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There are no words...
10 May 2017
I love gay cinema. I can be forgiving for low budget. I can be forgiving for mediocre acting. This parody of a movie about a play of a thriller is the worst movie of the gay cinema genre I have ever watched...and I've seen hundreds. I know it's supposed to be a comedy but they treat everything like it's a joke that their even trying to make a movie. It's hard to describe and I would normally say just watch it to understand but I cannot recommend it for ANY reason. Even the "hot" guys are like warm. The 1 redeeming quality that makes this movie 2 stars is that it's original. Not for me, but it's different.
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Underrated Engaging Gem
11 April 2017
First of all I will start by saying that I have seen hundreds of gay themed films. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will admit that I do tend to gravitate towards these films and generally enjoying the effort they make in one way or another. This one has all the elements it needs to be an excellent movie in the gay cinema genre. Basically the movie is boy meets boy, both boys fell instantly in love, one boy is willing to try to make it work when things go wrong while the other boy just wants to give up. Will the hopeless romantic be able to convince the other to keep trying? I urge you to watch this and find out. The performances, the music, and despite what other people say the dialogue are all stellar. This movie definitely falls in the top 10% of gay cinema hence that is why I gave it 10 stars. It may not be a 10 star movie compared to big budget films with top stars however in the gay cinema genre it deserves that rating.
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Gritty, Gruesome, & a Guilty Pleasure!
7 December 2016
First of all if you're looking for an Academy Award winning ground breaking high budget blockbuster film you can skip this one. I first watched this film within the past year and now I've seen it a half a dozen times. It has so much going for it that I never tire from reviewing. Michael Biehn stars in his most sadistic and downright mean character to date and delivers a brilliant performance. William Forsythe adds to the mix beautifully as usual. The cast overall meshes perfectly as well. I'm not going to spoil any plot points but I will say if you enjoy horror, thriller, and/or action films this one blends the genres effortlessly so this might be for you. I like the gritty, backwoods feel which umbrellas the atmosphere of the movie. This remake sports the same director as the original so the intentions are not lost. Finally there are great one-liners in the excellent script. One warning though: If you are squeamish when in comes to uncomfortable domestic situations and cold blooded murder then you might want to opt for Dory or Madea.
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The Victim (2011)
The Victim Keeps you Guessing & Ends with the Best Credits Ever
20 September 2012
OK I must review The Victim. I must admit I wasn't instantly hooked in the first 15 minutes. Once everything started to unwrap it was one of his best. I loved the Directing in a sense that it was authentic and real. As were all the performances. I must say too, my favorite ending credits ever. I also loved credits that showed all the cast with names but to do that with the crew-pure genius! Shows totally appreciation for this great crew as does the excellent behind the scenes bonus feature. If this is any indication what we have in store from Blanc Biehn Productions then I say Bring it On Jennifer Blanc-biehn and Michael Biehn! A match made in film heaven.
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A succubus you can't trust
19 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay I watched the film & I'm not going to get real specific because I don't want to give away too much.

Pros: Cast. Lead by Sean Patrick Flanery whom I've liked since Powder. He's great in this playing an introverted Superintendent and his apartment complex. That's only his part time job though. His day job is at some sort of steel parts office/warehouse. Michael of course adds grit & depth as a paraplegic Vampire hunter. Brad Rowe has a small but memorable part as a convenience store clerk.

Plot. I like the direction of the storyline. I wasn't sure at first but it takes unexpected turns & with a pleasant surprise sort of ending-it rounds out things nicely. If you mesh Hellraiser, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Grease 2, here's what you would have. (no it's not a musical) but there are elements from these 3 movies that I found here.

Cons: The size of Michael's role. After Michael joins the film at about 25 minutes-it seems he's going to have a huge part but doesn't. Although I enjoy the plot turns of the film-it kind of prevents Michael's part from being bigger.

Acting. Not real happy with the female vampire's acting or Harry's (Sean Patrick Flanery) mean co-worker. Although I think she improved as the movie developed, I don't think his got better.

