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Nothing Short of Amazing, 14 April 2012

I just saw the early screening for San Diego through the top 10 cities on facebook who got them. And suffice to say I am glad I was privileged enough to.

First off, this hands down is the best Marvel movie ever. I don't say that lightly. And in terms of superhero movie with maybe the Nolan Batman series being tied with this, I thought Whedon did an amazing job to bring out all these characters in this one movie. I especially like what was done with Hawkeye and Black Widow just because those two didn't really have their individual movie with their back story.

You can tell when a comic book fan writes and directs a comic movie because it clearly showed in all areas of production for this film. Going into the film I honestly thought that a lot of the cool mutant action scenes would be strictly Iron Man and Captain America. But Whedon does such a great job giving each mutant their 15 mins of fame and by the end of it you seriously feel like "Wow this guy/chick is a badass" for every mutant. I will admit i am not a Hulk fan. I like the inner story for it but was never a fan of the films, show or comic. But Hulk's role in the movie is so awesome I became a fan just from it.

If any of you are Whedon fans then you guys/girls will love this movie. It has his M.O. written all over the humor and story presentation. And there were definitely parts in the movie where I thought "Wow this seems like Firefly and Serenity". And story aside, if you read, watched, or idolized Marvel superheros as a kid, the action alone will make you cheer just out of sheer nostalgia of imagining The Avengers or X-Men all together on the screen kicking ass.

In summation, I don't need to say you NEED to watch this movie because I think anybody who is anybody already knows they want to see this. All this review has done was just reaffirm the hype behind this movie. I don't say this much but job well done Marvel and Disney for hiring a writer/director who has the audaciousness to keep it honest and true for those most dedicated comic fans who are the backbone of Marvel comics being a success. And in this day and age of superhero movies and movies in general that is very hard to do. Cheers Joss Whedon!

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under-rated, 11 August 2002

After watching this film I was surprised it did not, at the least, receive nominations in the leading award categories for the Oscars. Not to speak ill of the movies that were nominated during this year, Men of honor is a great movie with with an excellent messege. Although most viewers see the story as predictable and over-used in similar movies, this should not hinder the enjoyment of this film. Men of honor doesn't not standout as the great slam bang action thriller with blazing special effects, yet it does show us inspiration to the things we want to achieve in life. There are better films than Men of Honor, however Honor is still a movie i prefer over some of the garbage that I have seen at the theaters. I would have gladly paid $6.75 to see this movie in the theater as oppose to MIB2 or Windtalkers. Don't Miss out on this movie because of other people views, watch it and determine yourself what you think.

interesting patter for films, 27 July 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have seen this film 3 times already and have always considered it a thriller and nothing more. As an expecation for an excellent thriller in mind i saw unbreakable and thought it was pretty good however not as powerful as the sixth sense. With the same expectation i saw a screening for the upcoming movie Signs. After watching it i felt let down that M Night's film seem to move further from my expectations as some critics say a "mind blowing" thriller. I have come to realize from viewing these movies that M. Nights film have a deeper meaning that like very few films has a moral.


We all consider Sixth Sense a excellent thriller, but after thinking about it for some time; one moral/idea that this film has demonstrated was that life is too important to be indulged in trivial things. Clearly shown by Bruce Willis character, that sees his work as priority. Money can always be lost and made, life isnt as flexible. Unbreakable also has these moralistic ideas. For example when it is revealed that David Dunn faked his car injury. Love at times requires sacrifices. Popularity (football) will last a short time and people get hurt and realize that their lives change after one incident, love lasts forever. Signs no doubt has a spiritual presence in hope and faith.

After considering all these films, I have come to respect M Night Shyamalan more has a writer, direct, and actor that extends past this orginal preconception of an excellent story-teller for thrillers. Although I love watching the great moments of thrills and suspense shown in few films such as the Sixth Sense. I have learned to expect more from Shyamalans films intellectually rather than a surprising "jump" from various scenes in his movies. I have talked to many people who have felt that Sixth Sense was te last best thriller Night will ever make. In some aspects they might be right but if the audience begins to see Shyamalans films for more reasons other than the great thrills, they will look past this notion that Shyamalan is only known for his suspense and thrills. Shyamalan makes excellent use of suspense and thrills to bring the audience into his films, but i do not see that as his only talent as a director, writer, and actor. His films make you as a viewer think about different things rather than giving 90-120 mins of eye candy to awe at. This i think are his greatest talents, I hope to see Shyamalan become a great writer and director. And that people will not live in the memory of how great the sixth Sense was as a Thriller, but as a film that entices a person to consider different things.

overall pretty good, 29 December 2001

Like most people i have read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. To set those at ease that have not seen the movie, you are missing out. Although the movie lacks specific details from the book, Peter Jackson does a good job portraying Tolkien's creative story. Before I saw this I was also afraid that I would endure another 2 hrs of garbage destroying a classic. Thankfully, im glad to say that my $6.75 has been put to good use. If you haven't seen LOTR yet GO RIGHT NOW! Its a 3 hr movie but personally i thought it wasn't long enough. I can't wait for the 2nd movie to come out. If i dare say it is comparable to the Star Wars series which is also a great series. For those who love to debate Which is better Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? the world may never know . . . . .