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BEST VIDEO GAME - MOVIE adaption ever seen, 1 November 2012

I must say that this has to be the best video game to movie adaption I have ever seen. First off, I am a major fan of the games. I have played them all more than once. Silent Hill was the first video game I ever owned and the first "adult" game I ever finished. So I'm automatically going to somewhat like the movie, just throwing it out there. The first Silent Hill movie was pretty good, although it strayed far away from the video game story at times and felt a little like a TV movie. The new Silent Hill movie, however, is a fangirl's dream come true. It is so true to the third game that I constantly found myself impressed by the scenes. If you love Silent Hill you will love this movie, if your not a fan of the games then you will probably think its a jumpy movie you didn't understand much of. But with it being said that I am a fan of the game, it impressed me greatly.