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Look beyond the surface, 7 June 2002

Hey, Goodlooking is an intelligent, dark, and satirical look on the American youth culture of the 50's. Look beyond the poor standard of animation to a story of friendship, love and betrayal. And, of course, there are some great tunes. This film is truly a case of substance over style, which is unfairly dismissed by most people. If you can get past the early-80's, cheap techniques, as in Bakshi's LOTR, you'll discover a great film that works on many different levels.

Fast Food (1999)
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you can put a cat in the oven but it doesn't make it a biscuit!, 3 June 2002

IGNORE ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS ABOUT THIS FILM!!!!!!! They are extremely misleading. Fast Food mixes surreal with disturbing and still manages to make me laugh. From the Princess D bit to the bit with Oleg/Vladimir and so on. If you have a brain you will love this, NOW WATCH IT!

I wouldn't normally comment, 20 May 2002

There are so many comments already on this film that I wouldn't normally bother myself, and I'm sure someone else has put it better, but I felt I had to throw my opinion in on such a heatedly argued topic. I loved this film! After the Phantom Menace, I really didn't have high expectations for this film, so I was just blown away. If you've seen it you'll know what I mean when I say the red and blue lit shots in the climatic finale are too cool, even more powerful than the duel in the Empire Strikes Back. Obviously, people watch films for different reasons. Judging by the other comments, a lot of people have different reasons to me, but if you want a couple of hours of escapism, to be transported to a magical other place that could only ever exist on a cinema screen, you'll love it too.

Thank you George Lucas.

Blade II (2002)
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Not as good as the original, 9 April 2002

An excellent opening is followed by a bit of a slump in the night club scene. Personally, the reapers would have been alot more frightening and effective had they left out the silly over-the-top effects, like they do at the beginning. The ending picks up a bit, but it doesn't quite manage to create the adrenaline rush, manic-grin-on-face effect of the original. Maybe the tremendous fight in Blade's hideout (apart from hideous computer generated Blade bit) sets too high a mark for the rest of the film. On the whole, worth watching, but don't expect better than the original.