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Interesting but Rather Lame
16 February 2011
This documentary was a disappointment until I realized that the one who did it is also responsible for "An Inconvenient Truth." Then I understood the subliminal intent.

The person who created this escapade into educational failure was forced to correctly put significant blame on the Teachers Union, while incorrectly giving teachers themselves a slide. That created the false illusion of objectivity.

But the fact remains that you learn what you want to learn. Asian children tend to do very well in spite of language and cultural differences. Whether liberals want to accept it or not, the failure of our educational system is 50% teachers and 50% poverty of the mind in certain communities.
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Avatar (2009)
A visually Stunning mix of Starwars, Aliens and Dances with Wolves
22 December 2009
My wife and I just saw this and were blown away. The visual effects are masterful and the 3D gimmick actually works well for a movie like this.

The theme is not original, but who cares. The movie just sucks you in. Picture it as "Dances with Wolves,"... future world. You have that sappy "noble savage" stuff combined with hostility towards the military, but the sci-fi fantasy mix works.

We went to see this flick with more curiosity than belief that it was really that good. But early on, the acting and direction was so good that it was apparent the movie had potential. But oh, those visual effects really were spectacular.

Throw in Aliens and Star Wars concepts and it's a well done, winning combination that holds your interest. Time flies and you walk away exclaiming "wow."
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Shoot 'Em Up (2007)
Another Hollywood anti-gun stinker
25 February 2008
Okay, if you're a mindless child who likes a thin obvious plot with endless impossible shooting, you'll probably like this. If you're a "PC" fanatic who believes (to quote this movie) that anyone who owns a firearm is a "gun Nazi," you might enjoy the contrived massage that the Hollywood crowd seems to think might validate a total waste of time.

I'm not going to tell you what this horror show is about because spoilers aren't even worth description. The ultimate duplicity of the affluent progressive left involves their penchant for making big bucks filming blood, nutty violence and reducing firearms to little more than license to kill anything for the fun of it. They then wrap the entire escapade in a contrived moral lesson that anyone who owns a firearm is crazy, violent, punky and worthy of institutionalization or death.

I can't tell you how juvenile this movie really is. It glamorizes the irresponsible gun culture of gangster rap, indicts anyone who believes that the Second Amendment in the Constitution as blood thirsty and claims that firearms manufacturers are maniacs. All this exists, with the underlying desire to turn a buck while hiding behind a phony moral message.

This movie really stinks, but the money grubbing Hollywood crowd smells even worse.

I give this 3 out of 10 stars because a nice dog has a walk on appearance.
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Recruitment Film for the NYPD
15 February 2008
Want to watch a really rotten cops and bad guys movie? Well, you've come to the right place. Want to see a recruitment film for the NYPD? Just drop this DVD into your player, stretch your imagination to the absurd, slug down a dose of bad acting and hold on for a smear of nonsense.

I was born in Brooklyn, live in Brooklyn and will probably die in Brooklyn. I have more knowledge than most of the New York City Police Department and a narcs division that is typical of large urban areas.

This movie was utterly unrealistic, from the Ham handed Russian Mobsters who would rather kill high ranking NYC Officials than attempt far more efficient bribery, to the "dedicated" narcs.

Mobsters and police have always had cozy relationships in urban areas. More children of police have been sent to college on vice payoffs than you can imagine. I could go on an on, but why waste your time and mine. This movie was given a "5" rating rather than one lower, because I watched it to completion.

Then again, this says more about my being visually lazy, than the films ability to hold any interest.
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3:10 to Yuma (2007)
A rare movie that approaches a Classic
10 November 2007
For decades now, the Western movie has migrated into the genre gone into outer space. In itself, this isn't bad as Star Wars and others took the concept off-world.

Westerns still existed, but they took on the milieu of the spaghetti flick or preachy political correctness that demeaned the underlying theme.

3:10 stands alone in several ways: First, it's one of those rare events where a remake is actually better than the original. Secondly, the Western moral theme is done with such subtlety that its gradual development within the characters appears like a ballet.

Direction and photographic style was excellent as was the acting. Timing worked like the ticking of a well tuned pocket watch. Artistry such as this hasn't been seen since "High Noon." What else can I say, other than my wife and myself were totally swept up... and she doesn't even like Westerns.

A must see.

9 out of 10!
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The Siege at Ruby Ridge (1996 TV Movie)
The Murderous Prologue to Waco
12 May 2007
Very few people even remember Ruby Ridge, let alone what occurred and this just might be the greatest tragedy of all. But Ruby Ridge was a watershed. It paved the way for government bureaucrats at ATF and the FBI to violently react to American citizens who failed to pay proper homage. It revealed the arrogance of government's non-elected officials and their contempt for "non-compliant" Americans.

