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All of the films based on Marvel Comics.
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A ranking of the animated Disney features that I've seen (non-Pixar)
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They may not be the best movies of all time, but I love 'em all the same.
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Apparently, ranking 250 movies out of the tens of thousands of movies ever made and neglecting to include 1 or 2 which happen to be on IMDb's Top 250 is a bad thing. So, I'm sure they're on here somewhere. These are the good movies, not the great ones.
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A sequel can either be a valuable extension of the story, or a carbon-copy of it. These are the copies.
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Ranking the Kurosawa films that I have seen
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There are plenty of movies on the IMDb Top 250 that don't belong. Rather than arguing why they shouldn't be there, I'll make my own list. Feel free to complain about my list, but at least it makes sense to me.
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Beautiful women, past and present.
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My take on the best movies of 2010 (that I've seen).
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Sometimes, the ending is what makes or breaks a movie. It isn't only about the final shot. It's how the story ends. And here are the best of them.
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The best of the best picture winners. I haven't seen them all, but here are the one's I have seen.
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I enjoy watching bad movies, but even I have a limit. Some of these really are the worst movies I've ever seen. Others are simply movies I just hate. There are a lot of comedies and sequels that clearly didn't work for me.
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The 90's gave us so many memorable and fantastic movies, but also quite a few that serve as nothing more than popcorn entertainment. Fusing 70's grittiness and 80's flair, and coming right before the CGI boom of the 2000's, here are some of my favorites from a great decade of film. The films are in no particular order.
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I can watch these movies over and over again. They might not be the best, and some were panned by critics and audiences alike. But for sheer entertainment, these never fail. They are in no particular order.