All in all it was enjoyable, I'm happy with the result, and I'm glad I finally own it. It's not one of Michael's best nor is it one of his worst films. It would fall somewhere in the middle. As far as movies go it's a 10/10 because I'm biased but within only Michael's movies for a rating I'd say 6/10.
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What About Brian (2006–2007)
Writing is witty, people are pretty, and the overall feeling is real
17 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Not very often does a romantic dramedy TV show come along and really stick to very real and controversial issues in love. It's only had 2 episode air so far & we've already seen one night stands, sperm donors, open marriage discussion, and Brian is in love with his best-friends fiancée'. And apparently they are just getting started. It's got a very beautiful cast including one of my favorites, the always sensational Rosanna Arquette. I'd definitely recommend this new show, one of the best new shows of the season. My favorite new shows of this season would be (in no particular order) What About Brian, Thief, Three Wishes, Out of Practice, War at Home, Criminal Minds, Night Stalker (which unfortunately was the one show on this list that was canceled), and the New Adventures of Old Christine. Every other new show I watched this season I only made it through one episode. Oh I also enjoy So NoTorious on VH1 which I'm even shocked I like that show.
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Medusa's Child (1997 TV Movie)
Excellent heart-stopping suspense action-packed mini-series
25 May 2003
This excellent 2 part mini-series revolves around the Medusa project. A nuclear bomb created to kill millions of people as well as destroy all electricity in the US including crashing all computers. The creator's ex-wife is to deliver to the Pentagon what she believes is only a mock of the bomb but the real thing is on board the plane & is set to detonate if moved or defused. The mini series stars Lori Loughlin, Gail O'Grady, Vincent Spano, and Kevin Dillon. For a mini-series it's filled with top-notch actors, excellent dialogue, great direction, and terrific special effects. From start to finish, Medusa's Child keeps you on the edge of your seat & doesn't let up until the closing credits.
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Adventure Inc. (2002–2003)
TV doesn't get any better
30 January 2003
I must confess I only watched this show because it stars my favorite actor Michael Biehn, but it is a great reward for television. Michael Biehn stars as Judson Cross, a legendary explorer who is for hire to find any artifact strange or ordinary. His team also includes beautiful Karen Cliche portraying Mac and gorgeous Jesse Nilsson playing Gabe. Each week there's a new adventure to unfold that takes the team anywhere on the globe. The episodes include science fiction, horror, and the super natural. For the budget allotted, the special effects are great as are the story lines. Check your local listings for the show is syndicated but new episodes are weekly so don't miss out.
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Borderline (2002 TV Movie)
Tense Suspense!
30 January 2003
Here's a little nugget made for cable that revolves around a psychiatrist played by Gina Gershon. Her ex husband is murdered the day he's granted custody of the children. The lead investigator on the case played by Michael Biehn is her boyfriend. One of the suspects is a former patient played by Sean Patrick Flanery. The movie leaves enough unsaid to conclude what you will & develops gradually in a matter fitting to aid the suspense. The acting is top notch with great directing as well.
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Ultimate Good vs. Ultimate Evil
30 January 2003
Brilliant film starring Michael York as the Anti-Christ and Michael Biehn as his brother, a politician just wanting good in the world. Even if religion is not your bag, this excellent film is enjoyable for all. This is a follow up to Omega Code, but this by far out does the original in effects, script, acting, directing, and overall.
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Cherry Falls (2000)
The Best Slasher Film Ever
30 January 2003
O.K. First take the cast: Michael Biehn, Brittany Murphy, Candy Clark, Gabriel Mann, Jay Mohr, and Jesse Bradford. Second the premise: A serial killer is focusing on high school virgins. That's perfect. A sort of subtle parody as most slasher films always focus on the teens that are having sex. Although I figured out the killer by the subtle clues, it didn't spoil the unvailing in the film. This movie has the perfect percentage of laughs to screams and takes slasher films to even a higher level than Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Urban Legend. Make sure you see it on DVD or VHS as it was cut to air on USA Network. If your in another country than the USA you might be lucky to see the uncut version.
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Clockstoppers (2002)
Family Fun Fastpaced
30 January 2003
