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The Most Intelligent Sitcom of Our Time, 15 April 2007

Anyone who thinks bad of this show should quite frankly shoot themselves.

This show is genius. The references, the quotes, Franklin the black puppet are classic.

This show has some of the best cast and supporting cast on TV.

I hope that the executives at Fox rot in hell for not giving this show a chance.

My favourite character is G.O.B His mannerisms, his laugh and facial expressions are genius.

The mother and father are hilariously dysfunctional.

What impresses me the most is how much money a family can make from a banana stand.

Fox have made "a huge mistake"

Heathers (1988)
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Ultimate Team Film Of All Time, 15 April 2007

This was the film I watched as a child and its fascinated me to this day. Every time I watch this film i pick something new from it each time.

The script was ahead of its time and many teen films of today have taken something from it. From Scream to Meangirls, many films would not have existed without Heathers.

This film also introduced me to dark comedy and unleashed the odd humour that lies within me.

If you want to watch a timeless teen film with an edgy script and stellar cast then this is the film to see.

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I will forever be afraid of small Japanese girls, 15 April 2007

I've watched a lot of slasher horror films in my time but never a traditional Japanese horror film.

Firstly I never realised how cute Japanese girls are. I know a guy who's obsessed with them and after watching this film I understand why.

The film scared me like no other film has done so before.

The soundtrack probably kept me on edge the most. Every phone ringing and every little sound was designed to scare the bleep out of me.

I've never seen a Japanese film before and its nice to branch out. I recommend this to anyone and everyone (over 18 and without a heart condition)

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Impressed, 15 April 2007

Not a big fan of David Schwimmer what soever. Disliked him in Friends and other films he's done and quite frankly not a fan of his public persona on chat shows etc...

This is an exception. I felt his comic timing was great and him and Sean Pegg made an interesting duo.

The blonde girl was a nice bit of eye candy as well.

The movie was boring at first but got slightly better as time went on and the ending was spectacular.

My only gripe is I felt the beginning of the film was drawn out.

Not the sort of film i would go to the cinema for but entertaining to watch at home which i did last week.

I'd give it 6.5 out of 10.

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Lasted 30 minutes then switched off, 15 April 2007

I have watched such cinematic abortions such as Showgirls, Gigli, Glitter, Police Academy films and low budget bollywood films with no plot or three different plots. Why? Because I'm a sadist when it comes to bad films.

A "friend" brought it over after work and it was so awful we zoned out after 30 minutes and started talking.Lets just say the conversation we had would have made a much better film but thats not to be repeated here as children may read.

The film was predictable and pointless and I have lost 30 minutes I will never get back.

I'm so annoyed by the film i am still planning my revenge on the "friend" that brought it over to my house.

Hot Fuzz (2007)
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Another well deserved hit for Pegg and Co., 15 April 2007

I give this film a 9.5/10.

From Big Train to Spaced and Sean of the Dead. Simon Pegg has done it again. After being introduced to Pegg through a friend i have become a fan. This man is a genius but the best thing about him is that he doesn't realise it.

The best part about the film is the partnership with Danny. This is the source of most of the comedy.

I also loved the twists in the film. I openly admit the fact i couldn't see what was coming.

Another highlight of the films is the small gags. Even the gory scenes are done in such a way you can't help but laugh. Anyone who dislikes this film needs to analyse their own outlook on life.

I look forward to the next Pegg film.

Great Film. Will Arnett is a genius. Jenna Fischer is Hot Totty, 15 April 2007

I'm going to focus on Will Arnett for this interview. This man is a comedy hero. His voice is hilarious and his facial expressions are second to none. To this day i have no idea why this man is not a big comedy star. I recommend you all to watch Arrested Developpment (TV) on DVD. That show is full of talent.

Secondly I want to focus on Jenna Fischer. She plays Pam Beesly in the Office and she looks like a nice pretty girl. In this film you see a different side to Jenna. She is fit. She has some nice b00bies and buttocks as well. She really amkes lingerie what it is.

Jon Heder was cast in a role i don't think anyone else could have pulled off. Genius casting.

Amy Poheler did great as well. Great comedic chemistry with her "brother" husband.

Will Ferell is always good. Man can do no wrong at the moment (except Bewitched) What stops the film getting a 10 is the cheesiness at the end but i was constantly laughing and what more can you ask for.

Norbit (2007)
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At least 50% of the audience liked it., 15 April 2007

I went to see this film on my birthday with my friend Paul. There were low expectations from both of us and we came out pleasantly surprised. We were laughing throughout the movie and it turned out to be a good birthday for me.

The other two people in the cinema were not as impressed but there's no accounting for taste.

I honestly cannot understand why this film has been critically mauled. It doesn't pretend to be something it's not. It's a film aimed for laughs and it does exactly what it delivers.

To fully appreciate and understand this film you need an enlightened and intelligent sense of humour to comprehend the genius film that is Norbit. People like Paul and I are just very rare.

300 (2006)
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Spectacular Scenery, 15 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I would give this a 7.5 out of 10.

This film is not really my type of film but I enjoyed it. I have never seen such a film with what could only be described as magical imagery.

Even if it's not your type of film i recommend you go see it for the imagery alone. I have never enjoyed blood and guts so much.

Take a risk and try something different for once. At worst you've wasted £6.50.

At best a night out.

My favourite part was when that guy's son died. That was good and I liked the creatures as well.

It's really hard to write 10 lines but that says more about me than the film.

It's really

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Its a classic of some sort, 15 April 2007

I watched this film, i have no idea why. I can't understand what possessed me to watch a film with Paris Hilton.

I guess the best part of the film was the random b00bi3s.

The worst part was anything to do with Paris Hilton. This woman is so lazy she didn't even do all of the voice overs.

After the film was over I just sat there for 30 minutes motionless as my brain was recovering from the numerous brain cells destroyed watching this.

However, if you're an evil person. Lend this film to your hated enemies.