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Best mini series I've ever seen., 15 July 2009

I saw the trailer for this TV-mini on some obscure satellite channel and thought, hey that's a cool looking movie. I'm a huge sci-fi fan so naturally I had to see this. To my surprise it wasn't a feature film but a TV-mini series. That sort of put my high hopes into lower gear since quite a few sci-fi mini's has been either low budget looking or plain simply bad.

Well, I started to watch and I was slowly but surely sucked in and saw the entire set from start to finish. Yep 4½ hours non-stop watching. I just couldn't stop.

The story is so cleverly written that I was (and am) simply amazed. I have seen it four times now and every time I see something new or find new answers that I didn't see before. To come up with this kind of story and use it so well must come from some tremendously inventive minds. Everyday items with some special power that came to be because....well you just have to see for yourself.

The cast performance is top notch. I especially like the performance of Kevin Pollack as Karl Kreuzfeld, Dennis Christopher as Ruber and the absolutely superb, paranoid but believable performance of Ewen Bremmer as Harold Stritzke. Character development is good and even the shorter guest episode appearances like Ewen Bremmers are handled very well.

The effects and production design fits the story very well and are nicely executed. Add to this a well written score and you have a winner. I'm really, really glad they made this into a mini series and not a feature film because the running time is needed. It doesn't feel like it's dragging or boring anywhere but rather every minute is used wisely. It starts slowly and builds and adds to itself in an even pace.

Had they made this into a feature film I'm afraid it would probably have been destroyed by too much effects or too much action. Or even worse, the story been dumbed down to please audiences.

If you like clever sci-fi drama with nice twists and turns and a creative original story you absolutely have to see this. It beats soo many big budget movies at so many levels.

Really great stuff!

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Soo depressing and sad but oh so well done., 14 April 2009

I have never seen the original BSG so I can't make any comparison, however I think the original must be much lighter than this installment.

This is a very emotional driven series. It's so sad, heart-aching, depressing, hopeless. You better be in a good mood when you start to watch it because it contains so much torment that if in the wrong mood you would probably shoot yourself. OK, I'm exaggerating a little bit here but IT IS a very ominous and sad affair with very few happy moments. This is why I give it only 9 out of 10 stars. It's just too dark and also I'm not a big fan of shaky camera action which this series contains a lot.

Now it sounds like I'm hammering the series totally but it really is a great show nevertheless. The production value is extremely high, the acting is top notch, the effects are superb(it easily beats many feature movies) and the plot altogether quite complicated. Not to mention extremely well written.

It's quite different from many other sci-fi series. If you expect something like Star Trek or the likes you better think again. This is probably as realistic as a sci-fi setting can be. Also a positive thing is that each episode is building on the previous so you really should watch it continuous. Yes there's a short recap in the beginning of the last episode in very new episode but you'll miss out on many good moments if you rely on them. Hence this series don't have the famous reset-button effect where every new episode acts like the episode before never happened. This is like a long continuous story, sort of chapters in a book.

Give it a try. It'll suck you in and you probably can't stop watching until the last episode. It's THAT good.

The overall best series i've ever seen. Hands down!

Voices (1979)
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A love story striking gold!!, 30 November 2007

So here i am writing a review on yet another film in a category i rarely watch, drama. Not only that, it's a love drama and i must say that i hardly think it can get any better than this. Since i'm a sucker for the grittiness of the 70's(aah, sweet childhood memories), the time which this plays out, just makes it even better.

Amy Irving is just terrific as the deaf teacher. This is by far the best role i've seen her in. I really liked her in "Carrie" and "Alias" but her performance here is pure gold. Michael Ontkean is also great as the struggling musician, earning his living at the family laundry to pursue his career. There is a clear contrast between him, being street smart, living in the rougher part of town sharing his apartment with his family and her, cared for, living in a nice apartment in the finer parts. Love don't care about the circumstances, it just happens.

We get to follow these two personalities from the first time their paths cross and to the finale(i won't tell you how it ends). Spliced in between are his family issues and his problems to making it work out with her. We get to see her struggle with an over protective mother and feeling the hardship of making a relationship work with a non handicapped boyfriend.

