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Movie takes High Road regarding p.o.w. camps, 14 April 2007

This is an excellent movie for all ages. I saw this film when I was 5 and cried my eyes out and here I am more than 20+ years later and still crying my eyes out. I think it stands as a great companion movie to "Bridge Over the River Kwai". The movie takes the high road regarding P.O.W camps in that part of the world because as we all know, thousands of prisoners died in the camps under the Japanese and during the horrific death marches. This movie is more like someone who had been in a P.O.W. camp(which the author had been) and tells you only the stories they think you can take but glosses over the more horrific parts. That said the acting and direction is superb. This is my most memorable of all of the wonderful and under-rated Claudette Colbert movies. So all in all, great movie and in order to get balanced view "Letters to Iwo Jima" also great movie!