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Great story, sets, acting - Ruined by a bad DP and Terrible editor, 3 January 2014

I would have given it a 10 had the movie been shot normally and edited competently. But it wasn't, just when you start to get into it the camera blacks out, garbles, changes to different point in the story from a crappy unfocused angle.

Now don't get me wrong I love pulp fiction, 2001/2010, cloverfield, and can even appreciate blair witch project. And I have been longing for a realistic space exploration film for years and thought this was going to be the best thing ever.

But the DP and the Editor screwed the whole film up. The reason to even shoot and edit this way would be to create some sort of unique feel to suck you in to it. IE cloverfield POV made you feel like you were running along right next to them, Pulp Fiction edited in a way that highlighted the restaurant robbery. There wasn't any logic except that they were more interested in making it look like a film edited out of found footage than they were about make us have a good time.

But who cares about us, they got their money, they are sipping back 100 dollar bottles of champagne giggling themselves to death. Cause at least they aren't as bad as Michael Bay

ParaNorman (2012)
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Not quite for kids and a little bit depressing, 25 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The animation was the best stop motion ever done! EVER EVER EVER!!! The story was pretty good however it was advertised as a kid who talks to ghost and then a zombie apocalypse happens, but started to get disappointed when there were only 7 zombies. And as it turns out the story is really about a town that hung a little girl for witchcraft. And violence against children is king of an issue with me and not quit appropriate for kids. Kinda like pirates of Caribbean 3 when they were hanging young children, i walked.

So when it went from a zombie apocalypse story to a story against bullying and hanging a little girl for Witch craft I started not liking it. Interesting enough all of the Christians that commented here have spoken out against the Jock being gay but made no mention of having issues with hanging kids. I guess we might be still on the cusp of another dark age.

Anyway I would watch it first on your own and then decide how you feel your kids would like it. Unlike everyone else who insists they know whats best for you and want to tell you what you should or shouldn't watch. I ask that you see it yourself and formulate your own opinion.

The Thing (2011/I)
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WOW finally a movie worth watching this year, 30 October 2011

I think my number one complaint is that they don't make sci-fi or sci-fi horrors like this. Everyone is trying to make those retarded twilight movies. So I feel lucky when something like this gets made. My wife needed to see the original one first so we watched it before seeing this one. I was expecting an all CG movie but noticed that it was rarely used and only for scenes that were necessary.

To start with the movie had the same eerie way of catching you off guard. Some of the stuff would happen and took you a moment to catch up to the horror that was playing out on the screen. And I must say they paid every respect possible to the original, you could probably edit the two films together seamlessly. Something George Lucas could never all...period.

I could express what a delight we couldn't stop talking about this movie after we saw it, its worth seeing for sure. If you like the original or any horror/sci-fi you are bound to enjoy this one...or you can go back and watch all of the same old DVD's you already have for the 15th time.

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Two girls in a cup meets a really bad story teller, 11 June 2011

I guess you cant go negative stars! Even if you get past the goriness, the pure disgusting things that probably never been dared to be shot since two girls and a cup (which is actually easier to sit through than this film)- Don't eat and watch, actually don't be sober, eat, and watch. Actually keep a trash can next to you in case you do puke.

Anyway, even if you can sit through the (just for shock value) goriness, and poor acting, it had a very stupid story and completely unbelievable characters. I mean If you love it then you probably can't pass a U.A. Tried being patient but it just kept getting dumber and dumber. And really, the lead biker chick only motive is to go after the person who through her dead friend to the monsters, despite the monsters clearly killed her in the first place (as far as the remaining characters know it of course), after seeing the monsters, the old guy telling her they killed her friend, and the group gets chased by them, she still risks her friends life to find that other guy, even as the monsters kill more of her "sisters"....I mean really? Can't believe I let myself get that far into it before shutting it off.

No wonder all three movies were a one three disc set for 5 dollars at best buy, we left it in the hotel right next to the HOLY BIBLE LOL -Right!!!!

Super 8 (2011)
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Definitely a new classic!!!!!!!!, 11 June 2011

Excellent family film, even better than I hoped! The child actors stole every scene and every moment they were in. Even during scary parts their antics had the audience and myself in stitches! Really reminded me of the Goonies with a sci-fi edge to it. Not to mention that for most kids who were between 12-15 in the 80's the whole thing felt authentic, I think most of us had the same toys and into the same thing as these kids. I was expecting a fun sci-fi film but they gave it a bit of a trip down memory lane, playing with our parents Super 8 camera making goofy movies. I already can't wait till the DVD release, or maybe just go and see it again in theaters.

Rango (2011)
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Why is this movie doing so well?, 6 March 2011

Because there is literally nothing playing right now. After checking all theaters, even second run theaters, it was either this movie or Harry potter which was at a second run theater and we just missed the 5 O'clock showing. I really don't like harry potter but I love the characters and production value, dialog is just really weird. But then, having no alternative, and determine to see "SOMETHING" we saw this one, well the first 40 minutes of it before getting our money back.Keep in mind even rich people get bored in Oregon as there isn't too much to do on a Friday night but eat, drink, and see a movie.....that's it.

