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Missing RH, 2 May 2007

I was at this site some weeks ago and either missed this page for RH or it is new. I am delighted to have found so much info. both on the cast and the story line. RH was being aired on Soapnet (89) on cable, and then out of the blue they redid the schedule which was to exclude that great show. It now airs one day (sun.) from 6;30am to 7;00 it comes to 1 hr. of watching. I have read so much lately all over the net, wherever soaps are discussed, as to how much shows like this are missed. AW was pulled completely. I think that the nostalgia for saner time in our history is a big part of why this show is now getting so much attention. It would be great if it were put out on DVD and that way the really avid viewer can just purchase it. Well that was my thought and thanks for letting me express it. imm