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All titles viewed in 2015.
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Films from the TSPDT 250 Most Acclaimed Films of the 21st Century (2015 edition) that I have not seen.

In TSPDT order.
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Films from the 2015 They Shoot Pictures Top 1000 that I have yet to see.

Available from Netflix unless otherwise noted (based on April 2013 availability).
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All 2014* releases I've seen (excluding shorts).

* based on when the films became available to me, seen between Jan 1 2014 and Jan 31 2015
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All titles watched in 2014, in order viewed.
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Only at TIFF for a few days this year. Below are the films I currently aim to see.

Complete list of TIFF titles posted here.
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All films scheduled to screen at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

Here's my current schedule.
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All 2013 releases* watched from Jan 1 2013-Jan 31 2014. Titles are ranked, except those watched in Jan 2014 which are just floating at the end...

* 2013 release defined as one released theatrically in the US during 2013 plus whatever I caught at TIFF.
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All titles watched in 2013, in order viewed.
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Movies I was scheduled to see at TIFF this year.

Ended up seeing 32 features, 5 documentaries, and 6 shorts.

For various reasons (poor scheduling, need for sleep, etc.) I skipped the following: A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness, Belle, Oculus, Hi-Ho Mistahey, and Life of Crime, and I had to leave halfway through Mystery Road So that I could make one of the Gala screenings.
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Films announced for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

All titles included, with the exception of those listed below.

Missing; submitted August 24:
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