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Should Have Stopped at Part II, 21 August 2013

When you look at the acting in this movie, it makes you realize that the first two movies were probably much better acted. Everyone in this movie, including Pat Morita, just ham it up. The worst offender has to be Thomas Ian Griffith, who plays Terry Silver. It looks like he and the actors playing the bad guys took acting lessons from Eric Freeman's performance in SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT PART II. Eric won that role on account of his good looks, not his acting talent. I think it must have been the same situation regarding Ian Griffith.

Next time you take karate lessons, use copies of the DVD to do your hand-breaking exercises.

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Not as disturbing as I'd thought it'd be, 12 September 2011

When I ordered this movie on DVD, I thought to myself "Can I handle this?" Surprisingly, I did. The "stone in vagina" scene I could have done without, as well as the "turtle disembowelment", but overall this movie didn't bother me in the same way that Tinto Brass's CALIGULA did. Robert Kerman, an actor once known for porn movies, does a good job as Professor Monroe, and so does the rest of the cast, including the actor who plays Jack Anders (although he bears a striking resemblance to Chuck Norris). There's also a Louis Gossett Jr. lookalike playing one of the Colombian soldiers. I wonder if Chuck and Louis ever get asked "What was it like filming CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST?", even though they weren't in it.

Worth watching, but only if you have a strong stomach.

It's not rated, but is worthy of an NC-17.

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As if HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES wasn't horrible enough, 10 December 2010

I remember Rob Zombie's band White Zombie were extremely popular when I was in high school. When the band broke up and Rob decided to pursue a directing career, it seems only appropriate because the band's music and image was inspired by horror movies.

I went to see Rob's directing debut, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, just out of curiosity. Boy, did I make a big mistake. It was one of the most repulsive pieces of garbage I ever saw! So why did I see THE DEVIL'S REJECTS? I guess my head wasn't on straight. It was just as repulsive as its predecessor. The only good part of it was when William Forsythe captures those creeps and proceeds to torture them slowly, driving nails into their hands and hitting them repeatedly across the face with his gun butt.

Please, God, let this be the last time we see Captain Spaulding on the big screen.

The Outfit (1993)
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The Casting Isn't Great, But..., 18 November 2010

THE OUTFIT will never be considered a gangster classic worthy of standing alongside THE GODFATHER or THE UNTOUCHABLES, but it's worth watching just for fun.

If anyone has seen the 1992 made-for-video Dutch Schultz biopic HIT THE DUTCHMAN, you might recall that Legs Diamond spoke with an Irish accent, but in real-life Diamond was an American who never spoke with an accent. Josh Mosby plays Diamond just right. Also, the real-life Dutch Schultz looked more like the character that James Remar played in THE COTTON CLUB, rather than Lance Henriksen's portrayal. Finally, while Billy Drago was good as Frank Nitti in THE UNTOUCHABLES, he's not as well cast here as Lucky Luciano. While some people may have thought that Billy was Italian in real life, he's actually a Kentucky-born Native American, which explains his slightly darker skin. While the cover of the video shows Billy holding a Thompson submachine gun, he never actually uses a gun in this movie. Also, while the cover of the video lists him as one of the main stars, he actually has a very minor role limited to a few appearances.

I'm just a sucker for gangster movies, so that's why I own it.

Rent-a-Cop (1987)
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Seems Familiar, 22 October 2010

In 1981, Burt Reynolds did a movie called SHARKEY'S MACHINE. He played a cop who is demoted to the vice squad after a shootout with a drug dealer results in several deaths. In RENT-A-COP, he plays a cop who is reduced to working as a security guard when a masked killer botches a drug bust and kills his fellow police officers. In the former movie, Burt watches a hooker, played by Rachel Ward, whom he hopes will help him nab a crimelord. In the latter movie, a hooker, played by Liza Minnelli, joins forces with Burt to track down the killer. Both of these movies co-starred Bernie Casey. The plots of both movies seem familiar, and Liza is not really believable as a hooker, but RENT-A-COP is just one of those Eighties movies that is far more fun to watch on TV rather than the big screen.

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Mediocre But Worth Watching...Once, 28 December 2009

How you can tell this is an Italian zombie movie:

1. In the mansion where the jet-setters are staying, the Italian flag is visible in one of the rooms.

2. The zombies decapitate a maid to use her head for a soccer ball.

3. The mansion where the movie was filmed was once used as a papal retreat.

Things to watch for:

1. The professor who looks like a hippy from Woodstock with his long hair, beard and jeans.

2. Peter Bark...who looks a lot like a miniature Topher Grace.

3. The worst-looking zombie masks...ever!

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Perhaps They Should Have Stopped At Number 2, 7 May 2007

I thought "Spider Man 3" was great. However, some of the special effects and acting are rather overblown, especially the scenes where Peter Parker, wearing the black Spidey suit, struts John Travolta-like down the street, occasionally stopping to do the hustle. The special effects used to create Sandman are also a bit much.

To me, a better plot would have to be Peter asking Mary Jane to marry him at the beginning of the movie. Of course, the wedding can't go ahead until he takes care of all the villains, including himself when he's wearing the black suit.

The casting of the villains is perfect. Topher Grace certainly isn't the wet noodle character he used to be on "That 70s Show". Here he exhibits a lot of intensity. The same goes for James Franco and Thomas Haden Church.

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Forest Whitaker Deserves The Best Actor Oscar, 11 February 2007

THE LAST KING OF Scotland is one of the best movies of 2007. Forest Whitaker gives the performance of his career in the role of Idi Amin. James MacAvoy and the rest of the cast are brilliant. It's a classic story. A military general takes power and promises to lead his people and his country to great prosperity, but in the end he's no better than the megalomaniac he deposed in the first place.

MacAvoy's character seems so strong against Whitaker's brutal Amin character, always remaining stoic and brave, even when Amin is enraged and shouting right in his ear.

It's not an easy movie to watch, but it's definitely worth seeing, unless you abhor graphic violence.

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Trash With A Capital T, 2 February 2007

I expected SMOKIN ACES to be a clever crime film, like Clint Eastwood's THE GAUNTLET. Big mistake! This is like PULP FICTION meets SCARFACE, except that SCARFACE handled its gory violence with care. SMOKIN ACES is just an all-out gorefest (with deaths by chainsaw thrown in for good measure).

Jeremy Piven and the rest of a talented cast (including Andy Garcia and Ben Affleck) are wasted.

If you want to see a better movie about organized crime in Las Vegas (or any other city in Nevada for that matter), rent BUGSY instead.

Throw this one to the dogs!!!

Epic Movie (2007)
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This Movie Has The Wrong Title, 26 January 2007

This movie just stinks. That's all I can say. Kal Penn is the only actor I remember in the cast, and I'm sure he can do better movies than this.

As for the humour in this movie, how did it get by with a PG-13? The MPAA must be falling asleep when they do the classification and they miss all the dirty parts.

Finally, a Superman with a British accent? I don't think so. Superman is as American as apple pie! People who do movies like this really should be put down at birth.

It seems as if the golden age for spoof movies has been over for a long time.

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