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A hodge-podge script short on character development and long on unbelievable plot points., 9 January 2007

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I was really disappointed with this movie. It was a hodge-podge script short on character development and long on unbelievable plot points.

Some, but by no means all, of the problems I had with the movie:

In the opening scene of the movie suicidal Sarah is standing on what, we find out later, is supposed to be the Empire State Building. Tribesmen in Papua New Guinea would know that wasn't the Empire State. Why bother with the pretense?

Sam's supposedly the love of Sarah's life. She's gone for 7 years and never hears he's given up on her and married someone else. Telephones don't work between NYC and Scotland, no email, no snail-mail?

In what I imagine is supposed to be a desperate attempt to tie Sam to her, Charlotte suggests they have a child. His response is to humiliate her in front of their restaurant staff and customers. The scene then devolves into an even more embarrassing fight between the characters amid rather perplexed diners. In the next scene she offers him opera tickets! As if it were a minor disagreement and the fault was mostly hers!!??!!??!! He's off with another woman and she's trying to woo HIM back? She should have taken a cue from the Jude character and copped it ASAP and escaped this movie.

What's with that ramshackle stone cottage Sarah keeps ending up in? Couldn't there have been a line or two about its previous connection to ANY of the characters? Sure it's a semi-romantic location for Sam's and Sarah's obligatory sexual reunion but I kept wondering about how much it rains in Scotland and gee, that's an awfully big hole in that roof. Hey, "suspension of disbelief" only goes so far.

Sarah's supposed to have had this wonderful life and been such a terrific person? Some vague references to her "success" in NYC and some incredibly bitchy behavior and she's a great gal? What a loss to humanity!

At the end of the movie my sympathies were with most of the actors, what a waste of talent. If this had been my first Gerard Butler movie I would have suggested he switch to a career in male modeling. Fortunately, I'd seen Mr. Butler in better vehicles prior to viewing this mess.

One real worry is that the director of this disaster has been listed as the director of "Burns", should that project ever get off the ground. If it does one hopes they find a better director.