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music and all its stuff, such as genres, fans, groupies, band-aids, etc.
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Some taut, absorbing, compelling movies which show thick air with paranoia, prejudice, etc.
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Inspecting crossed transactions, mistreatment in a family may help us to have a bird's-eye view.
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Some must see movies for married people
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Some young people are not happy with their gender. They may suppress their feeling or ...
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Some movies about newspaper, news network, online sites ...
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School is not a building. It's a place to learn not what are in books, but what we need to live in prosperity with dignity and promote earth to a better world.
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Some movies that show historically sediment inequalities that still continue to affect different racial groups.
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Seeing movies can be more than entertainment
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Some movies to make a point about war's pointlessness!!
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Supernatural or psychic movies.
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Once upon a time, there were some cities where no one ask religious leaders about their deeds, the era of corruption and destruction ;-)
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Some people postpone it for marriage, or finding true love and some others looking for someone who doesn't matter. Anyway, these movies may worth to be seen at least for young people.
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Do people have right to end their own lives?
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Non religious ideology such as socialism.
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Can love survive when: the woman gets bored, the man feels trapped, untold embarrassing sexual relationship has been disclosed, ...?
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Some movies to illustrate the different stages of addiction.
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Subject : Hijack an airplane
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It contains movirs about fighting club, trainer, ...
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RACING just began few years after Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler, etc. have demonstrated their invented automobiles in 1880s. I hope no one try to duplicate these actions in the roads ;)