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The Ruins (2008)
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Ultimately Disappointing (may contain spoilers - but I doubt it), 10 July 2008

I thought (because I foolishly believed what I read here) that this movie was going to be pretty damn good. Wrong. It takes itself way too seriously for being nothing more than a typical teen-slasher movie – only this time the killer is some plants. WOW! Got that from the previews. I was hoping there would be some crazy twist or, at the very least, it would be graphically shocking. And while the amputation scene was pretty intense – it just fell short in the end. I didn't care at all about these kids. In fact, at one point - after hearing Jena Malone's character bitching about everything under the sun one too many times - I said who cares about these people, they're deplorable: get on with the killing already - and start with her! Oh yeah, and what's this crap about it being all psychologically twisted? (That's the film-makers' self profession, by the way.) I've seen better psychological twists in an episode of Law & Order! What a disappointment. Don't expect much and you may enjoy. Good luck!

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One Positive Review (ok, middle of the road), 28 April 2008

Facts: As of 4.27.08 the rating for this movie is 2.9

Nearly EVERY review is negative. The accusations leveled over and over are: worst movie ever, terrible, trash, stupid and the like.

Here's my sad story about One Missed Call:

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon (I live in Seattle) so I went to the local video store looking for a mindless movie to watch while laying about. While perusing the selections I saw IT – not the Stephen King movie but the most vilified movie in recent memory: One Missed Call, staring at me from the shelf. I almost felt it call to me and for a fraction of a second my hand, with a mind of its own, started to reach out for it. Needless to say, I retrieved my composure and hurried away. Having read the reviews on IMDb, and so KNOWING it was something to avoid at all costs, I felt shameful and dirty at having let my guard down as I did.

As I walked a little further down the aisle I spotted another movie: Reservation Road. Thank goodness! Redemption!, I thought as I picked up a copy; feeling once again like sensible individual. As I headed for the front counter, reading the back of the box, it said Reservation Road was something to the effect of being a deep, emotional story. Not exactly the mindless fare for a rainy Sunday! So, completely loosing my mind and throwing caution to the wind, I snuck back and returned the copy of Reservation Road. Then, making certain no one else was around, grabbed a copy One Missed Call. I quickly tucked THE movie under my arm so that no passers-by could read the title and know the poor decision I had just made.

As I made my way to the counter, I made sure no line of happy movie renters were there so as to avoid their judging eyes. Safely at the counter, to throw-off some of my guilt, I made a joke with the clerk about how I was going to regret my selection but am a die-hard horror fan and therefore excused. He looked completely unaffected. I hurriedly paid and headed out the door with my guilty secret.

Once home, I popped the disc in, settled onto my couch and readied myself for disappointment. Funny thing though: About half way through the feature I started thinking about how similar this movie was to another movie I had seen - The Ring.

The Ring, when it hit the theaters and ultimately DVD, got huge, rave reviews. Strangely though, once I, personally, saw The Ring - and after all the hype - was ultimately disappointed. The Ring wasn't a bad movie, in my opinion, but it also was not deserving of all the accolades either – again, in my opinion.

So, here I am watching One Missed Call, comparing it to The Ring and now thinking the end has got to be the reason everyone is calling this a stinker. Well, I got to the end and was sitting there with furrowed brow thinking: What did I miss? Where is the movie that everyone hates so much? I don't feel ripped-off or violated. I don't even feel as if I was condescended to. What happened?

I suspect this was a case of jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. I thought we had are OWN opinions and shared them, here on IMDb, honestly. I have a very hard time believing that the same demographic gave The Ring 7.3, AVP: Requiem 5.1 (which SUUUUCKED) and One Missed Call 2.9. There is a serious disturbance in the force here. I used to trust the opinions and ratings on here. Ultimately this single incident has shaken my confidence in IMDb and the people casting their votes (much like the general elections of 2000 & 2004).

I hope one day I will once again be able to enter IMDb with the belief that I will be able to take away from it the knowledge needed to make a sensible movie renting choice. Until then, I will have to stumble through the video store alone, unarmed and destined to fall into the crags of bad movie selections.

A sad story indeed.

I fear I will run out of room soon so, I'll end here.

Cheers! Thanks for reading.

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Requiem is right., 31 December 2007

A mass for the dead… 'cause they killed this franchise. And actually, I am convinced that was the intent here.

So many people have commented here about how bad this movie was - BELIEVE THEM! This is Predator and Alien meet the friggin O.C.! There is NOTHING new here except a very bad, stinky, script overlay on the AVP theme. And all that is Predator and Alien was stolen from the previous movies. The Alien's face right in the face of a terror stricken woman as she turns away - Alien 3 anyone? And a tank-like transport, strong military type woman at the wheel, turns around and tells everyone to hang on - sound a bit like Aliens? The skinned man in the tree? The Predator med-kit? Seen it. And the list goes on and on and on. And the people in peril here - we just don't give a rat's ass about them. In fact, most of them are such loathsome clichés that we WANT THEM TO DIE! But no, this movie sucks so badly, that we have to wait 3/4 of the way through for any kind of mayhem to begin and by then it is just way, way too late. And what we do get is way to dark to see.

