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One of the all time greats..., 2 August 2002

A breathtakingly beautiful film that is crafted and/or constructed perfectly. The acting is sensational, the direction is flawless, the writing is brilliant, and the cinematography, wow, the cinematography is amazing and perhaps the best of any film. This film lands you in a world that is both glorious and disturbing, the character of Charles Foster Kane is one that is so well drawn out and so brilliantly played (by, who else, but Orson Welles himself) that we are able to make a connection to this guy and become totally enthralled in his world and his doings no matter how corrupt the things he did were. It is never boring, it is, from the very first frame to the very last frame, one of the most intriguing films ever made and, possibly most importantly, it hasn't aged! It feels as if it were just made today but with a black and white camera instead of a color camera. If it weren't for the fact that I am forever a devoted fan of `The Godfather' and `Casablanca`, I would say that this is greatest film of ever made. I am the kind of film buff that honestly believes that there are some films out there where every word of praise is an absolute understatement, this, my friends, is one of those films, so this review is now complete.

Final Grade: * * * * * (out of 5, meaning 'masterpiece')

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Excellent, 28 July 2002

A wise man once told that it isn't "what" it's "how" when it comes to film. Meaning that how well a film is directed, acted, written, executed, photographed, etc. etc. etc. is much more important then what a film is about or the message it is giving us. What I'm getting at here is that when this film was first released it wasn't well received by the public due to the subject matter of it, which is a shame because it really is a good, excellent, and engrossing look at a man who has nothing left, but then gains it all back again, and ends losing it all again. It's obvious that people in the 1930's did not understand that it's not "what" it's "how". Anyway, "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang" is a good film because of how extremely well it is acted, and how wonderfully it's executed, directed, and written. Paul Muni is exceptionally well in an Oscar nominated performance, as is the rest of the cast. Another thing that makes this one something to remember is how much a connection the viewer is able too make to the character of James Allen/Allen James, you find yourself rooting for this man, feeling this mans pain, and feeling sorry for this man. A film that is definitely worth a look. By the way, the scenes where James is trying too get the chains off of his feet are especially disturbing and somewhat cringe worthy (in a good way).

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good, 28 July 2002

A wonderful and often funny look at the life in a chain gang. Worth checking out if you could find it anywhere. It was well acted, nicely directed, and pretty interesting in its humorous look at Chain Gang farm under inspection.

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Good, but flawed..., 14 July 2002

This is hailed as one of the greatest, if not the greatest western of all time, also known as a masterpiece. I don't know if I would agree with all those statements, though, I can certainly see why people call this one a masterpiece, it has absolutely wonderful cinematography, good acting, a wonderful story, and a little comedy, drama, and action. It is a perfect portrayal of love, hatred, and revenge. What more could someone ask from a film? Well, an always interesting story with characters you could become emotionally attached too to name one thing. I liked this movie, it had everything I mentioned above and then some, one of the things I liked best about the film is that it, unlike most 'talking' films, didn't need dialogue too tell the story, Ford used the scenery instead and that was a wonderful idea, but I couldn't help but get that "is that all" kind of feeling after a few of the scenes ended. I was never really captured by the plot, though it was great, I wasn't always interested in what was happening. Lastly, I wasn't emotionally attached to any of the characters, though I did respect them and what they were doing. All in all I thought it was good movie that I had a few minor problems with. Grade: **** (out of 5)

Hart's War (2002)
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Good Film..., 8 July 2002

Despite being very unbelievable at times with its overly nice German soldiers the film features an intriguing story, solid acting (especially from Willis, Farrell, and Marcel Iures), good writing, and amazing cinematography too top it all off. Director Gregory Hoblit offers us an insightful look at a prisoner of war camp during the 1940's. Not very original but still entertaining as hell!

*** 1/2 (out of 5)

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5 Star Classic..., 29 June 2002

A great film that is packed full of interesting characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and heart felt scenes. It's been over 60 years since this was first released, but it is just as magical today as it was the day it was released. Featuring an outstanding performance from both Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert and a talented supporting cast. One of the greatest motion pictures of all time and quite possibly the best comedy ever made. Capra is genius!

Final Grade: ***** (out of 5)

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One of the greatest musicals..., 25 June 2002

It's a wonderful movie that is beautifully acted and skillfully directed. I did, however, find a flaw with one of the lesser characters. That being the character of Freddy, of whom I found to be one dimensional and undeveloped. I think the film would of been just as good or probably even better without that certain character. It was Unnecessary because I found that he was just there to be an emotional crutch for Audrey Hepburn's character. Rex Harrison is perfect and has a great singing. Hepburn is also very convincing, as is Stanley Holloway. Despite that one flaw, it is still a great film.

Intense and Brilliant, 23 June 2002

Michael Cimino's Academy Award winning Vietnam epic presents us with an atmosphere of realism. Everything just seems so real; the characters, the emotions, the dialog, everything is real and very intense. This more then just a Vietnam war movie though, it is a film about friendship and courge... Under stress. The Deer Hunter is brilliantly written, beautifully acted, and skillfully directed. It is one of the greatest motion pictures ever. I will admit however that I found the first hour to be overlong and uninteresting, therefore causing me to knock my grade down one notch. The film picks up and becomes interesting as it moves on though. The Russian Rollette scenes in the film are some of the most intense moments in film history. Keep that in mind.

Final Grade: ****1/2 (out of 5)

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Good, but it has problems..., 22 June 2002

Academy Award winning director James L. Brooks made what could of been a dull and pointless look at some womans complicated life and turned it into a perfect study of life, happiness, and love. Despite a few flaws including a slow and uninteresting beginning with annoying mother and daughter characters, it does however involve you in the story as the movie slowly progresses, it also captures your interest after about the first half an hour. Featuring wonderful performances from Jeff Daniels (where was his Oscar nomination?), Shirley MaClaine (deserving of the Oscar), Jack Nicholson (always fun to watch), and of course Debra Winger (deserved the Oscar nomination). This isn't exactly a film that I would recommend to everyone though, because as I stated it does have a slow beginning and people with short attention spans are likely to think that this is the worst film ever, but I assure you that it's not. I got involved with each character, I really started to feel the pain and emotion of each character. It's a really heartbreaking film that caused me to get a lump in the back of my throat. All in all it's a wonderful film with terrific acting, brilliant writing, and fantastic direction. A must see for anyone who considers themselves a film buff. Not a film for everyone however.

Final Grade: *** (out of 5)

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Powerful and Intelligent, 20 June 2002

What is it about this film that makes it so compelling? Is it the amazing cinematography? The brutal and raw story of a NY paramedic about to go over the edge? Is it Scorsese's flawless direction? Is it the fact that Tom Sizemore steals the show with his convincingly brutal performance? Is it the very believable performances from Ving Rhames and Patricia Arquette? Or is it Cages insightful narration from the beginning to the end? If you ask me, it's all of those things. From the opening scene, to the fast motion Ambulance scenes, to the very last frame this film is just brilliant. But, it does of course have its flaws one of them being that for the first half of the film Cage was playing Cage, he didn't become believable until late into the film. Not a big flaw, but still big enough to knock my grade down one notch. This isn't exactly as good as say Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, or GoodFellas, but it comes close.

Final Grade: **** (out of 5)

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