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Dresden (2006) (TV)
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One of the biggest disappointments..., 6 March 2006

Dresden had great expectations because of its spectacular theme and its high budget. I was really looking forward to it and I really wanted it to be good... but it is not. The only good thing are the special effects that are very well done, but, like in a really bad Hollywood blockbuster, everything else is missing.

It is poorly written, the screenplay tries to fulfill genre-rules with standard suspense/love- story elements but there is no depth or originality at all. It's way below average. The next thing: It is also poorly directed. It has this uninteresting TV-directing-Style with lots of close-ups and wanna-be-great-action by fast editing where actually no action or suspense is. The actors are not bad but there is no performance that is touching in any way.

I don't know... they obviously try to do a typical TV-movie and not a film for the cinema, where its alway good to have some edges and a clear visual style. But why do they try to fulfill typical commercial Hollywood-rules? it really feels like the screenwriter did a weekend- class with some American scriptwriting-guru and then delivered this mess. Is there no producer who is responsible for the project who has an interest in dramaturgy/ visual style or plain in simple this magical cinematic moments that make some TV-Movies great ?!? Do they think that an TV-audience is stupid and doesn't need to get a high quality- movie experience? The Downfall was a very good example for a good TV-movie but there was probably some executive or producer who knew what he was doing.

Don't waste you time with this one, rent "downfall" instead...

Grounded (2003)
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Learn how NOT to make a short...., 8 August 2005

I gave this one a 1 (awful) and thats exactly what it is: awful. Bad timing, bad jokes (esspecially the clichéd Cops "What should we have for Lunch... Pizza?", even the worst 80ies flick is more funny than that. This movie poorly demonstrates how to make a very bad short even with a high budget and film professionals. It's the bad script and the director's lack of talent that bore you so much. It stands for everything that I hate of German cinema. This director should do bad TV-evening-movies, because I don't watch TV. But the good thing with it is: Only when you see a awful movie, you can enjoy the good ones.

It's only a few minutes long, but definitely a waste of time !!!

Havoc (2005)
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Fantastic, 27 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just saw the film at the Munich Film Festival. This is movie is intense, it really goes under your skin and that is the hell of a movie experience. Rock 'n Roll film-making at its best. As Stephen Gaghan (traffic) wrote the screenplay there are some obvious parallels to "traffic", only that "Havoc" is 10 times better. I hope they don't cut anything out of it, because I really think that it needs it's explicit moments. (If the director reads this before the official release: I would change that fade to black thing before the ending, when the 2 gang members drive by the teens and we hear one shot. Doesn't fit to the movie. Just passing by and thats it would be a perfect ending.)

Anyway, I strongly recommend to go see it.

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oh no!, 4 November 2003

Matrix 2 and 3 are to Matrix 1 exactly the same disaster as Highlander 2 and 3 to Highlander 1. I have only this theory: When the Wachowski Brothers did the Matrix, it was their first big budget movie and so they couldn't do what they want. The studio gave a mediocre script to a script doctor who rewrote the matrix into a superb modern action tale. And now, as the matrix was a blast, the wachowskis got totally creative freedom and now we know... they actually suck. Their executive producer or even Joel Silver personally would probably have done a better sequel.

Please Wachowski brothers, tell us who was really behind the making of the matrix 1, because that person could not possibly be the same as you poor losers!