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Ted 2 (2015)
This one is terrible!, 23 January 2016

We thought that the 1st Ted movie was hilarious but this sequel was just overly filled with adolescent bathroom trash humor. The shame of it is that it had So Much potential but, unlike the 1st one, this movie was littered with adolescent trashy humor. Maybe littered is a little too easy; it was polluted with it. There are some jokes in the movie that were side splitting hilarious only to be followed up by a stream of immature garbage. Mark, once again, did a fantastic job as did most of the cast. It was the writing this time around that gave you the feeling that it was mostly written by high school freshmen who were so stoned that they actually thought that their immature humor was actually funny. So sad.

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If Only it wasn't on NBC, 21 June 2015

A.D. The Bible Continues is a Very well made program that will probably hold your attention for the entire 8 hours. Granted, some parts may veer a tad from the bible but don't let that keep you from watching this entertaining piece of work. With six different writers and 5 different directors (depending on the episode), you have to just give accolades to Mark Burnett and Roma Downey for their vision.

The ONLY problem with the mini series, and this may not bother you at all, is that it was aired on NBC. There is the NBC peacock graphic in the lower left side of the screen the entire time and, if that wasn't enough, other graphics appear from time to time during the program. (Very Distracting) Hopefully Netflix or someone will carry it without the graphic disturbance. If you get the chance to watch it, do so. I think it will be eight hours well spent.

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Finally, something worth watching., 28 October 2014

"When eighteen-year-old Brendan King attempts to leave his turbulent gang life behind him, his past continues to threaten his new-found faith, family, and future." That is the writeup that we read before seeing the movie and we had a feeling that it was going to be the usual Hollywood trash that is so prevalent today. Loud bass rap, half dressed women, tons of sex and drugs, and absolutely no real dialog or story. But we decided to give it a quick look, because of some reviews, to see if it might be a diamond in the ruff. Thank God we did and a diamond we did find. Excellent movie that kept us engaged the entire hour and 45 minutes. You just never knew for sure what direction the story would take and that kept us glued. Well worth watching! There is no doubt in our minds that whoever watches this movie and doesn't think that it was a pleasure to watch are the same people that rooted for Darth Vader;)

Rent or buy it and watch it....Especially if you have teens or preteens in your life. Excellent to discuss afterwords.

Rage (2014)
I Loved It !, 27 September 2014

I know that the 'In Thing' these days is to hate Nic Cage but I have No Idea why. I like his movies and I like his acting. Always have. This movie was no exception. It is exceptionally easy for me to tell when I don't particularly like a movie; I start noticing my surroundings. When I like/love a movie, my head gets into the flick and I'm completely unaware of my environment. May sound strange, but that's just the way it is. This movie completely held my attention throughout. There was one 6 second scene with brass knuckles that was a little out of place but it didn't distract at all. The movie is intense, makes perfect sense, surprises, has action, mystery, passion, intrigue. Hell, what more do you need?

Granted I'm not the type of guy with my head so far up my posterior that I give a rats ass about correct camera angles, perfect lighting, scenic background locations, bla, bla, bla. And I could give a bean fart if the director is famous or just fell off the hay truck. I just want a movie that pulls me in and keeps me there for an hour or two. And RAGE did it's job nicely.

Freezer (2014)
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A total waste of time., 8 April 2014

This movie was so bad it actually began to hurt to watch it. You will find yourself saying in Every Scene: "That is ridiculous." No, ridiculous doesn't fully describe it. You would have to add a few slang vulgar adjectives in front of ridiculous to give it the kind of review that it deserves. Twenty minutes into this action/thriller we were all laughing at its stupidity.

The directing looked like it was a made for TV movie and the writing was pure adolescent. Don't waste your time and, more importantly, don't waste any money on

Then again, if you are intellectually challenged and don't quite understand the meaning behind the story of the 3 pigs, then... Grab that large popcorn, biggee coke, and a box or two of your favorite chocolate sugar, and get ready for a great action/thriller;)

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Buy or Rent this movie, 11 March 2014

If you haven't seen or don't remember 'The Best Man', I would watch it first and then watch 'The Best Man Holiday'. 'The Best Man Holiday' takes us 13 years later into the lives of the characters from the original movie. Make it a double feature popcorn night. Do you have to? Of course not. 'The Best Man Holiday' stands up just fine on its' own two feet. Heck, it soars. This movie is listed as a comedy/drama and that is just putting it mildly. You just may find yourself laughing through crying tears or crying through laughing tears. This movie does what any good novel or movie should do. It takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotion. The script is well written and all of the actors do an absolutely fabulous job of making you forget that they are acting. You begin to forget that you are sitting on your couch as they pull you into the story and they don't let you off until the end credits begin to run. And, even then, it will still take a little time to recover from the two hour ride. Of course, all of the above is true only if you do have emotions or feelings. If not, just turn on a ball game or look into a mirror. One of those should hold your interest:)