My wife, a former supervisor at the US Department of Justice was riveted to the screen as she watched this DVD. On several occasions, she repeated "this is just the way they are!" For the life of me, I don't understand why this unfolding drama was given such a low rating. Maybe most people are in denial over what happens when Americans don't bow to authority or live according to "approved" rules. Whatever the reason, it's a travesty to this excellent movie and a tragedy for democracy.

As someone who has spent some twenty years in uniform as a Field Grade Officer and as an individual who has known many "Feds," I can tell you that this film captured their incompetence and duplicitous arrogance to perfection.

Only "Waco, The Rules of Engagement," has managed to better clarify the threat we all face. It comes from unaccountable unelected Federal civil servant bureaucrats who feel that they are not just above the law, but but hold the power of life and death over citizens who threaten their sense of self-importance.

"The Siege at Ruby Ridge," is a must see.
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Cursed (2005)
A Fun Formula Werewolf Movie with nice one-line humor
8 May 2007
Why people can't just sit back and enjoy a fun film without terminal dissection is beyond me.

My wife and myself are middle age. My lovely wife doesn't even like this type of movie. But none the less, we found this movie to be very well cast, well directed and possessing of a good many humorous one-liners that really worked.

Is the movie "formula?" Definitely. Is it deficient in the qualities that make for a fun and enjoyable DVD? No way. Both my wife and myself had a really fun and entertaining evening watching Cursed and you will too.
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The Blue Max (1966)
A Terrific WWI Air War Movie With Real Planes & No CGI
4 November 2006
What a refreshing movie to watch.

I saw this movie with my father in 1966. He always loved the bi-planes of World War I and they thrill me to this day.

The title, though central to the theme of the movie is really a misnomer to the enjoyment of this film. You actually get to see r-e-a-l aircraft in combat without the cartoon effects of CGI.

This is movie making in the school of the other Cinamascope greats: Somewhat weak on plot, but so absolutely cool in visual execution, that you overlook the script's lack of depth.

I'm not saying that this movie doesn't have a plot. It's a solid story with somewhat shallow character development. But in the end, the characters were secondary to a story of bravery, early air war history and tactics and the wearing away of chivalry in an era of a nation fighting for survival in the end of hours.

Acting was good, direction was fine and choreography using actual aircraft was among the last of it's kind.

I give this an 8 out of 10 for displaying concrete reality in an era of cartoon gimmicks.
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A World War II Movie, NOT for the Faint of Brain
21 October 2006
My wife and myself went to see this movie with a bit of trepidation, because we'd read the book. We were not disappointed.

Sadly, most of the people in the theater were above the age of 35, which says something about our deficient educational system and left leaning culture.

It's become the norm that while fighting Europeans with a Nazi philosophy is noble, battling Nazi types of Asian Background such as the Japanese of the 40's, or the Islamo-Nazi's of today's genre is somehow immoral. Too many of us seem to have been infected with Steven Spielberg syndrome.

In any event, this is more than a movie about Marines battling to secure a sliver of volcanic island in a war against a brutal philosophy that believed a neo-jihadist death for your warrior god guaranteed a favored place in heaven.

Clint Eastwood has developed into an excellent director. He faithfully captured the relationship between soldiers and (as with the book), spent most of the movie revealing how young men in a particular place in history, became involuntary symbols for the last conflict before a Politically Correct spin mechanism didn't interpret anything America was something ugly.

I spent almost twenty years wearing a uniform. My family were the molders and core makers who labored in a Brooklyn New York foundry to produce the Iwo Jima statue that is proudly displayed in Washington DC.

Flags of Our Fathers faithfully displays Americans as human, fundamentally decent, idealistic and self-sacrificing.

We left the theater rather subdued, but filled with a better understanding of how fundamentally different we are from most of the world. If you want a blow by blow description, go see the movie.
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The Best 911 Ever Seen. I was There
10 September 2006
National Geographic's "Inside 911" and United 93 are without a doubt, the best DVD's on the Arab Islamic Terrorist attack on the United States. But while United 93 was narrowly banded, Inside 911 was far more comprehensive.

In spite of being a documentary, Inside 911's DVD is incredibly gripping. It will keep you at the edge of your seat. This is particularly true of disk 2 entitled "zero hour." A unique reality of this documentary is that it reveals the heroic actions of civilians who risked and sacrificed their lives to save others. It wasn't their "job," but it became their self-appointed mission. This is perhaps the most elevated level of heroism of all.

Realistically, police efforts are downgraded because they were far less directly involved. The firemen's actions were exemplary and they made extreme sacrifices. But again, more lives were saved by civilians working in the towers than any other group.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that lauds civil servants and diminishes the heroism of people wearing suits and ties. This is very sad because what happened in response to the terrorism of September 11th showed American citizens at their best.

It is also a pity that actions of the new terror-Nazis of the world have subsequently been twisted by the pathology of left-wing denial and conspiratorial driven mental illness.
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