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Awesome, 20 May 2009

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This movie was worth the three hours it takes to watch it. It has a wonderful story, little bit of history, romance, and enough action to fill every need for any moviegoer.

McQueen I believe gives one of the best performances of his life in this movie alone. Every actor in this movie put in 110% a piece. This is not only a movie but a great experience for the human mind.

It shows the hardship during that period of time in China along with what the service men had to endure with that part of history.

The ending is sad, but the movie could not have survived without it. Only thing I wish, was, there was a sequel.

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Classic, 20 May 2009

This is a classic franchise, with one of the rare abilities to have sequels that are just as good or better than the original film.

This film in itself, is a masterpiece of sci-fi film. I could see this movie for the hundredth time and it would still have the same zeal as the first time i saw it.

Schwarzeneggerr I think, only had a handful of lines, but he did what he does best, act as the terminator. This movie has caused a chain reaction, a spawn of all these other wonderful series to with this type of movie.

Once you have seen this one, you'll have to see the rest!

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Tickled my funny bone to the core!, 20 May 2009

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This movie is a classic Ben Stiller/Jack Black feel, and laughter! Every moment is filled with comedic electricity from Ben Stiller and the rest of the group. I do believe Robert Downey Jr. gave the best performance with his acting. Tom Cruise should definitely join dancing with stars next time it starts up a new season.

This movie is fun to watch. Everything from the director exploding to Tom Cruise dancing, great movie. The dance scene with Tom Cruise was worth it alone.

For anyone who loves comedy, this is a must see. It does deter on the edge of ridiculous but still a great movie.

Unfaithful (2002)
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Good movie to watch, 20 May 2009

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This movie has a great storyline, good acting, with a great twist at the end. I do believe the climax of the movie towards the end when he confronts his wife's lover. This was wonderfully done.

The wife should have known that it couldn't last, it never does! It always end up with a lot of hurt. And in this case, death for her lover. Once she committed herself to sleeping with him. It was over. Too bad she couldn't have gotten pregnant with the frenchman's baby. Now that would have been real interesting for the scared couple.

This movie has the potential for a tear jerker, but with the cheating and violence, it just takes that away. Which I love.

WALL·E (2008)
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Wonderful, 20 May 2009

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When I first saw the movie preview for this movie, I knew it was going to be good.

My wife and I went to the theater to watch it, and it was so much better than I thought. The storyline was basic, kids could follow it, great spurts of comedy using what they had. I thought they did a great job on the sound for movie, decent job on the cinematography, great for a simple watch when you want an emotional end.

I would recommend this movie for moviegoers and kids. I know this movie took awhile to make. The graphics on this movie are outstanding, I would recommend watching this movie on blu-ray, at the least.

White Noise (2005/I)
Great Movie, 20 May 2009

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Great horror movie, does have a bit of a foreseeable storyline but, good cinematography, and use of emotion by Michael Keaton, good acting. Love this movie, would recommend to see!

The suspense in the movie, seems like its everywhere, in every moment it seems as if something is always waiting, patient silence, its just suspense around every corner. I Watch this movie at least a couple times a year. Its just that good.

The way he totally obsesses himself totally to trying to reach out to his wife, is wonderful in my opinion. What person, who truly love there wife wouldn't try if it were possible? I would. It shows what lengths a person in love will go to in order to be with that person once again.

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Great Show, 28 January 2009

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Man, this is one of my favorite things to watch now.

I was introduced to Squidbillies on Christmas Day when I saw it at my sister-in-laws house. I saw the Christmas Episode with Santa getting tore up by the squids! I couldn't believe this show! Its wonderful. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I totally forgot that it was even Christmas and had presents to open.

I would marry by this cartoon if possible. My wife got angry because everybody started opening presents and I was too busy watching this hilarious cartoon.

I would recommend this cartoon for older teens and adults only. There is a good bit of blood and gore. Of course all in good fun and humor.

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Warning, BAD FILM, 28 December 2008

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Well, the only good thing was that they were killed. The guy didn't know how to load a shotgun? C'mon! Not to mention he put all the shells in his jacket pockets, then HE TOOK HIS JACKET OFF and left it in the bedroom! The shotgun apparently is a retarded model because he kept reloading after every other shot.

Instead of hiding in the closet with his girlfriend and the shotgun pointed at the door, lets run amock, get hurt, and when the situation turns bad, lets split up i'll go into the dreary dark shack 100 yards away from the house, and leave you alone in the un-secured house.

They deserved what they got.