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Save Yourself, 26 November 2013

Having a Root Canal would be more enjoyable than watching this movie. At least you could have medication and some gas. Save yourself some pain and avoid this garbage no matter how much your curiosity tries to persuade you to watch it because of the list of actors that it touts. If it weren't for a concession stand and comfortable seats there would have been no way for me to keep waiting for the movie to finally take off. It never did, by the way. Hell, it didn't even taxi to the runway. Tim Blake Nelson, as usual, does a fantastic job but even great acting doesn't save a boring dull script. Now don't get me wrong. If you are one of those artsie, something a little loose in the attic, kinds of people; I'm sure that you will just get a tingle out of...........Only God knows what. For the rest of you...just pass this excuse up.

Vehicle 19 (2013)
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Don't Even Rent this waste, 31 August 2013

A foreign traveler (Paul Walker) unknowingly picks up a rental car that will tie him to a web of corrupt local police. That's how it was listed, sounded like it would be a good thriller, so we decided to rent it. BIG Mistake! As soon as the movie starts, they start to play some kind of loud rap mess, Oh Ooooooo.....

Fifteen minutes into the movie, my wife whispers that our dog has more intelligence than the main character. That sums up the writing script. I won't go into the countless preposterous senseless things that happen because my review would be as long as the screen play itself. But, diehards that we are, we watched it to the end. All 85 minutes of it. You read correctly. The writer couldn't even think of another 5 minutes of junk to at least make it a respectable 90 minutes. Oops! Did I say: "Watched it to the end"? That would insinuate that there was actually an ending to the story. There Was an end to the movie but the end of the story must have been cut. I guess the writer figured that since most people would have walked out already, he could save a few minutes of his time and money by just not wasting time on an ending.

This movie was obviously written for a percentage of the younger crowd that support double digit I.Q.'s. Of course, if you are one of the above, just ignore my obviously ridiculous review, accept my apology, and rent this Exciting, Action, Thriller immediately.

If I sounded cynical or misanthropical, guilty as charged. I realize that movie makers lie, cheat, and do whatever they can think of to Sell A Movie so that they can milk the public for every penny that they can. But, to this day, I still feel defiled when I voluntarily give up my hard earned money for something that is advertised as good when it turns out to be just another ripoff. And, as usual in the case of bad cinema drivel, the trailer was once again better than the entire movie. Heck, just watch the trailer 40 times. That's free, you'll get your 85 minutes worth of entertainment, and you'll enjoy it more than the actual movie.

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They don't get much worse!, 12 March 2013

How anyone could remain awake during this cellular waste is beyond us. We only stayed long enough to finish our popcorn and drink.

There are always going to be those 'artsy' few in the crowd that are going to tell you this boring garbage was a work of art, bla, bla, bla. They must work for the studio. Just pointing the camera at the sky and having a music background for 1 hour and 51 minutes would have ranked Much Higher than this waste of ticket money. And if you are depressed, even in the least, don't watch this movie even if you are given it for free. It could be just the thing to push you over the edge. Granted, we only made it through the first 45 minutes or so. But hear this: Nothing....we repeat...Nothing that could have happened during the rest of the movie could possibly have made it worth watching the part that we did see. We wouldn't have watched any more of this ridiculous nonsense even if they offered to give us our money back if we remained to the end.

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Don't Waste Your Living Time on this nonsense., 4 August 2012

Before ordering this movie I was reading things here such as: Great Job! Loved the Movie. You just have to 'Get Into' it. etc. So I ordered and watched it. My guess is that these reviewers must have been too close to the happy smoke when they viewed this garbage.

Don't buy a ticket, don't buy the movie, don't rent the movie, don't even stream it if you have Netflix! Save your precious 7,800 heart beats to do something else...Anything Else.

What is wrong with the movie? Everything. (period)

It is just too ridiculous to even imagine that the scenes in this movie could possibly even come close to what would really happen if people knew that the end of the world was hours away. Traffic is flowing just fine and walking the streets looks like an average night. Oh, and by the way, there won't be special effects, action scenes, etc. It was the concept of people realizing that the end of the world was emanant that originally caught my attention but: It is just basically two people in an apartment.

I've read that the director, Abel Ferrara, is supposed to be some kind of artiste. But after watching a few things on YouTube, he seems to me to be in desperate need of therapy and/or medication.

What the female star in the movie, Shanyn Leigh (Abel Ferrara's life partner), sees in this old man is beyond me. But that is subject for another discussion.

So that brings us to Willem Dafoe and why he could have possibly made this sorry attempt of a movie. Excellent Actor! My only guess is that he is dipping his foot into several ponds to expand his talent. I just hope he realizes that he should never go near this pond again.

Trust me and save yourself an hour and a half.

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