A recent version is being shown on Cartoon Network in the UK. I'm not sure if Jimmy Hibbert is re-voicing the original Eric Thompson episodes or if these are, in fact, new ones. They seem to mix and match Nigel Planer and Jimmy Hibbert versions. All I can say is thank you Cartoon Network because when I come home from the pub on a Saturday night they show back-to-back episodes for hours and being completely sloshed is the best time to view the show.