I swear it's like someone did this on purpose. At times it was like they thought the audience never saw an Alien or Predator movie. Even the first AVP relied on the fact that we were familiar with the premise. That's who we are idiots! Fans! People that saw and loved these series and you went and killed them. You killed them dead! I hope you're happy! Seriously though: Who put these two special effects nerds in charge anyway? That was dumb. I'm so disappointed.

I, Robot (2004)
Better than I expected...., 26 July 2004

The trailers for this film do it an injustice. While I am not a big Will Smith fan I have really enjoyed some of his films especially the MIB films. On the flip-side, I have found him extremely annoying in others like Independence Day. From the trailers for I, Robot, it really looked a lot like the character from I.D. had been rehashed. I am happy to report that the film and the Spooner character were not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. In fact, I quite enjoyed the film.

I am not really all that familiar with Azimov's work so I had no expectations on that front. I did try to read I, Robot years ago but found it so boring that I couldn't finish it. My interest in this film was to see how action and special effects improved on what little of the story I read. I got more than I had hoped for.

I, Robot had all the action, good special effects and stuff that you would expect from a summer sci-fi film but it also has an intriguing and interesting story. Add those with decent acting and solid direction and you get a pretty enjoyable film. My advice, forget the trailers and ask someone that's seen it. I am confident that most will enjoy the film. It's simply a fun, popcorn munching, escapist, summer flick.

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WOW! That's all I can say…, 1 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ok there's more..

In the thick soup of seventies remakes one stands out above the rest…. Dawn of the Dead. Not only is this movie far superior to the original but it is IMHO, The BEST zombie/post apocalyptic/horror movie I have ever seen. True, and I've seen a lot.

I'll warn you if spoilers are coming.

The opening of Dawn of the Dead is quite intense and brutal… gouts of blood, people running and screaming, zombies (of course) doing their thing and then the credits start to run and you just know you are in for one hell of a ride. I swear, I got goose bumps in anticipation of things to come. Dawn of the Dead works on so many levels I can't cover them all but suffice to say that it manages to be brutal and terrifying while injecting splashes of poignancy and gentleness. Sarah Polly has led me down the rabbit-hole before with movies like GO and No Such Thing; she takes us (willing) on a new, nightmarish ride and delivers the goods as usual. I think she is one of the best, most beautiful actresses today. For me, being familiar with, and liking, her past work made it easy for me to like/care for her character right from the get-go. This helped tremendously with getting sucked into the atmosphere. You can tell all the actors really got into making this picture. It must have been great fun. Ving is as great as always. But the real kudos have to go to the director and cinematography… While the premise is disturbing enough and the actors veterans, I'm not sure it would have been as effective without the, up-in-your-face, shaky camera work. A lot of the film is shot in close, claustrophobic intimacy and then there are these shaky, off-focus, chaotic shots that put right in the think of the fight and violence, then wide panoramic shots that show you the full scope of this desperate situation. Some parts of this movie are nothing less than brilliant. I love true artistry in film and it delivers that as well. Great special effects, smart story elements, attention to detail (listen to the mall Muzak – perfect) simply a great movie going experience. I will accept no arguments on this. Perfect 10.

Wonderland (2003)
Pretty cool..., 18 February 2004

Wonderland could have been a very boring movie but, with the treatment it was given it is more eye-candy than substance in a satisfying way. The artsy visuals and inventive ways the makers of this film move the story along were unexpected and creatively pleasing. Look for such things as the backdrop to some of the scenes is the schedule of the TV guide from that period… very creative. I have to disagree with some other reviewers that felt this was not the way to present this story. I think this would have been yet another `just say no' movie if not given this twist. The story it's self has the potential to fill about half an hour otherwise. At least this way we are entertained visually while waiting for the story to unfold. All in all I enjoyed this film and hope others will see the art here as well.

Also, being that I grew up durring the 80's, kudos must be given to the detail in clothes, sets, props... check the big clunky cell phone. Cool stuff, dude.