Now don't get me wrong, even "I am Bruce" which is a corniest B movie ever was still a lot of fun to watch but the first thought that came to mind about this movie was, "HUH?" My girlfriend and I looked around and the rest of the audience were shifting in there seat and not a single laugh at any of the "funny parts". Which 40 minutes into you'd think there would be at least one but nothing really good about it. Now granted maybe it would pick up in another hour or two but lets admit it, compare this to Pixar's "Up" Which had you Crying and Laughing, then crying, then laughing again all with in a 10 minute span. These guys are no Pixar, and this movie isn't even rentable. I'm not even sure why it is going for an academy award except for its special effects which is a lame way of putting it. Cause it makes it seem like its going there for best picture, best performance, best script or something which they were all bad. The effects were great, but who cares? South park is just a step above as bad as ANIME but its funny, sick and demented but funny anyway. Once again people are not focusing on what really counts in entertainment, "Is it entertaining?"

And like the others it was gross, slightly on the racist side I mean why did everything in the desert have to have a Hispanic accent? Yeah sure its a western but in some of the best westerns you don't have everyone speaking with that accent. I wouldn't be too surprised if the Hispanic community would have had a problem with every grungy nasty animal had to be of Hispanic origin.

So we went home and watched a Pixar movie.

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Mixed on this one, 28 November 2009

The first Twilight was horrible to say the least, and this one was actually better. However I think some of the previews that played before it where actually more entertaining.

That being said, if you where to cut out all the scenes with Ed and Bell together it would be a fantastic movie. It feels like they are so close to a really good movie but they give us no evidence of why the two even like each other except that Bella blinks a lot and gasps between sentences when talking to him. So it is senseless and Bella falls into the category of a retarded person. Im mean who goes through a break up and acts like they are trying to kick Cocaine and heroin out of their system? I mean how long where they together, a year possibly two? I've known relationships that have ended in which the couple's where together for years. It sends out a weird message about obsession that adults can identify but young kids might not. Unfortunately showing a story that says its OK to be obsessed with a guy to the point where you are suicidal is not the something the MPAA worry about kids seeing, just nudity.

But as far as the Jacob character and the rest of the "pack" that was damn good actually. I think, as I said to people before, the idea of creating a story between Where wolfs and vampires was actually a really good idea, in fact the only good idea the author actually had, too bad she submerged in unbelievable bull crap. So you have to kind of ignore the Bella and Edward love angle cause it sure as heck isn't love and sure as heck isn't working.

Of course Jacob has his corny moments. Though I never seen anyone take off their entire shirt to field dress a small head scratch. Then again maybe that works with girls. Well then again I don't know any girls as foolish or gullible as Bella so perhaps not.

In the end I gave it 5 stars cause half the movie was good, the rest of the vampire stuff, especially the vampire Vatican thing was a waist of time. And you can tell too cause even the filmmakers didn't bother spending too much time on it.

If you want to actually laugh out loud, go for it see this movie!

9 (2009/I)
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Absolutely refreshing, 9 September 2009

Man I got to tell ya it is so nice to see something different that has the intensity of a mature movie yet lies within the realm of the animated world. Every scene was beautifully done and you can literally hang every frame up on a wall if you so choose to. The story was great, the suspense was amazing. Who ever complained about it not having a story, tell that to the crowd I saw jumping every so often from the intense confrontations. What I also liked about it was the hidden parts of the story. They give you enough information to enjoy the film but yet you can extract more of the back ground thought that went into what we saw in the completed film. For the first time ever I saw half of the audience stay behind after the credits role to not just see who worked on the movie but to debate back and forth about what they thought of it, what the characters represented, what happen in this or that scene, and of course the animation style and technique and how it moved them. Never seen anyone ever do that after watching a movie.

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Cool flick!, 25 June 2009

I actually enjoyed this movie, sure its meant for kids but they left out the retarded kid humor and actually made it fun! I love Ben Kingsly...period! He's always fun, Paxton was great and just a nice kick back movie.

I also loved how they slipped in a shot of a puppet hand on the controls in recognition of the original series! Good movie for kids, descent plot, and over all fun to watch!

I also enjoy watching projects that Frakes works on as they are usually almost always enjoyable. Actually I cant think of one that wasn't! Great movie!

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Transformers - Revenge, 25 June 2009

Two things about this film, now this is coming from a guy who loves even the corniest of sci-fi's.

Pro's Sam and his family are always the heart beat of the show. Its the only reason I actually went to see the second one. Cause I knew they would be hilarious and the dynamic that they had between them was perfect.

CON's - The robots. I mean they took all the fast moving unsteady shot ideas from the first movie and then over did it again. I mean really bad, then they tried to create gangster robots. (wont tell you more) but really they took professionalism and through it out the window to try to appeal a wider audience. And they also through in some rather crude humor which at first was funny but then kept re-using it and just came off desperate! As far as the plot, well its kind of the same ol same ol, and as for the beginning of the film you get 10 minutes into it and it was still like "what exactly is going on?" the film is 20% acting and 80% something whether it be metal, stone, or rocks exploding in fast or slow motion and of course the camera spinning around.

I saw this film at an IMAX and I gave it 4 stars cause I haven't had a movie made me that motion sick ever, not even the blurry witch project did it. I know Michael could have done better, they just needed to focus on the plot and story, and not show off the Robots.

Kind of like what Spielberg did for Jurrassic park, tone it down and keep it cool! So Id say the first one was better cause it focused on the story and the family was just hilarious, and of course the "O can do anything I want badge" fellow!

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