The story is really sweet and innocent. If you don't get touched by this movie some way it would really surprise me. Add to this some of the most memorable and beautiful songs found in a movie, hands down. 'On A Stage', 'The Children's Song', 'Rosemarie's Theme' and 'I Will Always Wait For You' are songs that will stick with me forever. Too bad the soundtrack is not yet available on CD.

If you like a really good love story you should absolutely check this one out. Seeing the few reviews here, it must be one of the most overlooked movies out there.

Now why isn't this gem transferred to DVD?

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So so, 29 November 2007

OK, just finished this third RE and unfortunately(like the second one) it doesn't come close to the heights of the first. It totally lacks the suspense, eeriness and claustrophobia that made the first one stand out. Yes sure, we get a few jump scenes but that doesn't redeem this movie. What we get is a kind of blend between "Dawn of the dead(the remake)", Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and a little "Mad Max" thrown in for good measure.

If we for one moment forget that the first RE exists this stands on it's own as an OK action movie. Not great, not bad but OK. The production value, effects and the little acting there is are good so thankfully it doesn't come across as a b-movie.

For me Milla is the main reason it survives from being really bad. She goes about her business as before with new powers á la invisible girl from Fantastic Four. Apparently she had that in the second installment too but it was a while since i saw that one so i don't remember exactly what she did with her powers in that one. The rest of the characters actually don't make any impact more than support as a vehicle to support a second storyline filling out film time. We get a few extra explosions, neck bitings and shootouts thanks to them.

To the film moguls : Please stop with more RE sequels, i think you have made enough damage as it is to this franchise.

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Surprise surprise, 29 November 2007

Well, the drama category is not really my cup of tea but i got stuck when this came on the other night and am now glad that i got stuck.

It's actually not A love story but more like love stories. We have the lesbian couple, the lesbian book store owner who is loved in secret by the transvestite, the main characters brother who meets a bi-sexual girl and more....

It deals with many of the issues people have with sexual multitude, even amongst the lines of people who are not straight. We get to see how these people experience both joy and anger, frustration and satisfaction.

This is a real little gem and everybody should see it. It has a very playful atmosphere and even the sex scenes has that same playfulness to them. It doesn't feel forced or dirty but more like you go with the flow and follow a natural beautiful progress of the relationships. I especially like Karyn Dwyer's effort, natural talent at it's best. It works on many levels and is really clever and well made.

Why not give it a try?

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Solid!!, 29 November 2007

As a big fan of splatter and horror films i was gladly surprised when i watched this. I haven't played the game so i had no idea what to expect and had nothing to compare with. I really feel that this pays homage to the old zombie films at least to an extent. The zombies here are a little bit faster though.

It begins with a nice back story and then builds slowly in pace to a climactic frenzy. The effects are top notch, solid directing, a really imaginative and eerie production design and great acting.

Yes, i may be a little biased but i really like Milla Jovovich. I think this is the kind of role that fits her best, strong kick ass attitude with an odd personality wrapped in a seemingly fragile shell. Her performance here reminds me a bit of the character she played in "The fifth element" and also the character in the later "Ultraviolet" The other actors did a good job as well so she's not the only one to get credit although the movie revolves around her character. The child AI is a very nice and creepy addition to the atmosphere.

The RE theme could have ended up as a nice trilogy but the sequel unfortunately lacks nearly everything(except Milla) that this film delivers. Not that RE2 is a complete mess but nowhere near this. I haven't seen the third installment yet but even if that one holds true in quality to this one number two becomes the odd one out.

If you like zombie and action films you'll certainly like this one.

BloodRayne (2005)
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Bad but not a catastrophe, 27 November 2007

My god, famous people seem to be lining up and Mr Boll gets another 25 Million dollars to have a happy time spending. This movie could have been very good but in the hands of Uwe things go very awry.

I got to admit that i'm a little bit of a sucker for vampire movies and so i found that i probably liked this movie more than i should. It's also nice to see Olaf Ittenbach doing some makeup effects. The bloodletting and gore is pretty OK, most of the rest is not. The movie itself moves at a too slow pace and i can swear that i see some glimpse of hopelessness in the eyes of the actors/actresses. I wonder what thoughts went on in Kristanna Loken's head during the making of this film. Oh well, she looks nice as always and does a fairly good job hacking away at her enemies.