Jesse Bradford plays a high schooler who just wants wheels. His father is a great scientist who wants to stop time. Michael Biehn heads a company who wants the glory & profits. French Stewart plays a man who just wants out. After Bradford finds a watch and discovers it can stop time for others while not for him, he has fun at first until he discovers that others want the watch as well. The special effects are especially fun as are the colorful characters and sets. This little gem is great for the whole family.
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Circuit (2001)
Reality bites you in the a*s
29 January 2003
Dirk Shafer, Playgirl's man of the year a few years back has put together a little bit of heaven & hell in this nugget of gay club-life in the city of angels. Although the acting is only mediocre, the direction, script, and overall film is very good. Dirk uses just the right amount of music, drugs, sex, exploitation, and beefcake to hit the nail on the head. The story revolves around a smalltown Illinois former cop named John who moves to L.A. & discovers sex, drugs, and techno. What's also interesting is the supporting cast of William Katt, JM J. Bullock, Nancy Allen, andPaul Lekakis. The music is great as well with new cuts from Taylor Dayne, Lonnie Gordon, and a slow remake of E.G. Daily's Love in the Shadows. For those that love the circuit, for those now out of the circuit, and for those who are oblivious to the circuit, watch and learn.
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I Know What You Did (1998 TV Movie)
A great female power movie
20 October 2002
I Know What You Did is the story of a tough female lawyer who's specialty is proving obvious raper's innocence. That is until she is raped & when he thretens to rape her again she stabs & murders him. In a panic she gets rid of the body & tells no one. She then understands the absolute extremes of all emotions a rape victims entails. Further complications arise when a witness blackmails her. This rollercoaster ride of a thriller is a nonstop power trip with an excellent performance from Rosanna Arquette & an excellent script. It's hard to believe such a strong motion picture was made for TV but don't miss it.
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A true story of true importance
20 October 2002
Linda Hamilton plays Gretta Rideout, an abused wife who constantly gets raped by her husband. In 1977 Oregon the rape law is changed so wives can accuse their husbands of rape. The Rideout Case is the first in Oregon history after this new law & this motion picture is the story. Linda Hamilton gives a great first leading performance in this gritty made for TV drama. Mickey Rourke is great as the abusive husband. Overall this TV is a must see with such an important subject matter.
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One Dark Night is one fun 80's flick
9 October 2002
I actually first watched One Dark Night in the theater & wrote a review of the film for my high school newspaper. I loved it then & I still love it. The storyline revolves around two people. First of all one woman learns that her father has telekenisis after his death. She then has feelings herself about the strange powers of her father even in his death. The mauseleum he's buried in plays host to the other main person, a high school girl doing anything to get in with a group of girls that just want to torment her & dare her to stay in the mauseleum all night to join their group. They go back in the night to scare her & find scares for themselves. The cast is led by Meg Tilly with supporting roles by Adam West and one of my personal favorites Elizabeth Daily aka E.G. Daily. Check this one out if you love 80's movies & cheesy horror movies, you won't be disatisfied.
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Michael Biehn shines once again in this Christian themed thriller
20 December 2001
Michael Biehn shines once again in this Christian themed thriller. Far better than the original, Megiddo: Omega Code 2 is a must see for any viewer intrigued by armageddon or just enjoy a good thriller. I can't wait for the DVD release on 2/27/2002!
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Extremities (1986)
The best performance by an actress on film
20 December 2001
Farrah Fawcett gives the best performance by an actress on film in this gritty real life attempted rape thriller where she turns the tables & gives James Russo a taste of his own medicine. A must see for any movie fan.
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Aliens (1986)
Michael Biehn and James Cameron together again
20 December 2001
Another great collaboration for Michael Biehn and James Cameron following The Terminator with Aliens. Arguably better that the original this sequel to Alien takes it a step further with great intensity and sci-fi horror that will thrill any viewer.
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Easily the best sci-fi action thriller of all time
20 December 2001
Easily the best sci-fi action thriller of all time, The Terminator was a vehicle that put Arnold Schwarzenegger in the spotlight but the real actors of the movie Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton brought the movie to perfection. Along with James Cameron, they made the best adrenaline rush in movie history.
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