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From Hell (2001)
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1888 was changed by one man. One man that crime experts and many historians spend their life on. Why does the story of Jack the ripper seem so interesting to most of us? The reason is simple. This man did what no one had ever seen before. He would go out even when London police were at their highest alert and still mutilate these woman. Now 115years later 3 to 4 movies have been made. From Hell takes the theory that the 5 woman knew to much about a scandle in the kingdom and some people sent a man to kill them off. This is a OK theory but it was just put in so the movie wouldn't be a slasher. For a hollywood film it was very good but i would like to know if the real Freddie Abberline was really a drug addict. I also didn't like the outcome of who was Jack the ripper, I mean through the whole movie he sounds evil and has a very deep voice but in the end we find out its a very short and very nice sounding doctor. It did bring to life the story but it very incorrect but like i said "Hollywood story". Oh well it still is worth seeing if you are interested in the subject. If you aren't then i tell you that it is very graphic.

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Great film!, 10 December 2002

One of the best movies ever made Pulp Fiction is by far a 10.The movies is so messed up i am not going to say the story because there is one thing that is wrong..... it doesn't have one! Samule L. Jackson brings the best [and funniest performance of his career.One thing about the movie that i found disturbing and wrong was the rape scene. People are thinking right now that that is not bad.....well it is if it is two guys! even thou that was gross it was needed. Any way see this movie......NOW! 10 out of 10

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6.5?, 16 November 2002

I can't believe that this movie got 6.5[it could be lower]out of ten! this movie is far better than that.IT has great acting from all the actors in it {mostly from Gary Oldman}.I just don't get how people can

give movies like Clockwork orange and Joyride high ratings.This deserves to be at 9 or ten at least! 10 out of ten.

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Big Fat Liar, 11 November 2002

Big Fat Liar is one of those movies you see because it has a fun story. That was the main reason i wanted to see it.It was worth seeing.It was what it was made to be fun.It was also made to be funny.I did laugh but not as much as i had hoped.I would recommened this movie to people because it is a lot of fun to watch. The acting in it is very good.The only really bad actor in the movie was Amanda Bynes. I also found the hole thing with Mr.Funnybone kind of dumb.But other then that this is a very lightweight movie.I really found the scenes with Erkel very funny, even if younger kids won't really get it because he looks nothing like Erkel anymore.In closing i would give this movie a 7 out of ten. I recommened it to anyone trying to find a fun movie.

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The Salton Sea, 11 November 2002

I knew what i was getting into when i rented the Salton sea.From the previews it seemed weird as hell,and it was.But thats not to say it wasn't good.In fact is was very good.Val Kilmer gives his best performance ever as Tom.I thought his best performence ever was in Tombstone.That was a excellent preformence but this was a lot harder.I like movies that are horrible at first and then get very good later on. I like these movies better than the ones that are good and then towards the end get bad.The Salton Sea starts out bad.Within the first 45 min you are thinking to yourself 'why am i wasting my time with this crap'. Well thats what i was thinking.But at the starting of the movie Tom does say hear my story before you judge me.So i did and i was amazed.after the first 40 min you start to fell for Tom.Then as the ending starts to come you're cheering him on.But you can't say anything all you can do is watch. Then as the movie finishes.....oh i won't say more. If i did

i would ruin the experience that is The Salton sea.So listen to Tom. Don't judge him before hearing his story:oh and don't close your eyes.Nothing is what it seems. Enjoy. 8/10

Eraser (1996)
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Great, 11 November 2002

This is probably my favourite Schwarzenegger movie.I mean i liked Terminator but really this is a better movie. I like the story and the acting is great. It also has a lot of comedy. This is tied for 1 on my favourite Schwarzenegger movies list,the other one being Red Heat.I know most people like the terminator movies and i do to.These movies are better because they make more sense.In all i would give this movie 10 out of ten because it is so exciting and has good action. Go see it.You won't be dissappointed.

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Three kings. five stars, 9 November 2002

When i first heard about this movie it didn't interest me. It just seemed like another war movie. Boy was i wrong.When it came on video i decided i would watch it because i don't mind some war movies. When i saw it i was amazed.Now everytime i see it i'm amazed.Oh i have seen it about 10 times now!Its just that good.It gets better to me every time i see it.Sure it is extremely violent but it has to be.The acting is great and so is the story.Most war movies are very serious [they should me]and thats part of the reason there not my favourite kind of movie. But this at times can be so funny and then go right back to being serious.The hole message of this movie is why i like it so much.I'm not going to tell you the message,it would be better you see it on the movie yourself.The one thing i found wrong with this movie would be the ass map.Even though this is pretty funny it is also gross. all i have to say is see this movie.It is by far one of my favourites.5 stars out of 5.

Fire burns out after first time., 13 August 2002

This was an ok film.When I mean ok I mean good the first time,but after that it wouldn't be worth it.It has good action.The acting isn't bad I guess.If I had written this right after the time I had seen it, I would have recommended for people to see it on video.If you want a really good action movie to see on the big screen go see XXX.It is a hell of

a lot better.Reign of Fire=6 out of ten. 2 and a half out of five.

One word-THE BEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME!wait a sec thats 7..D'OH!, 13 August 2002

The best thing about the simpsons is that there will never be anything like it ever again.A lot of stuff will copy it [and trust me some stuff has!]but none will compare to the wit and feeling of this show.The best thing about this show is the talent that surounds it.Voice actors like Dan Castellaneta,Hank Azaria,Harry Shearer,the best of them all Nancy Cartwright.Not to say they are the only talented voice actors because there not.The list is to long to write all of the other talented actors. well thats it.10 out of 10. P.S Remember to keep watching the skis.. i mean skies......

xXx (2002)
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xxxxxxxxxcelent!, 13 August 2002

This one not to miss.You should not wait till it comes out on video but see it as soon as you can.It is one of my favorite action movies. The action is the best.The acting is the best.It is in all out good

movie.I am not even going to bother with any of the title jokes.Oh by

the it isn't a porno!Sorry had to!9/10

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