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Spider (2007)
11 October 2007
This is an exceptional piece of film. Brilliantly crafted by Nash Edgerton, I think there is little doubt he is about to make a huge impact on the Australian film industry. This 9 minutes is high impact film making with stunning visuals, slick editing, moody cinematography, amazing production value and kick ass directing. Beyond his obvious skills behind the camera and in the editing suite, Nash plays the lead character with great skill and timing. A measured performance before the mayhem sets in. What else can one say when superlatives do not do this offering justice. I eagerly look forward to Nash's debut feature film currently in production.
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Very funny
16 August 2007
I love this short film. Made by some young and talented Queensland film makers who are the future of the Australian industry. These guys are award winners and deservedly so. Their style is inventive with a keen eye for frame structure and timing. In its very short running time, 'Freddie's Story' takes you on a journey then in a moment of absolute hilarity, turns on its heels and throws in one of the biggest curve balls you can imagine. Priceless. Having said that, beyond the pure entertainment value, there is also some very slick cinematography, editing and writing. This is an all round production of the highest order and it is so gratifying to see such talent on show. I eagerly aware their feature debut which I'm sure will again showcase their remarkable talents.
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