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Urban Cowboy was realistic..., 22 January 2005

While Urban Cowboy did not ooze with the same testosterone you might find at a rodeo, it did provide an accurate glimpse of that day and age, in urban Texas. I also think that to truly critique this movie, one would have to have lived in the time and relative place that it was made. There was good music, fun times and, yes, a few "rough and tumbles" at the honky tonk roadhouses. The relationship of Bud and Sissy, like "two ships passing in the night", was well conceived. When Pam tore up the note that Sissy had written to Bud, it echoed the tragedy of many true life romances. The entire story was well thought out. I thought the cast and crew did an excellent job. I thought the screen play was well written and directed. Scott Glenn should have received an Oscar for best supporting actor.

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Entertaining effort, non-sports fans be cautious., 29 July 2004

Two die-hard Boston Celtic fans go out of their way to mess up the star player before game 7 of the Finals, and then accidently kidnap him. Not deep, but it doesn't have to be.

A movie that a good sports fan would find as humorous, but a movie fan would only find forgetable. Akroyd, Stern, and Wayans all turn in entertaining performances, but the true star of the movie is....

Christopher McDonald. He made me laugh my head off with the "Uhhhhhhh I hate my life" line. Akroyd doing the "Shakacon" thing was hillarious, as was his dream.

Overall, it was enjoyable, but proceed with caution.


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A great movie, best so far in 2003., 6 December 2003

In a year where movies are constantly getting weaker, it is very relieving to see a new movie that is actually very good.

Tom Cruise plays as a soldier who fights the indians most of the time. He has a haunting past that gives him nightmares all of the time, and hates the man who he takes orders from. He delivers a solid performance, especially at the very end.

All of the supporting actors do a very good job. The cinematography is wonderful, and the direction is crisp. The battles were well edited, not too choppy or too close up. Even Cruise's fight in the middle is very well put together. ****+/5(four and a half out of five).

Elf (2003)
Good old fashion holiday fun, 28 November 2003

This is just a plain old fun movie. Will Ferrel is excellent as a human in the human world for the first time. Just plain old entertainment and well, happiness from the word go.

There are numerous funny spots in the movie. The cotton balls, the bathroom, and snowball fight are my favorites. I never stopped laughing and if you like good spirited movies you should see this. I just hope Will can keep this type of comedy up into the future. Thanks for leaving SNL will, good career move!

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Surprisingly good movie., 28 November 2003

I am an Eddie Murphy fan. I can't say how long I have enjoyed the movies he has made. When I saw the previews for this movie, I thought it would be a major let down. However, it was great.

Eddie Murphy delivers a solid performance as a real estate agent who always goes for a house sale before his family. When he decides to go on a weekend vacation, his family gets a call to go to a mansion for the weekend.

A great cast combined with typical Eddie Murphy humor makes this movie really good, but what makes it better is the more serious tone of the movie, it isn't trying to make you laugh every second, but make you remained interested as well. 8/10.

"It" (1990)
Perhaps the best of King Movies, 28 October 2002

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Now I have seen plenty of movies based on King's book, but this one may be the best of all. I've narrowed it down to this and The Shining. I feel sorry for the little kids who saw this movie, one being myself, but it sill doesn't fail to give me an awkward feeling towards clowns.

The first half was by far the better half, giving me chills as we are introduced to Georgie, "floating" now with Pennywise. Tim Curry nailed the role perfectly. My favorite part is when poor Eddie is in the shower and we see the real teeth of the clown.. The wolf part wasn't that great, but nothing scared me out more than the picture when the clown reaches out to grab all of them after the big rock war. All 10 stars on this one.

Defines Cheesy Humor, 28 October 2002

This movie could have been at least all right, but it was just ruined by it's horrible jokes. It also doesn't say much for southerners at all. If I lived in Alabama and saw the movie, I'd personally be just a little offended by some of the humor they threw in there. 3 out of 10.

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One of his Worst, 18 October 2002

I'm sorry for Jean, after having such a good original movie to be followed up by perhaps his worst movie in is career. This movie was shot down terribly by horrible acting jobs by Goldbeg(Romeo) and whatever that computers name was. Also, some scenes may have been just a little unnesicary. Truly, bad movie.