This is the best movie Mr Boll has directed so far and i actually thought he was learning, very slow mind you. Apparently i was very wrong because he made a sequel to this which put him right back in crap-movie-land again.

My tip as before, when you don't know what to watch, why not pop a Mr Boll film into the DVD player. You may laugh hysterically or you may cry, you may even do both. At the very least you WILL have a reaction.

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Oh well....., 27 November 2007

I just had to see if Mr Boll could redeem himself from his previous disaster(House of the dead). Apparently he has, could be that he had more money to spend on assistants to help him straighten things out due to the higher budget. We will never know. What we probably will never know either is how he managed to get another 20 Million to make this movie when his previous outing were nothing short of a disaster. Yet another thing we also will never know is how he got these famous actors(C Slater, T Reid and S Dorff) involved in this one. My guess is easy money. Most of the budget probably went to bribe them into this thing.

Clearly Mr Boll has near to non existent talent for film-making but probably has tons of fun at his moviola when doing his "directing". The only thing that probably hold his films together are the army of people working in all departments trying their absolutely best to make the best out of the situation they're in. This movie delivers nothing new story wise and it fails to deliver in pretty much all aspects. It's a no-brainer sci-fi action, no more no less. My memory of the game Alone in the dark was that it was set in a haunted house but maybe this is based on some other game. Sure it's an improvement from "House of the dead" but not in a long shot a good movie. When you have seen everything on this planet you could pick this up, maybe.

How do you do it Mr Boll???? How?

Zombie Town (2007) (V)
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Well worth a watch....., 27 November 2007

I just saw this one last night and prepared me for the worst before crankin' on the 'ol DVD-player. Actually this is not bad, not bad at all in fact. Yes it surely belong in the low budget layer but despite a few shortcomings in different areas it comes out on top.

So let's see...the quality of the image is clearly camcorder like(but could be far worse), a little stiff acting here and there, a few plot holes and various other small things work against it but fortunately doesn't manage to drag it down to the bottom. It appears that the actors and production crew has really tried to do their best despite lack of experience in certain areas. It feels very sincere, me thinks.

This movie is clearly inspired by a few other "classics" like "Night of the creeps"(The leeches), George Romero's Zombie movies(namely Tom Savini's elastic flesh ripping) but i would really say that overall this movie reminds me more of the style of "28 Days later" than some of the old Zombie classics.

All in all we get a nice package with lots of pretty well executed gore, some nudity, a love story, some stupid and/or illogical decisions by our heroes and a few funny moments; both intentional and unintentional(How about the sheriffs toilet visit, great!).

So if you're going to watch this little movie don't expect award winning material here, just take it for what it is and you'll have a good time.

I can tell you this, these guys and gals has made a far superior movie than our notorious friend Uwe boll did when doing "House of the dead" and this team made it with far less a budget than Mr Boll. Clearly you have to have talent to make a movie not just money.

I tip my hat for the team behind "Zombie town" for making a good solid "Zombie" film which should please most other fans of this genre. I hope to see more from them.

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Oh man....this is bad..., 19 April 2006

I'm a big fan of splatter/horror films. Preferably from the 70's and early 80's. Films today just can't match the raw and gritty feeling of these early movies. I mean, not that they are award materials but anyone who is a fan of this genre knows what i'm talking about(i think). So, I have watched many a bad film and when i saw this film i was simply amazed. Mr Boll(BTW his last name directly translated in Swedish mean "ball", you know the round things that are used in almost every sport.) apparently had a fairly large budget and a somewhat skilled effects team(totally misused though). How in the h*ll did he manage to make such a crap movie? I simply don't know. What i do know is that he greatly surpasses ANY really bad splatter/horror movie from the past on the crap-o-meter. The acting is simply horrendous(where's the cue card anyone?), the effects are OK but as i said earlier totally misused and the only reason this movie didn't get one star from me. The script must have been assembled during some wild sex, drugs and play station evening. Please round up every copy of this movie and recycle them to make a re-release of "Plan nine from outer space".

Stay WELL clear of this junk!

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