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gut-wrenching, 25 July 2007

Watching Sansho the Bailiff is an emotional, gut-wrenching experience, yet worth every second (and then some) of your involvement. As many others have commented here over the years, this film is a masterpiece.

This is the second film I've seen by the Japanese director, Kenji Mizoguchi. The first was Ugetsu (or "Ugetsu Monogatari"), perhaps a more famous work. I admired and enjoyed Ugetsu, but Sansho "grabbed me" and never let go -- I became more and more emotional as the movie went on.

I learned of Mizoguchi from a 1970s book (Favorite Movies: Critics Choice), wherein (as the title implies) film critics of that era are asked to choose their favorite movies. Several, including the famous critic Andrew Sarris, spoke highly of Mizoguchi.

The movie considers mercy and compassion in the face of cruelty and often overwhelming helplessness. Do not expect anything like the films made by the great Kurosawa or the less-famous (but great) Ozu. This is not a "fun" movie or a "date" movie (unless you are a very unusual person). It's a serious, beautiful work. Virtually everything about "Sansho," including the oft-praised photography, seems as close to perfect as you are likely to get.

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What a delight!, 10 January 2002

This movie is delightful for both adults and children. My wife and I went to see it (our kids are grown up), and I only wish I could have taken a child with us.

The animation and characterizations are outstanding. The human actors (including Billy Crystal and John Goodman) who lend their voices do an excellent job. However, what makes this film truly exceptional is the script. The story is clever, funny, and heart-warming.

One of my favorite movies of the year. Pixar has done it again!

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I loved it, 5 January 2002

Last year I was a bit upset when Russell Crowe won best actor at the Academy Awards. Not that he wasn't good in "Gladiator," but I felt that Tom Hanks was better in "Cast Away." Now I find myself rooting for Crowe to win the Oscar for his portrayal of John Nash in "A Beautiful Mind." His performance was sensational.

Generally, I'm not that fond of straight drama, being more attracted to action or fantasy/science fiction. This movie was an exception. It's a quality job on all levels, a serious work based on a true story, and surpasses Apollo 13 as my favorite Ron Howard film.

"A Beautiful Mind" is a beautiful movie -- go see it.