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Wild Seven (2006)
The new age wild wild west!
23 April 2007
First off, let me say that I really enjoyed this movie! I had the chance to see Wild Seven at the Phoenix Film Festival last week. I was turned onto this movie while attending the film festival because there was a buzz going around about this movie. I also saw Robert Forester before hand and found out he was in the movie, so I knew I had to stick around to check this film out! Well this movie turned out to be a really fun and fresh. It was something out of the ordinary! I was taken by the visuals and the cool camera angles. I felt like I was in a Tarrintino movie and that is a good thing! I think this younger director is a raw talent that is ready to break out in the movie world. I look forward to seeing what he does next and his progression in the film industry. Two thumbs up and I recommend this movie to everyone!
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