Monster (2003)
Look beyond the surface..., 26 January 2004

I feel like I am one of very few people that went to see this movie for the story and performances. I've read so many reviews about the makeup effects in this film that I'm beginning to suspect that that was the main motivation for a lot of people to see this flick. In some of the reviews the opinion of this movie seems to hinge fully on the distraction the makeup caused for them. Now, I've had some issues with the poor use of makeup effects in movies also; Spy Game comes to mind. But, the problem I had with that was the lack of effects used. They never aged the actors in that film which made it unbelievable, not unwatchable and certainly not so distracting as to make it a bad film. I liked Spy Game. I just wanted it to be a little more believable. But this review is supposed to be about Monster and is turning out to be more of a commentary on the people that had a problem taking their eyes and minds off the way the two lead actresses looked.

The film is based on the killer Aileen Wuornos, as I'm sure you're aware. Though I think it's a stretch, she's touted as a serial killer and may very well be the first woman classified as such. That alone makes this an intriguing story. This is the story of a very misguided (or perhaps that would be better stated as unguided), delusional, dangerous woman, who, after years of hard living that leads to occurrences of brutality, snaps and begins a life of killing. Along with that, there is a story of desperate love and hopeless denial. The performances are nothing less than exceptional; of course most of the kudos go to Charlize Theron. The make up effects help, but she really has become this woman. I have seen TV programs on this case with footage of Aileen and Charlize Theron has simply embodied her. Another reviewer made a remark that she (Theron) watched footage of Aileen Wuornos and simply copied her mannerisms, voice and look. Hmm, wasn't that her job? And I doubt it was that simple or easy. I have to rely on these trained professionals to try and develop their craft enough to convince me that they are someone else. Mrs. Theron did this for me with out flaw.

I urge people to go see this movie only if they are interested in the story and/or film in general. If you go just to see a beautiful woman look ugly for a film then you'll most likely miss the great performances and messages this film conveys. And that's sad. I really don't have the words, or time, to deliver all the feelings this movie brought up in me. I like to believe I got the messages and nuances of this picture and hope that others ‘get it' too. Look beyond the surface. That's my take, what's yours?

And to think I nearly missed this on the big screen., 15 December 2003

If I had heeded the advice of the first wave of idiots that said how bad this movie sucked I might have missed this very satisfying movie experience. I'm not really sure what some (if not most) of the people that disliked this movie were expecting, but it surely did p**s them off. I mean this was way, way, way better that those Star Wars prequels (I don't think I'll ever get over that disappointment). Perhaps a lot of people didn't understand these Matrix sequels. maybe they were too deep. That's really sad 'cause they aren't that hard to reach. I'll admit that I need someone to help me through a David Lynch movie now and then but come on. this is not like a psych exam without any prep. Yes, there is some philosophical babble here but it's just requires a little thought. Mostly there is a whole lot of hard hitting action that is completely satisfying. Also, I wouldn't call this the last installment of this franchise. There is more than enough room for a whole new series of Matrix movies. I say 'bring 'em on.' And if you whiny little dullards need someone to explain it all to you 'cause you didn't 'get it'; there's a message board on the subject going 24/7. check it. Sorry if I'm a little harsh, I just watched 8Mile.

Supernova (2000/I)
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I not on this bandwagon…, 29 August 2003

Do people have minds anymore? What was wrong with this movie? Lets compare with say, Solaris… Supernova was better… how about Pitch Black? Supernova was better. Sphere? Event Horizon? Again, Supernova was better (in my opinion). So, why all the bashing? I see a lot of, ‘it could have been better' sentiments… well duh! Just about ANY movie could be better in some way. I found, in a lot of the reviews, individuals not knowing what was going on in the movie. Was this movie WATCHED only by myself and a few others? In the recent past (that being the last decade or so) how many great-big budget, sci-fi movies were even OK? I thought Supernova had its flaws, yes, but I don't think it deserved this massive attack. In fact, there are a lot of parts of this movie that are quite intelligent that deserve kudos. Again this my humble opinion… ok, maybe not so humble ;)

Narc (2002)
I beg to differ..., 25 August 2003

One reviewer suggested; this movie would appeal to the less sophisticated audience. I guess that's me. I really enjoyed this movie. Some have also described it as heavy-handed and some mentioned all the yelling and profanity… Huh? Well perhaps the heavy-handed opinion about the performances/direction is valid but the yelling and profanity? If you want a 'Disney-fied' crime story some aught to stick with Training Day (don't' get me wrong, I really liked Training Day, I just thought Narc was grittier). I found in this picture a little more than just yelling and shooting and would not be able to dismiss it as some so easily have. The performances are nothing less than excellent… great job by all. The direction, I found, to be a little LESS than ‘heavy-handed'. In fact there are some subtle parts that, unless you know of whence they stem, would leave a lot of viewers thinking they were the sort of fodder found in music videos. I found this movie to be gripping, gritty and realistic, albeit; very dark. I found some reviewers writing this off as a simple movie about a murder investigation while I thought it to be more about Jason Patrick's character battling his own demons and looking for deliverance. But then, I am of the less sophisticated viewing audience… proudly.

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