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The Women (2008/I)
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The Worst, 15 September 2008

I saw it tonight and fell asleep in the movie.

That is something that I have not done since - I have never fallen asleep at the movies.

I LOVE the original and have seen it several times and recommend it to everyone. This may have been the problem but I do not think so, because there were a couple of bright spots that showed if done right they could have made this movie work.

Bette was under used and Anne was over used and miscast.

I do not know why English or anyone for that matter let this go out in that condition.

They billed this as a Sex in the City but better? Not a chance I liked Sex in the City a lot and was disappointed by this movie.

So do not waste your money on this movie - go see anything but this!

"Carrier" (2008)
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Great television for everyone, 30 April 2008

The honesty that the crew gives is what makes this documentary great TV.

This show has something for everyone! It gives you a great look inside life of Navy Aircraft Carrier. They hold no punches.

If the military thought they were going to get a recruiting tool BOY were they wrong.

After seeing just the 6 first "hours" I can understand why it took 3 years to edit.

The directors and editors deserve a big hand of getting this men and women's stories out there for everyone to see and understand.

As an ex-military brat and having an uncle in the Navy I have heard a lot of similar stories before but they all still sound fresh today.

The best part about the documentary is that they allow servicemen and women to tell their own story without any voice over!

This is a masterpiece and deserves an Emmy or two.

Seventy (2003)
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It is never too late for your dreams to come true., 7 June 2003

I saw this at the Adam Baran Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and it was great! A must see when it comes to your film festival. A reminder to the gay community (and everyone else) that just because you get older does not mean that your fantasies can't come true. Because they can!

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A must see for anyone working to make a positive change, 7 June 2003

In a world where gay history is hard to come, by here is film that spells out one of the many stories that makes up the beginning of the modern day gay civil rights movement.

Harry Hay was/is an inspiration to anyone willing try and help make the world a better place for everyone.

This is a great piece of documentary work. If your GLBT film festival has not shown it demand that they show it as soon as possible.